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  1. Always a pleasure and a good read. Thanks for posting this one.
  2. Facebook - YoVille and Farm Town PC - Good ole Morrowind with a Level 9 Khajit Crusader. Yep, flame throwin' kitty with a BIG hammer.
  3. Dunno how I feel about this one. PotC and HM were fun movies, but it felt wierd that the original rides the movies were based on, were re-done to match said movies. A BTM movie could very well be good, but I just like the simple charm of the classic Disney rides and their original backstories. Now a Dole Whip movie, would be fantastic. It's a short movie, but tasteful.
  4. Moon Pie Pancakes. I laughed a lot at this and STILL am....great line!
  5. Always a pleasure to see Busch Gardens. Thanks Chuck! Awesome! If either tag teams with The Shock Master, I'm so there.
  6. Good to see the coaster open and I'm sure they'll get things tuned up in the coming weeks. The videos of HR3 at night are pretty cool. Love the LEDs.
  7. Looks like a fun trip and understand what you mean by the perpetual motion display. Many years ago at COSI (Center of Science Industry) in Columbus Ohio, there was a 3 story tall version of that display that was just really fun to watch. Your pictures brought back some good memories from that cub scout trip. Hey, technical art and science can be good stuff.
  8. Matt, from another railfan, this was terriffic! I've always been a fan of the smaller switchers, particularly the steam saddletank variety. This is the first time I've seen them in real life. Very cool! Glad you shared this!
  9. Some cool photos and editing and thanks for the extra info on Wildebeast.
  10. Thought it might be a Deluge type thing, but not on this scale. Wow! Impressive and cool. Congrats to our friends at Holiday World!
  11. Out of all your great updates Big Mike, to quote you, this one "DESTROYS" the others...in a good way. Can't tell you how cool this was to see and all the good vibes radiating from it. Just awesome! Got a kick out of the sign and the fun extras Shane threw in to make the day fun for you. Really happy for him and his success as well as for you and yet another tops report. At some point, I'd love to see a screen cap from the RCT3 build of Cowabunga Bay if that's remotely possible. Hats off to both you guys!
  12. Good to see another coaster on the horizon for next year. Lotsa good things to look forward to and happy that Kennywood is getting something new. Congrats to them.
  13. For some reason, even though it was a design marvel with a loop back in the day, I just never liked Son of Beast. Can't tell you why, other than there was just a dark cloud over it in my mind. Sounds like it's on it's way out if the merch is being sold off cheap. Get yer collector fridge magnets now friends.
  14. Agree with the majority here. If it's genuine, fine, but if it's for noise sake or just constant, then it's annoying.
  15. My sympathies all around. Hope I can get tickets to that! Most parks just inspect the ride. KI actually gives a performance!
  16. Scott, this truly was a great report that had me cracking up after almost every caption. Wish you could've seen the big grin from all the rapids shots. Think you topped the mullet from last year in giving me a good chuckle. Finnegans! This is an Irish pub/restaurant. I'm part Irish. My food was free because of that. Do people who drink non-alcoholic beer start fake fights?
  17. Magic Quest looks fantastic! It really does. Love the souvenir wand idea. Also didn't know that the building was a former helo museum. You taught me something new here. Enjoyed this round and thanks.
  18. Lotsa good photos here and I learned a few things. Didn't know about the train display or the wall of autographs. Both very cool. CP pulls a Brown Derby with an autograph wall. I like it. Enjoyed the train pics and the rapids shot as well. Many thanks for both!
  19. Good report and good to see what happened to the CRR boats. Raging Rapids looks like a fun ride and sounds like a fun day overall. Thanks for putting this up.
  20. Huh, I just went through a bunch of Gatlin Forge brochures and just looked at these two courses. Now that's just timing. Hope to get back to that area soon, as I love a good round of mini golf. Think I have a 3 handicap. Thanks for putting this up! Classic! I smell a profile pic or avatar here. Great pic man!
  21. The Zuma/Miner Mike credit is just hilarious. Glad you all had a great time. Man, I felt dirty LOOKING at the pictures! Yeah, I need a shower now... Great stuff!
  22. Well there's something I never thought I'd see: Mickey's Steampunk Adventure. Sounds like they're taking the classic twisted carnival idea, but using more of a steampunk bent instead. Hmmm...I like the idea of it, and I like Steampunk, however family cutsey steampunk with Disney characters, in a post apoc world, just doesn't seem to work. Anybody else detect a hint of Final Fantasy here? "Well gawrsh Mickey! It looks like the a-bomb shore tore up the place, huh?" Hmmm...to be fair, we'll have to wait and see. Neat idea, but just dunno.
  23. Good bet Raven Maven will be happy to see this. I so need to get up to Holiday World. " Gosh, can't you just feel the love as you look at this beautiful sculpture and founta... OH, coasters! " Spoken like a true enthusiast. Great stuff and enjoying the thread. Thanks.
  24. Yep, you're right. I like Dollywood and would no doubt love SDC. Terriffic water falls, fountains, etc. Skillet, train and rapids sell it for me. This is a must do in the next few years. Thank you for the rapids photo too. Much appreciated! Fun thread and enjoying it.
  25. Great set of TRs so far! And this made them that much better. Many thanks for those shots and they'll be added to my screen saver slide show shortly. Also looking forward to the next round my friend.
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