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  1. Even though it's not official and it's not on the real facebook, what facebook is it on? I checked all the Kings Dominion facebooks and I can't find the NL POV.
  2. I don't think it'd be a hyper due to the height limit. Maybe a mini one like Goliath at La Ronde (is that still too tall?) I also doubt it'll be a dive machine. Flyer would be nice, but I'd rather it be a sitdown or floorless.
  3. Makes me miss SFStL! I remember how blazing hot it was when I went too, and looking out the window right now seeing about six inches of snow, that heat sounds pretty amazing! On my way to Worlds of Fun we could see the ferris wheel on top of the museum and had no idea what it was. Now I know! Thanks for posting this, I love PTRs in the off season, that and keeping up with under construction rides is pretty much the way I survive this time of the year!
  4. I'd love to see a Tantrum Alley/Bowling Alley mix at Splashin' Safari along with a trap door slide with a loop! Splashin' Safari needs a major body slide.
  5. -Spend hours a day on TPR and other coaster related sites -No Limits/RCT3 -POVs -Planning trips -Possibly going to Dollywood or some other park thats still open -Wait for April! -School -Friends -Party!
  6. I haven't heard this rumor, but Robb makes a good point. I kinda hope it's true. Tony Hawk's Big Spin at SFSTL is so out of place. I'd love for it to have some type of theme that'd match that area of the park. Same for all the other THBS's. Wiggles and Thomas probably are going to be more of a loss since it does attract kids, but changing everything to Looney Toons would be the best solution since they are always going to be known. I'm actually kinda excited to see what happens!
  7. I've ridden Georgia Cyclone Timberwolf Wolverine Wildcat Mean Streak Thunder Run Georgia Cyclone is horribly rough but still makes it in my top because of it's airtime, it's just un-believable! Timberwolf has some better than average airtime, but it is rough, the helix is boring, and some parts of the ride are messed up. Wolverine Wildcat is very smooth (atleast when I rode it in June 10'), but it didn't have a whole lot of airtime, still a good coaster! Mean Streak just sucks in every way besides the fact the structure is beautiful. Thunder Run was pretty smooth and have nice airtime, not a top 10 but a better than average woodie for sure!
  8. I kinda hope not. I've only ridden one inverting ship (Phoenix at BGA, (I've also seen KD's, Carowind's, SFOG's but never got to ride them) and they really aren't as good as they look. I won't complain if it is what MA gets but I hope it's something else.
  9. Damn thats beautiful! Looks like I no longer hold the title as Indiana's best NL player!
  10. http://www.worldsoffun.com/public/news/latest/index.cfm?mode=story&chip=422 Worlds of Fun Increases 2011 Capital Investment to Over $8 Million November 09, 2010 KANSAS CITY, Mo. − Worlds of Fun, the Midwest’s premier amusement park, announces additional capital projects for the 2011 season, highlighted by a complete restoration and installation of one of the world's most famous carousels, a new catering pavilion, and the previously announced Planet Snoopy. In 1926, M.C. Illions meticulously carved 64 jumping horses and two chariots to create the Illions Supreme carousel, the most famous and reproduced carousel in the world. Known for their all wood horses with high swept manes adorned with jewels, only five original Supreme models were ever built by Illions. When installed at Worlds of Fun this spring, the carousel will be one of only two operating in the world. Illions built the ride in 1926 for the Sesqui-Centennial Celebration held in Philadelphia. In 1927, it was moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and in the 1930's moved to Coney Island be restored. The carousel operated at Geauga Lake in Aurora, Ohio, from 1937 to 2007, and now has been painstakingly detailed to its original condition by Carousel Works, Inc, Mansfield, Ohio, the largest manufacturer of carousels in the world. Guests will be able to watch the full restoration and installation of this beautiful ride in its entirety on 'Ultimate Restorations" (http://www.urtvshow.com). To make way for the new carousel, Festhaus, the park's largest catering facility, will be removed and rebuilt as a brand new permanent structure in 2011. This new group outing pavilion will be able to handle groups into the thousands as well as multiple events simultaneously. The new carousel and Festhaus areas are a $2 million capital investment, and join the $6 million Planet Snoopy investment for 2011. As previously announced, the world’s most popular beagle's new home will boast six new rides all themed around the PEANUTS characters. Little ones and their families can take a trip around Planet Snoopy on new car and truck rides, a giant balloon tower ride, teacups, or hop in a new spinning tug-boat. Over 20 rides, shows, and attractions will great the whole family in 2011 inside the all new Planet Snoopy. Construction for Planet Snoopy, the carousel, and Festhaus will be documented on worldsoffun.com in anticipation of their 2011 debut. Guests wanting to experience these new attractions in 2011 can purchase a 2011 Season Pass, now available at the lowest price of the season. Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN”. In addition to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, Cedar Fair owns and operates 10 other amusement parks, five other waterparks, one indoor waterpark resort, and five hotels. Cedar Fair also operates Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy, California, under a management contract. Editor's Note: To view the previous Planet Snoopy Announcement, please click here ----------
  11. Hmm... I really don't know what to expect, but all I expect is something small. I really would love if WoF & MA were getting coasters this year. Not a single CF park is!
