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  1. I believe it was just the first loop. If you look at GASMs loops you can see they have a different style of track from the rest of the ride. It's because it needs extra support. I think the first loop didn't always have that type of track but a few years ago they replaced the track and put the old track in the safari.
  2. So now it's day 1 of Holiwood Nights. We got into Santa Claus around 2PM. and like always went to Wendys. Jared got his food there while I went to the gas station next door to get some. I saw some fried chicken and ended up getting it. To my surprise it was extremely good chicken, well worth the $3! The reason we didn't go straight to the park is because me and Mitchell didn't have out tickets yet (I really need a season pass, I've been like 7 times this year!) and Adam was buying our tickets. And Adam was still in Cincinnati at his apartment. So we had to wait another 3 hours... Jared, Mitchell, and I decided to go to Holiday World and just wait for Adam at the picnic shelter by Raven's lake turnaround. I tried to take photos but none of them were too good. So we just admired the beautiful CCI. I noticed my friend Angie was on Raven so I texted her (like a minute after I saw her so she would be off) and had her come hangout with us a little bit. She had been there all day and didn't mind taking a break. She brought us all water too, which was really nice because we were all dying of thirst! Our friend Ryan left the park too and came to hangout with us. We all had fun just hanging out in the shelter watching Raven and talking. Eventually Adam finally made it! We all registered for HWN and went to the picnic shelter in 4th. of July! ALL of the KICers got together and we were determined to get to Voyage before everyone else! So once Will (RIP ) finished talking and they let us out, the KICers walked very fast to Voyage! Me and Ryan go the very first train of ERT which was a Ravage train, and we were also in the very front seat! The rest of the KICers filled up about half a train, it would be a whole train but some of them walked slow. After our Voyage ride I believe we rode one more time than went off to Legend and Raven. We rode Legend twice than Raven twice than went to Kringles Café. The pizza was good, but not as good as people say. The fudge how ever was amazing along with the sweet tea! I also got a few chips and some celery. After our delicious meal we went back to Voyage where I met up with Danielle! We rode a few times, and than I believe we went back to Legend and Raven where we rode both of those alot than got a few last rides on Voyage before ERT was over. As we were walking out of the park we talked to Paula who was an extremely rude woman!!! Did I trick anyone? Lol, no, she was very very nice and hilarious! Someone in our group asked if they had to sell HW to anyone who would it be. She said they aren't selling it anytime soon, than I told her they could sell it to Herschend (is that how it's spelled?) and it could be called Dolliday World! After our nice talk, it was off to hell! Which just so happened to be located a few miles down the road from Holiday World. We stayed in a 'log cabin' in Lincoln Park or something. This place was awful, my biggest fear is spiders and this place had them... billions of them! I had to take a shower and a spider pit! And I had to sleep in pretty much a spider web! I'm never ever ever going there again! Anyways, here are the photos from day 1! Raven! This could have been an alright photo if it wasn't for a support being in the way This was hard to get but it turned out alright Here is some of the KICers Front seat of the first train of ERT! Thats how we do it on KIC! Isn't that right Angie? They greased up some of the track just for us! Yummm Some of us on a Timberliner (thats me in the front seat on the left, and yeah my hair looks awful because I had been sweating and riding Voyage) Me with Will & Pat Nerd shot! Back of the first car Random Hallowswings photo KIC group photo! LET US RIDE ONE MORE TIME PLEASE! Yeah... this is the group of KICers who were scared of spiders so we slept like this. Last photo of day 1, but day 2 has wayyyyyy more photos! Those will be up later!
