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  1. Looks pretty good! I live across the street from Greenwood (county line road.) Ive made 2 parks in Indianapolis, Six Flags Indy Thrills and Beaver's Southwind Lake (they are on ataricommunity.com.) Flight of the Falcon looks awesome.
  2. Ive made many new ride ideas, one of my favorites i call the giant fan. Ill post pictures of my drawings ASAP. I also made my own kind of drop tower. Pics will come later. Years back i thought of a ride very similar to the Huss tobble tower, and once i found out that Dollywood was getting one i was so mad, because i thought of it (not saying Huss stole it.) And also around the same time i thought of the tobble tower ride i thought of an inside out banked turn like on Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach.
  3. That bouncy ride has alot of air time, i wish KI would get one.
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