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  1. Spring Park - it had a recycled Python Pit coaster, train, and carousel... Point Mallard Water Park Opry Mills Mall (Yes that one's a stretch)
  2. JZ, great photos as always and, oh yes, I did enjoy the train when I was there in November last year. AND the "awesome food" too. Wonderful park! Looks like you had a great time. Job well done!
  3. They have bowl slides, so I wonder if it'll be a Tornado, half pipe, or some hybrid like Upsurge at Alabama Adventure? Time will tell, but glad to see them adding on.
  4. Have to agree with Larry and Rich. Well said folks and glad to see the possible expansions.
  5. Just catching up on these updates today and all are on par with the usual fun and awesome. Bummer about Cooter's and that Dukes shirt design looked VERY familiar...like wacko collage I made a year or two ago familiar. Haven't done Riplye's Haunted Adventure, but really did enjoy Mysterious Mansion. We had more laughs and movie cliche moments than anything, but I'd definitely go back again. Thanks for putting in the time at these other attractions. I too was curious about Wonderworks, Dinosaur Walk, etc. Those would still be fun to do. Thought of you all at Apple Barn a few weeks ago while in Nashville. We stopped into Opry Mills so my girlfriend could get a couple apple-somethings and this thread came to mind. Ok, back to topic, excellent job on being a defacto source on Pigeon Forge, etc attractions! Cheers my friend!
  6. It happens to every man some time in his life. Ah Beemer TRs are always a fun read. Thank you for the pictures and you have definitely 1-uped me in the Rick shout-outs. And welcome angelcat, good to see you on here! Glad you all had a nice day.
  7. ETapley0687 I goofed. Should've PMed you with dates so we could hang out. Had wondered if the economy put the brakes on hotel expansion, although do they really need any more room or convention space? Like the idea of another atrium and/or indoor water park. If they took a page out of Hershey, they could turn GRR into a lazy river. However, unless they're feeling nostalgic, Opryland Hotel might just flatten everything and start over given Grizzly's age and wear. Now, they could pay tribute somehow with a small section of planters or a piece of the corner rock on display somewhere in a new atrium/waterpark. Also curious how this would jive with Nashville Shores just up the road. Ah, so many possibilities and what ifs. For the record, just thinking out loud here and don't claim to be an expert. Truly, anything's possible. If Opry ever did the waterpark thing, we all know an EXCELLENT fellow here on the boards who could do a bang up job.
  8. 1. BIG CONGRATS to Joey! 2. You had me at Ireland's menu and Bailey's Cake. 3. Who's that guy with the SLEEVES?!? 4. Chuck's Postal Video From Space is probably my favorite. All most humerous. 5. Sum of All Thrills must've slipped under the radar until wednesday. Great to see a robocoaster just the same. 6. Robb as a Taco. 7. This was a grand FOOD update! Wicked awesome folks!
  9. Was in Nashville for Geek Media Expo a couple weekends ago. Checked on Grizzly River Rampage, and it's still there. There's a new fence up where the caution tape was last year. The fill dirt bridge is still in the channel near the old observation deck before the waterfall. Walked by there a few times on the way to the hotel and back to the car. It was pretty and eerie and very dark at night. Still felt wierd to park in the area where Old Mill Scream used to be. Will keep checking back about once a year. Everything that I could get to legally is documented with pictures and video. Not much else to catalogue short of minor site changes. Bloody hell do I miss that park...
  10. - mcjaco Heartily agreed. Frankly, typing on a cell phone while driving is dangerous, ignorant, and foolish.