  3. So first of all, I'm going to include some Kings Island photos because I randomly decided to go to KI the day before HWN. I hung out with a few friends from KICentral, but also hung out with the -G people. I spent half my day at Boomerang Bay, not sure why... Anyways, I'll just post the photos of KI first! Up, up, and away! B&M mess=yum One of the only hills on Diamondback that have good airtime, and it's still not anything special Entering the pointless helix of no force Only good thing about the helix is it looks cool from this view Decided to ride Vortex and while I was walking in the queue I snapped this photo and I think it turned out pretty awesome Right before I took this I wanted to take this for some reason, but now I can't remember why. So here is a random photo... This photo would be about thirty-six times better if the sky wasn't all ugly Same as above.. Top Gun just flying through the woods like always The weather started to get nicer so I went to Boomerang Bay. I've been only a few times since it became Boomerang Bay (2004) and now I realize how bad this water park is. One side is too shaded, there are leaves and dirt everywhere, the slides are old but some are still fun, and half the slides have one side closed off and the whole Snowy River Rampage section is blocked off. The other side of the water park has no shade, faded, newer slides that are more popular but not good, the wavepool sucks, concrete everwhere, and just plain sucks. I really could go on for hours making a list of ways they could improve Boomerang Bay, but I'll do that later! Here is one of the two newer slides Hello Drop Zone, I love you but I never ride you cause you always have a long line! Son of Beast from International Street ish I really don't know why I randomly took this... Get rid of the go carts and a coaster could fit there! Heres a horrible photo of some of the group on Flight of Fear! And the last KI photo! Now I'm going to post day 1 of Holiwood Nights!
  4. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the new photos on rcdb! http://www.rcdb.com/9140.htm?p=0 The last one shows how crazy the first hill is, imagine how intense it'll be! And the drop into the underwater tunnel looks awesome!
  5. That double up looking amazing! I just hope it doesn't feel like the double up on Shivering Timbers (I doubt it will though). I'm really excited to see how the drop and rest of the ride will look. I need to start planning a trip to Texas..
  6. Dollywood has Mystery Mine which is heavily themed, but doesn't offer a pre-show. The rest of Dollywood is still themed, but none of the other rides are as themed (well Blazing Fury is themed pretty heavily also). Busch Gardens Africa is themed, but most of the coasters are just landscaped, and none have a pre-show. I haven't been to Busch Gardens Europe, but it's pretty much the same.
  7. 1: Either Beastie or Top Cat's Taxi Jam (Kings Island) 1st big coaster: Beast (Kings Island) 1st looping coaster: Son of Beast (Kings Island) 75: Spacely's Sprocket Rockets (SFGAm) 100: Top Gun (Carowinds) 110: Voyage (Holiday World) 120: Shivering Timbers (Michigan's Adventure) Coasters currently ridden: 120 Going to try to reach 150+ by the end of 2010, I started the year with 87, so I'm doing good so far!
  8. For the longest time I've wanted to see what all the fuss is about Shivering Timbers! Most people say it's right up there with Voyage, others say it's extremely over rated and just an average out-n-back woodie. Well I have to say its... you'll just have to read the PTR and find out! So I was on my way to my cousin's (Mitchell who is a coaster enthusiast) and my friend Zach calls. He asked if I wanted to go to Kings Island tomorrow. I said sure but wasn't excited cause Kings Island is kinda boring, so I talked him into going to Six Flags Great America. Only thing wrong with that is Mitchell lost his SF season pass and didn't have money to get a new one. And we just went to CP a few days ago, so we all agreed on Michigan's Adventure! It was about 2AM. when we decided to go to MA so I had to go home and get all my stuff (camera, batteries, cell phone charger, coaster-tee, ect). Me and Mitchell ended up watching Michigan's Adventures videos and PTRs all night and at about 4AM. he went to sleep. I tried to sleep too but I got distracted watching TV. I didn't realize what time it was until my alarm went off which was set for me to be able to wake up for the trip. I was wide awake so I decided I'd just try to stay awake the rest of the day. Once Mitchell woke up (5:45am) he called his Mom and asked if he could go to MA, she said yes. So we were off... to pick up Zach! Luckily Zach lives just a few miles up north of us so we got there pretty quick. The GPS had us stay on I-465 until we got to Keystone, than take US-31 pretty much the whole up until somewhere in Michigan. But being 6AM. on a weekday, 465 (Indy loop) was a traffic jam so it