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  1. Neat to see this park. Wait, wasn't Hornet Astroworld's old Mayan Mindbender? (looks at RCDB.....elevator muzak plays.....) Yes it was. Glad to see it just the same. You did well and props for having a coworker/photog/enthusiast.
  2. I just recently added bacon to a couple double cheese Krystals and they were even better. Also tried the McDonald's Bacon Angus Burger. All I can say is......I need a cigarette...and I don't smoke. Wow! You know, it's a funny thing. For years and years I didn't care for bacon at all, then, in the past couple years, some wierd switch flipped on, and now I'm pro bacon. Not only that, but I tried the turkey bacon a while back and it was most tasty. Bacon goooood. Bacon friend.
  3. Alright! Always glad to see another water park TR. Looks like fun and thanks for the pictures. Will have to do this one next time I'm in California.
  4. Enjoyed these reports so far and loved the story about the ride op. Very cool guy who deserves a good word with SFKK management. Can understand skipping water park/water rides due to long lines on hot days. Looking forward to the next installment! Electerik said: You are so my hero.
  5. Mr. Edge said it best here. Big thank you for Splash Country! That truly made my day. Even the peek in the gift shop (girlfriend and I are gift shop/park swag nuts) was cool. Both you and SMisty had some pretty shots of the rides and scenery.
  6. You had me at lobster roll, cookie, and train ride. Looks like a fun atmosphere and thanks for putting this one up.
  7. Funny you mention that. On my last trip to the park in 2007, I only got a couple pics and a small bit of video. Thankfully, I picked up a BBW magnet and a couple post cards along with other ride souvenirs. Glad I did and one of those postcards might just go into a frame on my desk. Back in the 80's I used to collect the acrylic ride logo keychains, and Wolf was a favorite. Back to topic, while it's tough to lose a coaster many of us are familiar with or grew up with, we should try to be optimistic here. Good bet there will be new things to explore and do in whatever is planned for that side of the park. The Wolf will always be with us in spirit and will always be a favorite for many. I take comfort in this and look to the future. EDIT: I just framed one of those postcards and 'tis a fine addition indeed. Ahh, good memories. Happy day all.
  8. I'm sure glad they put the park name on the front of some coasters, otherwise I'd never remember what park I'm at...wait.....Hey! Where am I?! How did I get on the internet!?!?! Me too on coaster logo. One of my all time favorites was the old wolf eyes on the front of the Big Bad Wolf trains. Always thought those were really cool. My only exception was the Opryland logo on the front of Wabash Cannonball. Just liked that better.
  9. Well, we'll all have a good laugh if this turns out to be another Pilgrims Plunge. Hey, yay for need ride!
  10. Bummer but understandable. Gonna miss it. Oh, and Beemer, you're on a roll! Born on date? I'll miss you rhombus trains...
  11. Wow! That looks terrific at night and just as impressive as daytime. Already saving the pennies for Cowabunga Bay lanyards, magnets, buttons, zipper pulls, etc. Absolutely thrilled for you and glad things are picking up!
  12. Lotsa good photos! The 2 train Griffon/Alpie shot, the back row couple on Apollo, and the BBW shots were the stand-outs. Neat to see inside the old Drachen Fire area too. You did good man.
  13. Sorry to see this happen, but glad no one was hurt. Will be interesting to see what becomes of the ride. By the looks of the one picture in the previous links, that was a bloody big fire.
  14. Hail Mirror Dance (not to be confused with River Dance, Lord of the Dance, Dance, Dance, Revolution, Dancing with the Stars, Dancing Queen, ...and where am I going with this anyway...) Me and few of the other mini golf fiends will get a kick out of this one. Themeing looked pretty cool. Never done blacklight golf before, come to think of it. Cool addition to the thread sir!
  15. Robb, I thought this too the first time I saw the bottle. It seems to register that way at a passing glance. It was good, and just slightly different from corn syrup Pepsi in taste. Good stuff along with MexiCoke. Wish I'd tried Mountain Dew Throwback, but haven't seen it yet. And for some weird reason, Red Bull Cola is growing on me, though it has one of the wierdest tastes. Back on topic, PepsiTB is enjoyable, even if it does make a questionable abreviation.