  12. I'm wandering where Shake, Rattle, & Roll will be re-located... I wish it could stay in USA because it fits the theme, but the park announced it'd be in a different area. Maybe Brittan or Peachtree Square (Georgia Cyclone/Acrophobia area). If not there than maybe Gotham City, with all the crazy lights I'm sure it'd be easy to find a Gotham theme!
  13. I don't think it's been posted but on facebook SFOG posted this photo about a week ago. And also, I don't know if it was ever mentioned here but Shake, Rattle, & Roll will be re-located to another section of the park. Dare Devil Dive construction 10/29/10
  14. Déja Vu (SFOG) & Firehawk are the first ones to come to mind as my favorites.
  15. Thanks, I remember seeing that was an issue years ago but I haven't been following the progress. I've always been curious about Shivering Timbers, it looks amazing, and I hear it is sensational on a good day (does it have good days anymore?). Personally I'd rather go to a park with one amazing coaster than a park 12 average coasters but nothing special. I always heard Shivering Timbers was good, and I finally decided to try for myself this summer. Drove about five hours north to Michigan and honestly one ride on Shivering Timbers was worth the drive. Wow, the only coaster I like better is Voyage, and only because the tunnels and location. If Shivering Timbers had a tunnel or two and wasn't next to a parking lot I'd rank it above Voyage. It's so close to perfection, the only 'bad parts' is in my opinion the double up (OUCH!), and the trick-track. The trick doesn't do anything, I'd much rather have it be a banked airtime hill or something. Other than those two parts the ride is perfect. On subject to the topic, I still don't know what to expect. Michigan's Adventure has potential to be a great park, just needs a major thrill ride or two (drop tower or top spin ect), and a bigger steel coaster than maybe doesn't have inversions. That and better landscaping and connecting Thunderhawk to Shivering Timbers. I know everyone's been complaining about people saying that, but honestly it's the worst thing about the park. It's a giant 'C'. Connecting the two most popular rides (and possibly adding another ride or two in between) would complete the park so much. I'd be happy with a Planet Snoopy being built in the middle to connect them.
  16. Last years addition was Bumper Boats, so I wouldn't be surprised if this years was like that Tweety Bird cage thing at SFMM or something small and pointless. But lets hope Michigan's Adventure will shock everyone and add the only 2011 Cedar Fair coaster..!
  17. Not totally sure if that believable or not, I guess I'll just wait for the photos. Very interesting though, I wander what will change if this is true...
  18. I feel like not many people are following Zippin' Pippin'. It's being built pretty fast (or atleast it seems like it). Summer 11' I'll probably try to make a trip to Valley Fair, Bay Beach, and the Dells. Can't wait!
  19. ^Agreed! I've never ridden El Toro (not yet!) but so far Texas Giant looks like it has multiple of the 'Rolling Thunder hill' sections. This is going to be insane.
  20. This is the first time I've seen photos of this park besides on rcdb.com. The park looks so classic-boardwalk-ish. Its a shame it's closed now, I wander if it never closed how it would be today. I hope it wouldn't be bought out by a major company (SF/CF), hopefully it'd still be a family owned park. I love how tropical looking the park is, it's so beautiful. I wish you had more photos!
  21. I was trying to find the 'like button' to like your post lol. Seriously TPR needs like buttons! But anyways about the GCI, wow it looks amazing! I'm kinda confused on this new element. If it is GCI's version of the high five thing than they have to time the trains right to make it work. And also is it just me or does it seem like this has been taking forever to be built?
  22. I'm really excited about this project. So is there anything new since the last time anythings been posted? Of course you've been wanting ideas for the woodie, but anything else? By the way, if you were to ever make another park, please come to Indianapolis, we need one bad!
  23. Wow! I got on here expecting nothing but than I saw SFMM is getting 3 new coasters and had a small heart attack. Than I saw the video and died and had to be brought back to life. I already plan on going to Texas for Texas Giant, but if I have to, I might go to SFMM instead. 2011 went from being a boring year of new attractions (Planet Snoopys & Windseekers) to being a year of amazing coasters. I can't wait!
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