took close to an hour to just go a few exits. Finally we made it to 31 where we would be for a few hours. Somewhere south of South Bend Indiana Mitchell got tired and wanted someone else to drive, so it was my turn to drive. I drove from there to Michigan's Adventure (about 3 hours). I had to deal with Burger King messing up my order, everyone else asleep and me being bored, Michigan people who drive 10 under the speed limit, and a raging semi who was stalking my car for most the drive. But I heard the GPS say to exit off some road and I looked at the GPS and saw the amazing checkered flag which means arriving to destination! As I was exiting, I saw a sign that just said "amusement park --->" and the GPS said to go to opposite way. I took the GPS's advice and before I knew it I saw Shivering Timbers right infront of me! I gave the parking toll man my Platinum Pass and he just kinda looked at it all weird and said "ehh go on" like he didn't know what it was. I parked very close to the entrance. When I walked up to that building they call an entrance, I feared my pass wouldn't scan (anyone who got their Platinum Pass from KI knows what I'm talking about) and of course it didn't! So far it hasn't scanned at MA, Carowinds, or KD. But luckily it scans at KI & CP. As I walked into the park I was thinking how ugly it's entrance is. I'm used to seeing big fountains and a huge park icon, not a Snoopy store... The park doesn't have a Main Street at all. As much as I wanted to run to Shivering Timbers, I wanted it to be my 120th. coaster (and it just happened to be Mitchell's 100th. and Zach's 115th.) so we had to ride every single coaster at the park before it, and save it for last! We went to Zach's Zoomer first where we saw a full queue and a horrible crew (trains were dispatching every 5 minutes). So we decided to ride Little Dipper first which had no line. It was an alright kiddie coaster, overall 1/10 Corkscrew had a full queue so we decided to head on back to Thunderhawk. You'd think the newest coaster that happens to be a bright color and inverted, and looks very nice from the midway would attract people to it. Somehow, it doesn't. There were only a few people in the station, most of which were in line for the front seat. I decided to ride in the back seat for some reason. Even though I've heard it's extremely smooth for an SLC, I was scared it would be rough. To my surprise, everyone was right. This was extremely smooth. Not once did I hit my head against the restraint. I liked it better than the Batman coasters (just ride wise, I do rank Batmans over it because of the theming though). Overall 8/10 I hadn't studied the park's layout too much like I do with just about every other park, so I was kinda confused when I realized the area by Thunderhawk doesn't connect to Shivering Timbers. So I had to walk all the way back to the other side of the park. On the way I rode Corkscrew which wasn't as long of a line as earlier. It was smoother than Python at BGA, but of course the layout isn't too exciting, the location isn't good, and it has the ugliest building ever made as it's station. So I give it a 5/10 We also rode Zach's Zoomer on the way to Wolverine Wildcat. It was a walkon so I rode twice. I like Woodstock's Express at Carowinds better, but I rank Zach's Zoomer over Woodstock's Express at KI. Overall 5/10 Mad Mouse wasn't too far, and it was on the way to Wolverine Wildcat, so we waited in it's 5 minute line and rode it. It was my second Arrow Mouse coaster (1st. was the one that was at Myrtle Beach Pavilion), and I still like them better than the Mack ones (excluding Dark Knight.) Overall 5/10 Now that we rode the not as good coasters at the park (well actually I liked Thunderhawk alot), it was time for the two best. Wolverine Wildcat was first. It had a half full queue, and only runs 1 train so the line was about 30 minutes. I rode in the second row, Mitchell and Zach rode in the front. I found it to be extremely smooth (I LOVE♥ the extremely soft padded seats!) and had a few pops of airtime. It's not a top 10, but it's still a pretty good coaster! Overall 8/10 I had to wait an extra 10 minutes for Zach and Mitchell since they rode up front. They said it was alright but too rough... Hmmmm. Oh well, it was time for SHIVERING TIMBERS!!! As I entered the area named 'Timbertown' I noticed it was sadly the best area of the park. Not just because of the ride collection, but the landscaping and theming. I didn't care too much cause I wasn't going to be exploring it too much, I would be marathoning Shivering Timbers! Luckily it was a complete walkon minus the front row. Mitchell and I rode in the second to back seat. The coaster had amazing padded seats also! Instead of saying a quick opinion on it than give it's rating, I'm going to write a detailed report on it. You make a quick left turn out of the station up to the lift. The ride stands 122' tall so it took about 30+ seconds to reach the top. The drop wasn't as steep as Voyage, but I'd guess it's probably somewhere around 58º? The bottom of the drops are smooth unlike Voyage. And also unlike Voyage, on the first few big hills you get EXTREME airtime! It's not insane ejector air, but it's not the B&M floater air, it's kinda inbetween. That airtime repeats it's self on the following hill. The next hill is much smaller so there is more airtime, this is one of the best hills on the ride! The next hill has great airtime as well, but not as much as the one before. The turnaround isn't too special, but it adds to the rides laterals. The dive out of the turnaround and back into the the out part of the back-n-out layout is insane. It's kinda like the 'spiral drop' on Legend. The airtime hill after that dive is really good, one of the best actually. Than comes the two worst parts of the ride, The double up-OUCH. Unlike the double up on Wolverine Wildcat, this one is taken much faster. And when your about to enter the second up, it feels as if the rides slams into the track head on and loses speed. You HAVE to brace yourself for this if you want to enjoy the rest of the ride. The next element is the trick-track. It's not rough, but it just isn't needed. It does not add to the out of control feeling at all, really it's just random banking that does nothing. The next few airtime hills don't offer as much airtime as the rest, but there still is airtime on them. What I love about them is that they take place in a tunnel like scene because of the lift hill's supports. This makes it seem as if you are going faster than what you really are. After those hills there is the only trim (which was off), and the on ride photo. Than the final element, the helix. It's an alright helix, but it doesn't offer much laterals and it creeps through it at the end. I wish they would of just made it turn into the brake run instead of a helix. So overall... this ride is amazing. I generally prefer wood over steel, and this ride ranks over every steel coaster I've ridden (yes better than I305), and ranks over all the wooden coasters I've ridden except Voyage. If this ride had a tunnel or two, and was in a better setting, I may rank it over Voyage. But obviously it doesn't have those, so Voyage is barley better than it! I give it a 10,563,936/10! After my first ride on Shivering Timbers, we rerode 5 times, most in the same seat, but we also tried out the front seat. Most people like the front seat better on Shivering Timbers because it offers a little better airtime, but I like the back better because I love being yanked over hills. Mitchell and Zach both said the front was the best seat though. I wanted to ride Thunderhawk and Wolverine Wildcat one more time before riding Shivering Timbers the rest of the day. So we waited like a billion hours for the train to come. I snapped some photos of Shivering Timbers from the train, but I guess your not supposed to bring your camera on the train... Anyways, the other train station is right next to Thunderhawk, so we rode it again. It was a walkon this time, but we decided to wait for the front seat. I liked the view better from the front, but I found the back seat to have no headbanging, and the front had a little bit of headbanging. After Thunderhawk we walked towards Wolverine Wildcat. Since Corkscrew was a station wait, I rode it while they took photos. I rode in the front seat of the last car. It was a one train wait, but that was close to 10 minutes because of the employees. With the exception of Shivering Timbers & Thunderhawk's employees, all the rest of the ride opts. were extremely slow. After Corkscrew I met up with Zach and Mitchell and we walked to Wolverine Wildcat. We rode in the back this time, it was just as smooth as before, but had a little more airtime. I got some ejector on the drop out of the lift hill, and than on the double down I got an extreme pop of ejector air! Once I got off, Zach was about to get on, so I rode with him. Shivering Timbers was closed for some reason, so we had to find something else to ride. I went to the little area with the carnival rides and rode Tilt-a-Whirl, and Falling Star, both are some of my favorite carnival rides! Mitchell had really bad indigestion so he didn't ride. We all walked over to Shivering Timbers where it was still closed. I talked to the really friendly ride opt. who was standing at the entrance. We told her how amazing the coaster is, and how her crew is the best! As we were talking, the ride started testing! The got a call saying to open the ride and we were the first in line. A little kid kept saying he wanted the front seat, so we let him ride up there, and we rode in the second to back. Mitchell didn't ride any more for the day because he got sick. Shivering Timbers was just as amazing as before, and we ended up only getting to ride it 5 more times because the waterpark closed and all those people came