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  1. ^ But...but...but.... I really AM a coaster enthusiast. I even build them in RCT3. I've ridden 2 in real life (5 if you count my last 3 love relationships using the Jeff Johnson system)....that counts sorta? Right? Sounds like the logic is that if you don't currently ride, you aren't really a coaster enthusiast, and that's cool. No worries. This is still great place to be!
  2. As opposed to the usual off center perspectives? Hey thanks. I still have fun and enjoy talking shop. Been reading this site for a while and really love the vibe. It's fun and that's all it should be. Glad to be here and use my creativity to contribute to a positive thing. You folks and your adventures are a riot!
  3. It just seems illogical to turn your ride off just because someone else did. Your ride isn't the one with the failure and hasn't indicated otherwise. Hmmm maybe it's a publicity thing or lawsuit thing. Eh, better just for me to let it rest and not stir the pot. In the end, my heart goes out to the little girl.
  4. I get sick from most rides. Only rode 2 rollercoasters in my life and both left me feeling like a bad hang over crossed with jet lag. Ironic because I love theme parks and the atmosphere. Video and pictures grew out of having to sit rides out. Yep, held the bags too. No worries, just found different ways to have fun. I catch shows or do a little shopping too and still have a great time. That's why rapids are a big deal, can ride it, don't get ill. Part of me would love to ride coasters very much, but it just doesn't work out so well. Weird huh? LOL!
  5. Ok, dumb but legitimate question... Why did the other parks close their respective towers in the first place? If the towers were all well and regularly maintained, had good safety records, and there wasn't a potential defect in the particular model each park owns, why not leave them open? This was an isolated, very unfortunate accident at one particular park on one particular ride. For the record, what happened to the girl is just awful and no, I'm not callused. Just never understood the thinking behind these actions. I ask with GREAT care and respect.
  6. Greetings spaminacan11! Good to see another Huntsvillian. How'd you like BGE?
  7. Never ridden it. There are a couple TRs somewhere where Robb, Elissa and some others have. You might ask them about it. No worries! Just found out about this place a couple years ago.
  8. The great thing about trips is that you never know what is going to happen. A simple outing to an amusement park becomes a memorable experience in a much different way than expected. This was my Alabama Adventure. For thoses who don't know, Alabama Adventure used to be called Visionland. It' s small and still growing park in Bessemer Alabama, not far from Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. It's about a 2 hour trip from Huntsville and is pretty popular with the locals. It's divided up into a couple sections: Magic City is the theme park and Splash Beach is the waterpark. AA's pride and joy is Rampage, a wooden coaster that anchors the back of this hilly park. Now for the good and bad: Good * Very clean * Coherent and considerate ride ops this trip * Friendly staff this trip. A couple nice ladies went out of their way to point out shorter ticket and entrance lines. Appreciated that greatly! * Decent admission price (roughly $32 for both Magic City and Splash Beach). * Decent variety of attractions * Simple park layout (never really needed a map to find things) * Lots of fans with water sprayers to cool off people Bad * Needed more shady places to sit, especially around the food stalls. * Wild River Gorge (the rapids ride) just didn't get you very wet at all which is rough on a hot day. * Just felt like it neede something more... For the record, I asked permission BEFORE attempting to film PoVs. No dice. AA is also on the "No PoV" bandwagon. No worries and I followed their rules. After baking in the sun starting at 10:30 and ending about 1:30, it was bloody hot and crowded. Time to head home. Just as soon as I left the park, my car overheated. Had to drive 14 miles with engine temps pushing red before getting to an exit and gas station. Refilled the coolant, double checked everything and got back on the road. Got back to my apartment and my air conditioner had leaked all down the wall around an electric socket and switch. On the other side of it was a steady stream of water flowing down the wall! Carpet in the corner was flooded and squishy. Additionally, my arms and upper lip were stinging. I got sun burned bad! My shaved head looked like I dipped in into boiling water, like a lobster. My forearms were the same. Unpacked my AA fridge magnets