  11. Thought this article about Disney's new attraction that opens wednesday and their answer to Robo Coasters (more or less) would be a good read. http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/10/14/disney.math.ride/index.html *Note how the writer calls Toy Story Mania a roller coaster. Happy browsing! Disney debuts do-it-yourself thrill ride updated 11:35 a.m. EDT, Wed October 14, 2009 By John D. Sutter CNN (CNN) -- Any kid can dream up a roller coaster. But those who visit a new exhibit at Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park can actually take a ride on their fantasy creations. Epcot on Wednesday opened a new attraction called "Sum of All Thrills," which lets kids use computer tablets to design a virtual roller coaster, bobsled track or plane ride. After inputting their designs, kids climb into a robotic carriage that uses virtual-reality technology to help them experience the ride they've created. "This is really the next generation -- where there's a lot more personalization involved" in the amusement-park experience, said Eric Goodman, Disney's lead project manager on the ride. This make-your-own-ride approach appears to be a growing trend in the world of amusement parks and museums. Taking cues from the video game industry, park and ride designers have realized that people -- especially young ones -- want to interact with and even design their own thrill rides. In addition to the new Epcot ride in Orlando, Florida, two Disney theme parks feature a ride called "Toy Story Mania," which lets riders shoot at targets as they roll down the track and, in doing so, shape their own ride experience. Another Disney attraction, CyberSpace Mountain, caters to adults and kids by letting them customize their own virtual ride from a menu of drops, loops and other features. Universal Studios in Florida opened a roller coaster in August called the "Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit," which lets people create their own personal musical soundtrack for their ride. Don't Miss Internet addiction linked to ADHD, depression in teens Sexy architecture alive and well in Middle East Interactive rides are in the "baby stages" so far, since roller coasters and theme-park attractions are so expensive to build, but interaction and personalization promise to be running themes in the industry, said Bob McTyre, president of Apogee Attractions, which has has helped design rides for Disney, Universal Studios and others. McTyre was not involved in the new ride at Epcot. He said theme park designers frequently bring up ideas such as roller coasters with three possible endings, allowing riders to choose which path to take. But those big ideas quickly hit a roadblock: the high costs of implementing such a project, he said. Shawn McCoy, vice-president of marketing and business development at Jack Rouse Associates, another amusement-park design firm, said this desire for interactivity in amusement parks takes its cues from video games. "There's also a definite need to compete with video games or the gaming industry -- where [players] have control over all of the elements, from the environment to the players' movement," he said, noting that museums and zoos also are taking notice of the trend. The "Sum of All Thrills" ride at Epcot employs a robotic arm -- more commonly seen assembling cars at an auto plant -- to let kids experience their roller coaster creations. Sitting in a carriage with their legs and arms outside the ride, kids watch a video version of their ride while the arm moves them from side to side and up and down to simulate the feeling of a real roller coaster. Fans blow air at the riders at various speeds to give people the sensation that they're moving forward. Goodman, the Disney designer, said the robotic arm and carriage come "pretty darn close" to replicating the real roller coaster experience. Kids design their experience on touch-screen computers, using a digital ruler and pre-selected track options to construct their rides. If a person tries to build something physically impossible -- a hill that's too steep for the cars to climb, for example -- then they're asked to retool their ideas. Disney hopes the interactive nature of the Epcot ride also helps kids learn that math and science can be fun. "I think it's really empowering for the kids to realize that the math doesn't control them. They get to control the math," Goodman said. The Raytheon Company, a maker of weapons and defense systems, said it sponsored the exhibit as a way to get middle-school aged kids more interested in careers in math and engineering.
  12. Had lots of good laughs reading the updates. Looks like a great time and I send the good juju as always. Big thanks for including the T-Rex pics! Been curious about that one and will have try it out, especially after doing Aquarium in Nashville a couple weekends ago. Hey, themed restaurants are fun. Anyway (and back on topic) keep up the great work all and thanks for posting these updates. Cheers and Best to you all down there!
  13. Dear Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Please don't axe Penguin's Blizzard River just yet. I am a nostalgic (and slightly warped) rapids enthusiast who counts this as a double credit since it uses Opryland's Grizzly River Rampage's guts. Sadly, I missed out on Hershey's Canyon River Rapids before it was turned into a lazy river. Just a humble request. I'll buy you a Junior Mint if it has any sway. Seriously, whatever SFKK plans, I hope it's successful, especially in these tough times.
  14. Just picked up a Dell Inspiron 1545 this past week. Good machine for $500, but the only gripe with it is the video card. It's only 32 meg of dedicated video RAM and it shares the rest of the system memory for the remainder. If you're not running too many games, this is fine, but half the reason I bought the machine was to run Oblivion. That didn't work out so well. Needless to say, the video RAM specs weren't shown in the Best Buy ad nor on the side of the box. Thankfully, World of Warcraft had lower requirements and runs great. Back to topic, the Dell is a good machine. If you're replacing a computer, it's a good value. It also seems to be qualified for a free Windows 7 upgrade but check into it. Hope this helps you and good luck!
  15. You, my friend, were very fortunate to get so close. Some great shots!
  16. TPR is a good all around group of folks with LOTS of personality. The powers that be really do try hard to keep the forum fun, and managable for all. Sometimes they have to get a bit firm to make a point. And some mods have taken it to a humorous artform. If you get a chance, meet some of these folks in person. You might think differently.
  17. Another fun update that had me chuckling at every caption. Glad I was sitting down for the "Normal Food". I felt faint. Yeah, good stuff all around.
  18. Yes. Thinking people accomplish great things...like roller coasters, water slides, Vault Icee, and MLTs (Mutton, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwiches, where the mutton is nice and lean...) Well, a fellow can hope can't he? Anyway, despite poor choice, glad nobody was mangled.
  19. Hmm...gut still says SFKK is getting Geauga'd. Will be interesting to see.
  20. ^ Big thanks! Where can I find that? Would love to see it. Just saw the website and Julian Browning is a GREAT and creepy character. LOVE IT! Also wanted to mention Bloody Mary as another favorite lead character. EDIT: Aha! Further looking in the Attractions section found it. And that is a smart twist on the traditional Frankenstory. Nice!
  21. What gets me is that after "breaking the rules", these people have put the evidence, and means to identify and prosecute them, out to the WORLD. They don't realize YouTube and the like have an electronic trail leading back, that can be used by authorities. Swift.
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