back to the park. I ended the day with a front seat ride on Shivering Timbers and sadly the park closed so we had to leave.... At first I kept saying how bad Michigan's Adventure was and how I won't come back until they add another coaster, but than I rode Shivering Timbers. One ride on it alone was worth the 4 1/2 hour drive. And after that I fell in love with the rest of the park. It's still not too good of a park, and there are many things I don't like about it, but because of Shivering Timbers I can't wait to come back! Ride count: Shivering Timbers: 10 Wolverine Wildcat: 3 Falling Star: 1 Tilt-a-Whirl: 1 Sea Dragon: 1 Logger's Run: 1 Corkscrew: 2 Mad Mouse: 1 Little Dipper: 1 Zach's Zoomer: 2 Thunderhawk: 2 Train:1 Here are some of the photos I took Lol We got bored and made a list of the states we've been to, and I drew I305... Zach's Zoomer and it's long line Little Dipper Ripcord Ripcord & Thunderhawk Now for all of the Thunderhawk photos I took I liked it's queue line Pretty much empty station If only all the rest of the SLCs could be as good as Thunderhawk... The ride's entrance is set up nicely I really like it's sign If this was the same photo only of a different SLC, I'd write "ouch ouch ouch" as the caption... but this one is good Yumm I wander if we will ever see another SLC made only with Vekoma's new track/train design? SLCs are so neat looking Thunderhawk is the most photogenic ride at Michigan's Adventure Here is the ride's station, it has a somewhat rustic feel to it I felt a small amount of floater air on this hill/turn Lift hill shot! Here is a better photo of that hill/turn And another.. only this isn't as good in my opinion Kinda weird view of Thunderhawk I tried to take that photo they always use for SLCs, but I didn't do too good Kinda neat view of it's lift hill This is the immelman type inversion, it's not the best quality because I took it from near Corkscrew/Funnel of Fear And the very last photo of Thunderhawk! Now it's time for Wolverine Wildcat photos Here is the ride's big drop. I'm not going to say first drop, because the ride somewhat drops out of the station and in the tunnel Sign.... How do they expect people to see this? It was in the grass by the tunnel, I took it from the queue Wolverine Wildcat isn't too photogenic Station shot One last shot of Wildcat, this is taken from the train Corkscrew photos now Here is Corkscrew from across the lake You get Arrow-time (airtime on an Arrow) in the second to last row Kinda reminds me of Goliath (SFMM/SFOG) and Carolina Cobra More Arrow-Time! I guess I forgot to take photos of the most photogenic part of the ride (corkscrews) so heres a photo of some weird lady wearing a dress (who wears dresses nowa days anyways?) Here is one last photo I forgot to take a photo of Mad Mouse's sign (is there even one?) so here are some photos of the ride Like I said earlier, I like Arrow mouse coasters better than Macks & Zamperlas (with the exception of Dark Knight) Haha look at the faces Logger's Run This area was hard to find, it's kinda hidden and forgotten Falling Star *look at the picture* Giant Wheel? I'm guessing thats it's name... And now for Shivering Timbers! Shivering Timbers from across a lake First drop Me trying to recreate my dueling Voyage shot with Shivering Timbers Here is the dueling Voyage shot if you were wandering Timbertown Probably the best landscaping in all of Michigan's Adventure On the way out I took a few photos, sorry I didn't get out of the car and take the really cool view with those ponds in it... Until next time, these will have to do! Bye! Thanks for reading!
  9. I saw this last night on facebook. The ride seems kinda slow in certain spots, but overall looks like a fun ride. A few things I don't really like about it though is.... -The ride would be much more thrilling and nerve-racking if the train came to a complete stop before the launch and rider's don't know when the train would launch -That trim on the top hat sucks, the cliffhanger effect doesn't really seem to do anything from the looks of the POV -The other trim (MCBR) sucks even worst! This one doesn't really have a purpose to slow the ride down as much as it does But the good things about the ride... -The first inversion (the cutback type element like on Drachen Fire) looks like alot of fun -The zero-gravity-roll is very graceful and probably has some hangtime in it -All the transitions are extremely smooth -The ride's elements flow together -The surf turns or whatever they are called look awesome and create an out of control Voyage type feeling -Those last airtime hills look amazing -I love the colors
  10. I've always wandered the same thing. Just think, back in the late 80's enthusiasts probably thought Arrow would be in business forever! They may have even thought of Arrow of how we now think of B&M. But than again, I'm sure people in the 80's weren't dumb enough to think Arrows had good transitions.