  16. Seems like the novelty would wear off fast, however there are racing leagues dedicated to them. At one point you could buy them at AutoZone or Advanced Auto, one. Maybe try the ATV and similar dealers? Honda, Kawasaki, etc, dealers? Really, they're weirdly cool but I just can't help thinking of this...
  17. Ahh, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. The folks and I had a good time there last fall. We all used to watch the old TV show when Jack Palance (one-armed push up guy/Curly in City Slickers) was host. Brought back some great memories, including the Chinese monk with a hole in his skull that could hold a candle. We wanted to do some of the haunted stuff and the aquarium, but there just wasn't time. S'ok, the Pancake Pantry with it's great BACON and pancakes along with the Candy Kitchen more than made up for those misses. Erik, this really is a handy reference. Any chance of Dollywood Splash Country?
  18. Yup, the rough, feet burning concrete and asphalt between both sides and up the hill are still there. That's how I got quarter sized blisters on the ball and heel of each foot. Lauckers (attempting to dodge the word filter here) at the West Entrance would help with having shoes nearby to save your feet. This is really the only gripe I had about the park. Curiously, this is still a MUCH better value than Spring Valley Beach (Blountsville, Alabama) that charges $20 for essentially a big pool, a halfpipe slide, a couple tube slides, and old cement slides cut into the hill the require a rider to wear a helmet. It's also a better deal than Southern Adventures FEC's "water park" which is a 4 slide tower, small pool, and small kiddie wading pool for $15. (Point Mallard at full price is $16). Unfortunately, the only reason Huntsville has been getting certain shopping and civic improvements is due to BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) people moving in. Since there were some 4 star generals coming in, the city finally decided it'd be a good idea to clean up the place and offer some ammenities that are common to other cities. Things like a good water park along the lines of Wet 'N' Wild would be wonderful and welcome, however, just as with certain retail chains, the chain says "Huntsville isn't read for us or we don't think you can support us" even though the populace can do so and says "Yes we really want you here because we NEED better stuff". Either that, or the city doesn't want to pay the standard costs for bringing in better stuff, and the deal to bring in a good water park, for example, folds. It's a real catch 22. Really, I agree we need GOOD theme parks and water parks close to Huntsville and I can see where Point Mallard could use some updates. Even so, for it's size, it's a decent quality park and it is fun to go to. It also looked like they left room for further slide expansion on the deck extension near the pro bowl. While the possibility is there, no word, rumor or otherwise on that. Crazy times, but appreciate the spark discussion. Oh, and Shane, I'll buy you donuts or something if you build your next park here.
  19. Really cool to see more of the castle spires and facades. The village is more impressive looking with all the buildings going up. There is just some wonderful themeing and creativity going into this, and while I'm not a hug HP fan, I can't help but be impressed and excited. Meanwhile the true Potter fans will be beside themselves. Good round of updates, particularly Orlando United, which sounds curiously like a football (ie Proper football/soccer) team.
  20. ^Well thank you! I'm headed back there soon, and would enjoy meeting up if timing worked out. Let me know, and delighted to come out and talk shop. Might post another PTR later this week, which is hopefully worthwhile fodder for the Park Index. If so, great. If not, no worries. For now, there's leftover Marion's Pizza calling. The Ohio folks, especially around Dayton and Cincinatti will be able to appreciate that local jem. Good good stuff! Cheers and thanks again for the all the reads and nice comments.
  21. Kimberly (GF) dropped by the park this weekend and got some pics while leaving the parking lot. She definitely wants to come back for the park as well as more of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. This one's on the visit list and we'll keep you posted on when we do the trip. Good to hear the news on expansion too!
  22. That is most high off the ground, yet it does look like fun. Dunno, this might be the part where I opt for more Smokey Mountain Rampage ERT. Enjoying the updates and thanks as always for taking time to post them. Much appreciated.
