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  1. Cool to see all the updates and changes to a great park. Wow on no Christmas Pyramid this year. Yep, brings back some great memories and agreed with Larry, Babes in Toyland was a good show. The acrobats almost stole the show, but all did well. I'm not a show guy either, but it was a good time, as were the some of the others. Terriffic coverage and thanks!
  2. <---That was a great line! Cool to see the lights again this year. Pigeon Forge will definitely be a vacaiton spot for me for years to come. Just a crazy place with lots to do and I really like the feel and friendliness of it all. Thank you for posting this!
  3. So Beemer, would being stuck on a monorail for 3 hours be a happy dream come true? EDIT: The Spartanrail pics are classic!
  4. I'm sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to his loved ones and a thank you to his family for all the joy they've given the world throughout the years.
  5. Glad to see another attraction coming to the area. I like waterparks a bunch, so this would be fun. Now about an Orlando MagiQuest...
  6. In 2007 I was hunting for roller coaster stuff (I forget what exactly) and found TPR. Really liked the adventures shown and thought "I like these people and what they do." So I joined, grew some, and came to know a great group of folks that has grown like crazy from then to now. Even met a couple folks in person (carolinacaniac and CTU_Agent). Looking forward to meeting many more. Very happy for the success and growth of this site, particularly the Park Index. I truly believe in and support that project as well as the ideals behind it.
  7. Folks, I can't tell you how much you've taught me in the last few pages. Didn't know half of these concepts existed. Wow! I think what really excited me about Epcot was the high-tech/future possibilities it put across. Things like Space Ship Earth, Horizons, and all the robotics stuff were insanely cool to me. Loved stuff like Expo Robotics and The Bird and The Robot show in World of Motion. It made such an impression during our visits, that I remember leaving Horizons and thinking "I wish I could see 10 years from now and beyond to witness the cool techno stuff that could be." I really really wanted the future to come and was bummed I had to wait. The possiblilities for things like what was in Star Wars or The Jetsons sounded awesome. And years later, we are on that very threshold with several of our current technologies. Seeing this great thread pop up again also re-ignites my Disney excitement, particularly for my move in a few weeks. I'll get to see Epcot Center (yeah yeah I know) yet again, and even though it's not what it once was, it's still a very exciting and inspiring thing. Guys, thanks for putting together this thread. It's tought me so much.
  8. If it's people I know and I'm sure they'll be ok with it, I tag them. If it's something that I know people like (like CoasterPalooza's smashed pennies) I tag once and send them a note asking if it's ok. If yes cool, but in moderation out of respect for that person. If no, tag is removed and person's wishes respected. This has worked well for me in the past. You want to let somebody know you're thinking of them, but you don't want to annoy or embarass that person.
  9. You know, I'm still kicking myself for not getting more pics and vids of Big Bad Wolf. "It'll be there next time I visit," I thought. And to add insult to injury, what little I did have of it, half was tossed out because it was crappy. Doh! Oh well, at least I still have the magnet, post card and what little I did keep. Turning to Christmas Town, once they get the bugs worked out over the next couple years, I'm ready to check it out.
  10. You do us such a service with this thread, Erik. Just wow... We almost did Guinness Records but didn't have time after Ripley's. So far MagiQuest and Dollywood Splash Country are my favorites among all these.
  11. This name thing reminds me of that press scene in Hard Day's Night: Reporter: "That's a fascinating hair style you have there. What do you call it?" Beatle: (deadpan) "Arthur."
  12. Will be interesting to see how this new management plays out, particularly with proposed expansion plans or BGE. Mainly, I'm just glad to see a buyer that will keep the parks running. That's important.
  13. Hey congrats on the engagement! As for Christmas Town, wow. Indeed a rough time, but here's wishes for happier times during the holidays. For a mild dose of humor here, while we were at the Memphis Zoo for Zoo Lights (Christmas Event) this weekend, there were two little girls near the front plaza under the snow machines. One girl was pretty well covered in it. She looked at her sleeves and said, "Ahhh! What IS this STUFF?!?!" Her friend looked at her deadpan and said "It's snow." The first girl had never seen snow before. Ever.
  14. It is a bummer sometimes that parks go with product branding over originality, however, the park is still a business to make money. And hot trends, like Harry Potter, Twilight, The Nickelodeon characters, etc, in their time, bring in more money. Once that time is past, and popularity drops off, the park will change whatever it needs to. If it helps, I too liked The Lost Continent for it's originality/lack of branding. Things like The Enchanted Oak and Dueling Dragons were very cool and different. As Bootstrap Bill once said, "The die is cast."
  15. This could be very good all around. The coaster museum gets a major coaster display/shot in the arm, and the Wolf gets a new honored place in history. This was a good move on BGE's part. Dorkiness kicking in here, I hope that part of the display shows where the section of track comes from. Doubtful, but it just adds something. Hey, I'm glad to see the coaster museum rolling forward. That's good news too.
  16. Some great pictures! Love to see the Florida parks, including "the pointless dump". Kidding aside, glad you had a good time. That's important. Horizons and World of Motion, even Communicore East and West with the robotics displays, were fun attractions for their time. While I didn't really go for the car displays, I did enjoy the bird and robot show at WoM. Horizons talked about the future of technology at one point, and I remember thinking "I wish the future would hurry up and get here so I can see how this technology stuff turns out." Plus the bulding had a cool shape. Anyway, thanks for sharing these pictures...and be prepared for some good-natured ribbing over the "pointless dump" line.
  17. Just caught the CGA portion of this and wanted to say thanks for the Rapids shots as well as the Magic Mountain water park shots. Some very clear, sharp pictures. Enjoyed it!
  18. Great report! So much so, it really makes me miss Florida.
  19. Congrats you two! Very cool pics as well. I believe this is Sylvester Stallone from Demolition Man.
  20. Dave your humility is admirable, but kudos on some great shots. Now I understand the FB post about the pile of CD's. This really was neat to see and I had no idea it existed. You taught me something new today. Thank you!
  21. These were some neat pictures to see and hats off to you all for the volunteer work. Sorry the timing didn't work out on getting together, but we'll definitely figure out a way. Slim possibility of St. Louis next year. Anyway, glad to see the humanitarian efforts and a couple of those solar houses were cool, especially in design. Thanks for posting this stuff and glad it was a rewarding trip.
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