  11. Thanks! If you mean what seat is 2:1, it's the front row of the second car. It's the best because the whole ride your feet are pretty much stuck to the ground (it's that forceful!), and every hill besides the lift hill/drop you get really good airtime! Before I discovered that seat I almost always sat in the back or very front and MF was barley in my top 10, but now it's like #2 or #3 steel. Thanks, yeah I'm already planning my next visit. Awesome, have fun! I wouldn't count on it being open... Thanks, me too. Although Cedar Point is not near my favorite park, I still get very excited to visit and never want to leave. Yes theres many things the park lacks, but they do have Wicked Twister, Raptor, Millennium Force, Maverick, Gemini, Magnum, and Top Thrill Dragster, all really good coasters! I'm pretty sure I saw you. We were in a hurry to get to Cedar Point, but we wanted to get a few rides on Diamondback first (and my friend Zach and Aleesha needed to upgrade to Platinum). I got first train of the day front seat (which lately I've been getting first/last trains every visit for some reason) and it hurt really bad. I've ridden Diamondback in the rain many times, but never in the front. And I never will again!
  12. Haha, yeah it's true! Look what I saw at CP a few days ago!
  13. Man I miss Indiana Beach so much! I planned on buying a season pass and going like once a week, but no one is hiring near me so I don't have the money to get a pass. And I haven't even been to IB at all this year yet! It's one of my favorite parks for so many reasons, the awesome atmosphere, the tons of flat rides, the randomness, and of course Cornball Express and the other coasters! Like others have said, you must of rode Cornball on a bad day because for me, it's almost as good as Voyage. My favorite seat is 2-1 because every single hill offers crazy ejector airtime! The back is also a really good seat because of the first drop! Where did you ride at on Hoosier Hurricane because I don't really care for the ride, and I've never experienced any airtime at all on it.
  14. After our first night at Cedar Point this year we ordered some pizza from Domino's (which was actually some of the best pizza I've ever had). We set an alarm for 8AM. and fell asleep probably around 2AM. I don't know why or how, but our alarm clock didn't ever go off. Luckily I just happened to wake up at like 8:56AM. I knew we wouldn't make it for most of ERT, but we got about 30 minutes! We were wanting to park by the marina entrance and enter there and go to Millennium Force, but the marina parking lot said it's for boat people only. So we parked by Magnum and rode Maverick first. After that we wanted to go to Top Thrill Dragster and try to get the first train but we didn't make it on time and ended up riding Magnum. Just like yesterday, I don't remember what order we did everything, so I'll just say what we rode and than post the photos! Maverick: 2 Tilt-a-whirl: 1 Paddle Wheel Excursion: 1 Magnum-XL200: 2 Top Thrill Dragster: 1 Power Tower Drop: 1 Raptor: 1 Blue Streak: 1 Wicked Twister: 1 Troika Troika Troika: 1 Snake River Falls: 1 Skyhawk: 1 CP&LERR: 3 (or 1 1/2) Cedar Creek Mine Ride: 1 Magnum-XL200 No airtime... ...Painful airtime Notice anything? For some reason I find Magnum's ending kinda funny Top Thrill Dragster... yeah My camera usually automatically flips the photo over so it's right side up, but for some reason a few photos I took didn't flip over. This being one. Kings Island recently added random flag poles and an arch in Planet Snoopy. I'm guessing this is what will be on the flag poles. Even though everyone says TTD is much better than Kingda Ka, I'm still really excited to hopefully ride it later this summer! I do think TTD will be better though Cedar Point's Tilt-a-Whirl which was actually pretty fun! Ever since I rode Gotham City Crime wave in 2006 at SFOG, I've been afraid to go on spinny rides, but now I'm trying out new rides and I found out that I love Tilt-a-Whirls! Gemini not racing! We all laughed when we saw this! Although I'm sure most enthusiasts find it funny, I don't think the GP knows what trim breaks are. Here was my attempt at a group photo. Everyone besides me looked away... Maverick doing it's thing Not a too