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  1. Hope to get to IOA/HHN or similar in the next couple years. Never seen the original Thing movie (yes I'm a *cough* virgin), but everyone I know who has says it's still rippin scary. Sounds like fun!
  2. Was at KI a long time ago as a little kid. Wondered how that place was doing. Anybody ride White Water Canyon?
  3. Bummer about the high sides. The whole idea is to get wet on a rapids ride. That concept just doesn't make a splash with me or hold water. You know, even Roman Rapids at Busch Gardens Europe had 3 of the 4 waterfalls dialed back this May. Only the last one really got you wet. We used to have contestests to see who could get dowsed by the most falls on a ride. It took a few trys, but I got all four...and ruined shoes. So worth it! Well, wet or not, RQ looks fun as do the other spanish park rides.
  4. Hmm...milk with powdered water...(cringe) Bleeeeck! Oddly, why does that give me a Carabba's lasagna craving? Mmmm....Carabba's.... Hey, this is about the spain trip video. I need to stay on topic, not muse about food like homer, though a cheeseburger wouldn't be bad right now...
  5. Hi! My name is Michael and I live in Huntsville, Alabama. I'm a rapids ride nerd/enthusiast and theme park nut. I build 3D models and take pictures and video of stuff to pay the bills. Love simulations work and enjoy reproducing rides in RCT3. Love a good round of mini-golf too. Bought a digital camera earlier this year after trading in an Xbox and games and have had a blast ever since. Once I discovered the legitimate uses for the camera, it was that much better. Sadly, my pale skin goth look has gone to hell what with getting out in the fresh air and sun. Apparently, there really is life beyond Star Wars Battlefront 2. Who knew? To further balance things, I train martial arts and do archery on the weekends, though my good friends have questioned if me with pointy things is really such a good idea. There are times I feel shafted and that they're not shooting straight, but I just tell them that archers can be high strung and don't quiver at the thought. Their understanding was on target and eventually they got the point. Kidding aside, I've enjoyed reading the posts and I'm really glad to be here. Looks like a fun group and hope to get to the outings in the coming years.
  6. I've heard Popeye and Bluto's Bilgerat Barges (sp?) at IOA has a wicked drop at the end while Kali River Rapids at DAK is so-so. Love the boat theming on RQ! Is it just a bunch of drops strung together or a decent mixture of water elements with drop or two? How was it compared to the other rapids rides on the trip? Anybody else notice that more parks are going to the cauldron style boats with no backrests? Unless they're themed decently or painted, the design seems kind of cheap and bland. The older style with the backrest just have more charactor to the look, though I don't get the handles on either side of the headrest. But then, I don't get a lot of things...like powedered water. What exactly do you add to that?
  7. Just from what I saw in your video Mr.Morgan, Grizzly River Run seemed to have a bigger second drop. Grizzly's 1st is probably the same as the first in your video. This is based on a podcast and youtube footage I've seen. Not riding either discredits me greatly, unfortunately. DCA's Grizzly River Run does have a pretty big finally hill however.
  8. Now we know what the babies would look like if KI's Bat and Thunder River got together. I dig the Bat Boats. Anybody have a good still pic of that ride that might make a good desktop?
  9. Been really enjoying all the great pics and the vids for Spain and Europe trips. Had no idea what all was over there! Very very cool!
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