  23. Thanks you guys! Had a good time there and may be going back with friends in the next couple weeks.
  24. Realized I hadn't done a PTR in a while and wanted to contribute a little something to the Park Index with a couple recent trips to a local water park. Point Mallard is small, but hey, it's what we have and it's fun. It was also my first bowl slide (I'm a wee bit of an enthusiast over these things) as of earlier this week. Had a good time and looking forward to going back on their half price days ($8 instead of the usual $16). Picture time! And we'll end the trip with my new souvenir buddy, Buzz. He's no Ice Bat, Hippo, or Jelli (all of whom rock!) but I'll keep because he makes me laugh. Hope this TR made you laugh and thanks for reading. Hmmm...yeah, I want these in my back yard one day too. One more of the fun water slides. BTW I took TWO tunnels on one of those runs. Ooo! Express Entrance...through the gate! . . This memorial was outside the Express entrance. He was a life guard at the park before his service. Time to head out after a fun evening with bowl slides, and pizza and get a few parting shots. The absurdity about being enthusiastic about being flushed down a giant toilet bowl still makes me giggle like an idiot. I had a good time on this, though the first time was a bit freaky, especially entering the bowl. You're high up on the wall and wondering just what is holding you there. While we all know that answer, it still warps my fragile little mind. If this is what they mean by "Going to the Pro Bowl", sign me up! Yes that shadow is me. Hey, I'm a Nerd after all. Twisty wet goodness. Yeah, I said it! And? They may be old school, but these tube slides had some pretty good speed and almost flipped me over in the S curves. Yeehaw! Welcome to the slide side or the....no...I won't use THAT joke again. Hey Yogi! Let's eat over there! One of my favorite pictures from this set. Ahhh..... There's a long path between both sides of the park. This is where some pretty pic-a-nic areas are. Heading over to the West Siiiiiiide, between the wave pool side and the slide side. Holla! (I have no idea what I'm saying either, but you're still grinning, so a hollow victory is a victory nonetheless.) Family raft slide and Olympic pool. Between being hungry and some big blisters on my feet, I just wasn't feeling very Olympic today. I enjoyed the colorful themeing and this unique take on the traditional park map. Very clean and well manicured park, btw. There are a few kiddie slides as well as the Squirt Factory (mini water fort) for the little ones. Just beyond is the Olympic Pool, a family raft slide, and high dive platforms. There are also some big grass areas for pic-a-nics, and other bearable activities. Just down the way from the wave pool is the sand area and volleyball court. There's also a boat dock nearby for whatever watercraft drives you. Yes folks, that's authentic, vintage, outdoor mat. Ok, not really, but I was strapped for a caption here. Let's work our way from East to West shall we? Here's the wave pool, which every water park should have...except for Shane's, which is so awesome it doesn't NEED one! Ok, $8 in, lets go get a locker. Decisions, decisions... East Entrance? No. Express Entrance? Yes? Confused? Yeah, me too. Moving on. I see you America's first wave pool. (No really. I didn't know that either.) Point Mallard sign near the main entrance and more goodies for Larry. The afore mentioned West Entrance. Somehow I was expecting a cowboy hat or something. Oh well. I'll leave the East Entrance jokes up you all. Dear Santa, screw the two front teeth! I want this...oh, and a gift card to Steak 'n' Shake. Can I have this in my backyard when I grow up? Driving in, you pass by the West Entrance and you're greated with a ProBowl. This was the reason for my trip. Captain Mike Mallard welcomes you. Well, he does have good taste in first names. Ain't that just Ducky? (Methinks I just got the Moose and Big Mike approval here.) A left turn and a couple miles after the Decatur bridge puts us here. Right turn, Clyde!
  25. And Walter Cronkite caps an already difficult friday... http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/07/17/walter.cronkite.dead/index.html This man was an American staple and instititution when I was growing up. News just wasn't the same when he stepped down. When somebody mentioned news, Cronkite almost immediately came to mind.
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