special photo, but I kinda like it I feel like a creeper taking photos of strangers on rides I like to see the funny expressions some people make! Wow... that sounded very creepy Another one of those photos I liked in my head, but took it and ended up not caring for it This did include the whole second half of the horseshoe roll, but I cropped most of it out. I think it looks better now This would be like the best moment of airtime ever if it wasn't for the horrible restraints that slowly get tighter and end up squishing your thighs While on Paddle Wheel Excursion I heard someone say Shoot the Rapids was a coaster lol Today (well yesterday I guess) most the water was drained for some reason One of the best drops ever Kinda makes me miss Intimidator 305 because I actually almost greyed out on the turn at the bottom of the drop I still don't know if I like the 95º drop or this hill more Adventure Express>Carolina Goldrusher> Dahlonega Mine Train> Cedar Creek Mine Ride Didn't get to ride Wildcat this visit It was perfect outside, about 80º, sunny, and the water must of been warm if people were swimming in it! I really wanted to go to the beach, but I'd rather ride coasters While in line for Raptor we saw this happy seagull enjoying the weather, haha! Than at Blue Streak we saw another one that was doing the same thing only it fell asleep Montu>Afterburn>Raptor>Batman SFGAm>Batman SFOG I usually don't care for Blue Streak, but after riding in 2-1 and 2-2, I love it! Corkscrew screwing people over the midway... wait that sounds wrong When the train rolls back I ask them "How long is the line" They take a second to react, than they turn towards me and say "We waited"...*train launches* and they probably hurt their neck lol Arms down, arms, arms, ar, ar, arms do, arms down 117... I always thought it had to go 120 to make it over the top hat because back in 2003 (the only other time I've seen the speed thing work) it was almost always at 123 I'll end this photo with some of Cedar Point's skyline. Sorry it's not all of it and not even all the way focused, I stood my camera out of the sun roof to take it lol
  15. Thanks! The little 'codes' like 2-1 would mean the front row of the second car. The first number is the car, and the second number is the row. And on Arrows, usually the best seat is the front seat of the last car.
  16. Just this Tuesday night me and my friend Zach decided we wanted to go to Cedar Point. So we called up his ex-girlfriend which I think is his girlfriend again, and told her to drive us because her car gets better gas mileage than mine (I only get 12mpg...) I also invited Mitchell which is my cousin and also a coaster enthusiast. I stayed the night at Zach's apartment and and we all left at like 7AM. We had to go to Kings Island first cause we wanted to ride Diamondback and Zach's girlfriend Aleesha needed to upgrade her gold pass to platinum. After we quickly got that done, we waited for ERT to begin. We got the first train of the day, and the front car. Kinda sucked though cause it was raining and it hurt like hell. After our Diamondback ride they closed it cause of rain, so we went to Beast! Beast was open until we were about to get into the train, when it than closed. We waited like two minutes than told some of the ride opts. were going to Cedar Point and left, they found it kinda funny. So we just rode Diamondback and than drove to Cedar Point. The drive was about three hours from KI to CP which went by pretty fast. We got to CP at like either 2PM. or 3PM. what ever time it was, the park wasn't too busy. We parked by Magnum like always and rode it first which was a complete walkon. After that I know we rode Gemini & Mean Streak (why not..?) which were both walkons. After that we rode Maverick which was the longest line of the day at 30 minutes. After that I don't really know what we rode in what order, but that day we rode... Magnum-XL200: 1 Gemini: 1 Mean Streak: 1 Skyhawk: 1 Maverick: 2 Millennium Force: 2 Mantis: 1 Iron Dragon: 1 Corkscrew: 1 Top Thrill Dragster: 1 Raptor: 1 Wicked Twister: 1 MaXair: 1 Disaster Transport: 1 Giant Wheel: 1 Skyride: 1 Blue Streak: 1 And we also ended up getting last train of the night on Millennium Force on my favorite seat (2:1)! So kinda cool