and Rampage mousepad and just laughed. Well, it was either that or cry! To sum up, it truly was an Alabama Adventure. The park has some good potential and really is pretty good for what it is, but don't expect Six Flags or Cedar Fair. Might fall in line with the old Myrtle Beach Pavillion for size and feel. I'd give it another go. Ok, enough of the blabbin', it's picture time! Bonus for SharkTums at the end. This one's for SharkTums. Me and Jabber Jaw at King's Island in 1985. Completely unrelated, but amusing. Oh, if that sucker ever came loose, it'd be wheel trouble. Ahh, the rare Southern Octopus (Biblus Beltus) in it's natural habitat...the gift shop. This creepy old guy rocked. No, really. He rocked really slow and that made him creepy. Through the tracks. Ok, fine. I got nothing on this caption. And I will call it Mini Coaster... I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder...through the trees. Too late. Uh, Turtle Power? Hey! You with the camera! Look out for the big fuzzy orange turtle! It's a Dan aproved rapids ride. Now we know where the "Soul Glo" people sat. Rising wood. The Log Flume lift hill. Foxy Himilaya! Yep, Stratus Fear is still neutered. Kneel before Zod, er Rampage. Snappy caption not found. How do I end up with these loop guy photos? I must have a one track mind...hope enjoys 'em. Zoomerang...through the hill. Wheely decent skyline. The foliage prepares for ambush. The sign reads "Splash Beach", but it says "Too crowded. Don't bother. Get you funnel cake and a corndog." The main street area. Every park should have one. Hmmm...what curious sponsors. Insert regional humor or current events joke here. Amp? Check. Diffuser? Check. Pocket size Buddha? Check. Ready for action!
  9. Hey thanks for the kind words! BGE is just a Beautiful park. Wish I had a bit more time to get to Festa Italia gardens and streams near Corkscrew Hill area. I got a grand total of 4 hours over a couple evenings and was able to cover much of the park. Didn't really do shows or eat though. Agree with Kingbooba that 1 day should cover it. When it doubt, if money and time is there, get the multiday pass.
  10. Hello! I'm most happy to contribute a trip report to this site! Bear with me in that I might goof some, but not intentionally. If this thing comes out all wrong, I'll find the right posts and learn to do it better. Just don't give me the beat down. In May I had a business trip up to Newport News to do some filming and was able to grab a little time at BGE after work in the evenings. After not being there since, oh, 8th grade (roughly 1988), it was a bit different, but still just as beautiful and lush as I remembered. Was very excited to see Griffon up close and ride Roman Rapids yet again. Suffice to say that though the time was short, it was great to be there. So now on with the pics. Don't worry honey. We'll ride Apollo's Chariot to air dry. Should read "Forget laundry money. Aim for camera guy. Show no mercy." Shrubbery - The Ride. It'll leave you wondering where Gladiator's Gauntlet went. I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder. Not the Drachen Fire. Das Festhaus “Special Events Park”. AKA “Quick, hide the station with trees!” New for 2007, rhombus trains! But it's May... Cozy one-bedroom, ideal for travelers and the upwardly mobile. The tin man was there. He had a mohawk. Dorothy and Toto were still in line at Griffon. For the loop/beer guy. High turnover rate. Nice of you to drop by. Rollback? For the loop/beer guy. So this is the new kiddie ride... Nero had a garage sale. Escape from bad camera angle. For the loop/beer guy. Here's a cold one. For all the mid-course break fans.
  11. Avalanche Bobsled at King's Dominion with my friend's Jewish Youth Group. Had a great time with them.
  12. I emailed Alabama Adventure yesterday (friday) and asked permission. No response. Got to the park today and asked a ride op at Wild River Gorge. He didn't know but was going to check. When I went back later to ride, it was a no. I thanked him for making things clear and that, out of respect, I wanted to ask permission instead of forgiveness. As good faith gesture, put my camera in my hip pack and assured him it would stay there. Ride op was cool and understood. Dunno why the clamp down on PoV footage in general (other than the parks charging $18 for dvd) but I thought since you folks ask permission, I should too out of respect for the parks and TPR. Don't really agree with the no PoV thing, but it's not worth angering the parks or getting kicked out, and losing money on a pass. I wouldn't muddy a carpet with my shoes if the home owner had asked me to leave them at the door. Their house, their rules, or I can leave. Just that simple. Translation, ask permission kiddies.
  13. Though the sad part is Ive never seen snow. When I was a kid living in Niceville, Florida (pan handle) we got snow on Christmas day. First time I'd ever seen the stuff. Snow can be a cool experience (no pun intended there). There's something that brings out the kid in everybody when you watch it fall, especially at night. It's peaceful and soothing, and it turns the everyday scenery into a work of art. One of my best memories was driving home in a blizzard late one night about 10 years ago. To see the snowflakes pass through the street lights without another car in site, and tuck into the thick blanket on the road was magical in a way. Though I only lived a few minutes from work, because of the bad conditions, it took almost an hour. That drive really was pretty and almost spiritual. I was very relaxed and had a slight smile the whole way. Almost didn't want to get out of the car. So quiet and comforting. Great zen moment.
  14. Hope to get to IOA/HHN or similar in the next couple years. Never seen the original Thing movie (yes I'm a *cough* virgin), but everyone I know who has says it's still rippin scary. Sounds like fun!
  15. Was at KI a long time ago as a little kid. Wondered how that place was doing. Anybody ride White Water Canyon?
  16. Bummer about the high sides. The whole idea is to get wet on a rapids ride. That concept just doesn't make a splash with me or hold water. You know, even Roman Rapids at Busch Gardens Europe had 3 of the 4 waterfalls dialed back this May. Only the last one really got you wet. We used to have contestests to see who could get dowsed by the most falls on a ride. It took a few trys, but I got all four...and ruined shoes. So worth it! Well, wet or not, RQ looks fun as do the other spanish park rides.
  17. Hmm...milk with powdered water...(cringe) Bleeeeck! Oddly, why does that give me a Carabba's lasagna craving? Mmmm....Carabba's.... Hey, this is about the spain trip video. I need to stay on topic, not muse about food like homer, though a cheeseburger wouldn't be bad right now...
  18. Hi! My name is Michael and I live in Huntsville, Alabama. I'm a rapids ride nerd/enthusiast and theme park nut. I build 3D models and take pictures and video of stuff to pay the bills. Love simulations work and enjoy reproducing rides in RCT3. Love a good round of mini-golf too. Bought a digital camera earlier this year after trading in an Xbox and games and have had a blast ever since. Once I discovered the legitimate uses for the camera, it was that much better. Sadly, my pale skin goth look has gone to hell what with getting out in the fresh air and sun. Apparently, there really is life beyond Star Wars Battlefront 2. Who knew? To further balance things, I train martial arts and do archery on the weekends, though my good friends have questioned if me with pointy things is really such a good idea. There are times I feel shafted and that they're not shooting straight, but I just tell them that archers can be high strung and don't quiver at the thought. Their understanding was on target and eventually they got the point. Kidding aside, I've enjoyed reading the posts and I'm really glad to be here. Looks like a fun group and hope to get to the outings in the coming years.
  19. I've heard Popeye and Bluto's Bilgerat Barges (sp?) at IOA has a wicked drop at the end while Kali River Rapids at DAK is so-so. Love the boat theming on RQ! Is it just a bunch of drops strung together or a decent mixture of water elements with drop or two? How was it compared to the other rapids rides on the trip? Anybody else notice that more parks are going to the cauldron style boats with no backrests? Unless they're themed decently or painted, the design seems kind of cheap and bland. The older style with the backrest just have more charactor to the look, though I don't get the handles on either side of the headrest. But then, I don't get a lot of things...like powedered water. What exactly do you add to that?
  20. Just from what I saw in your video Mr.Morgan, Grizzly River Run seemed to have a bigger second drop. Grizzly's 1st is probably the same as the first in your video. This is based on a podcast and youtube footage I've seen. Not riding either discredits me greatly, unfortunately. DCA's Grizzly River Run does have a pretty big finally hill however.
  21. Now we know what the babies would look like if KI's Bat and Thunder River got together. I dig the Bat Boats. Anybody have a good still pic of that ride that might make a good desktop?
  22. Been really enjoying all the great pics and the vids for Spain and Europe trips. Had no idea what all was over there! Very very cool!
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