to have the first Diamondback train of the day, and the last Millennium Force train of the night on the same day! Okay, here are the photos I took on day 1! Maverick! This photo kinda looks like the last one... but it isn't the same, I swear! This also looks the same, but I like this one better Love love love this one! "Hey wasn't there supposed to be a heartline roll here?" "There was but they took it off and put it on THE Geminis" (If you think I'm being serious, I'm not, it's a joke) I wish it wasn't blurry! My very first look ever of Shoot the Rapids in person Millennium Force was barley in my top 10 steel, but after riding in 2-1, I LOVE MF, and it's almost as good as I305... Really... anyone who says MF doesn't have airtime or isn't forceful, RIDE this seat! Your opinion will change!!! Mantis... yay Georgia Scorcher>Iron Wolf>Mantis>Vortex Kinda cool view of skyride I like this view even better Corkscrew was one of my favorite Arrow loopers because of 6-1 you get two moments of great airtime, but it is pretty rough! This was one of those photos I thought would be nice, but I took it and ended up not liking it Bird crap the coaster My camera wasn't taking as good of photos this day as it was previous days at Holiday World I never really cared for Blue Streak until I rode in 2-1 and 2-2, those seats are smooth and provide pretty good ejector airtime! MaXair>Delirium Cedar Point should make this a drop tower! (I'm partially kidding) Wicked Twister>Vertical Velocity Are my greater/lesser than things annoying yet? Good! I would kinda like this photo if the sun glare wasn't all in the way And this would be a good photo if a train was in it! Twisted Wicker Yum yellow yellow yellow GREEN *sound that TTD makes* Something about falling 420' I love... Okay, is it just me, or when you get launched do you feel airtime? Like not out of your seat kinda airtime, but the sensation of it? I'm guessing thats the acceleration G-forces? Theres me with the black Diamondback shirt, and Mitchell with the ugly green non-coaster shirt... Starlight Experience! Shoot the Rapids at night (sorry for the blur, I don't have a tripod, so I just sat it on a trashcan) Heres one last photo! I'm kinda tired so I'll post the second day photos tomorrow!
  17. I'd defiantly be interested in attending this event if you decide to do it! I've been wanting to go back to SFGAm since 2008, plus I still need my Little Dipper credit and re-rides!
  18. First park of 2010: Kings Dominion First coaster of 2010: Intimidator 305 First B&M hyper of 2010: Intimidator (than Goliath the next day) First B&M floorless of 2010(and my all time first): Dominator First Eurofighter of 2010(and my all time first): Mystery Mine First waterslide of 2010: Wildebeest First coaster event of 2010: Holiwood Nights
  19. Nice trip report, I want to go to the Dells and Valley Fair!(and Nickelodeon Universe) next summer really bad! I never hear anything good about Valley Fair!, it doesn't look extremely nice, but it does have a few descent coasters. How was Excalibur? Does it have any airtime at all? For some reason I'm really interested in that coaster.
  20. From the looks of PTRs from previous years, and now more current years, SFA looks alot better. It really does have potential to be one of the better Six Flags parks is they would just give it a new signature coaster and maybe try to fix up Gotham City and that back area by adding trees and maybe some flat rides through out the years!
  21. ^^I know! I can't wait to ride them on HWN (well probably) ^Thanks! I have a Canon Powershot-SX110 IS, it's a great camera for not being an SLR or whatever it's called!
  22. What!? You must of rode on a wheel seat! I rode it in April also (April 3rd) and it was very smooth and had pretty good airtime! I also rode in the front seat of the second car. Wheel seats are on ALL of Hurlers train my friend. Thunder road does not have them in the "middle of the train" because each car has 3 rows. Hurler only has 2 rows per car thus preventing a "non wheel seat". Technically, yes. But what I mean by wheel seat on a 4-seater car is that if a wheel is by your butt, thats a wheel seat. If the wheel is by your feet, thats a smooth seat.
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