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  1. "Mrs. Lion overwhelmingly decided it was Mr. Lion's night out with the adopted kids and subtly convinced him...with a blunt instrument." Fun update and yet another winner in this thread.
  2. Just caught up on all the pics. Great fun! Ryan's Nut Punch and Robb Intercession stories were most humerous. As for a future TPR cruise, count me in most definitely. Would really enjoy that. Definitely enjoyed the updates. Thank you!
  3. LOL! We were over at DHS all day. Bummer we missed you all. Mr. Montu speaks the truth. VERY cold, wet, rainy day. Will, great photos.
  4. Looks like a grand birthday week with some great folks. Very cool! Concur with the others, you've lost some weight in the last picture. Kudos! And a thank you for the stilt walker pics. Made my day!
  5. Matt, Welcome to Orlando! Glad to meet up with you all some time at CityWalk or Downtown Disney.
  6. If one is in heavy debt, it's not a good idea to buy things with money one doesn't have. With the economy, 2010 isn't a good year to put up expensive rides. Better to wait and conserve.
  7. Can vouch that the JP Discovery Center looks good. Didn't realize that was a recent repaint.
  8. Just saw the videos, and although this seems like a very small park, I like the updated spins on Universal's roster of attractions. The stand-outs are the Jurassic Park River Rapids Adventure and Battle Star Galactica coasters. JP's proposed elevator lift for the finally drop is a neat idea, although I'm not sure how much you'll be able to see with the boats being so closed in and seat backs. Too, these are all concepts and could change and the proof is in the final product. I Like the proposed themeing and trains for Battle Star. The dog fight scenario is a good one. I like that they're updating Beetle Juice Graveyard review with a new monster. That's always been one of my favorite shows. Have to wonder if there will be an adjacent waterpark or one somewhere nearby. Will be interestested in the final product and, naturally, I'm happy to see another cool park and detailed themeing.
  9. Guys, this is great news! Would love to see all the Hoodie movies on a DVD with extras. If anything like this happens, sign me up. Meanwhile rock on with production and cheering you guys on.
  10. Looking forward to the Universal IOA portion of this thread. BTW, for those who haven't met him, Gary is a fun guy to hang out with. We had more than a few laughs and I'd encourage you to meet up with him if you get the chance.
  11. Any coaster that replaces a perfectly good rapids ride. Seriously, no idea.
  12. - Favorite new coaster Behemoth - Favorite new ride Inflateable Sabortooth Tiger Slide during Memphis Zoo Lights (Christmas) - Most memorable coaster moment Credit #3 - The Dragon Wagon at 2008 Redstone Oktoberfest - Best ERT session 11 times on Roman Rapids during 2007 business trip - Least favorite coaster Any that make me sick - Most interesting ride you've seen introduced Bowl and Tornado Slides - Least interesting ride you've seen intoduced ? - Your favorite TPR moment (favorite post, trip report, video, whatever!) The Coasters in the Raw video series. Awesome! - The decade's biggest flop Hard Rock Park - The decade's biggest success The new generation of waterparks and resorts - The best meal you've had at a park Memphis Zoo Pizza...from Backyard Burgers. - The worst meal you've had at a park ?
  13. Folks, great thread! NEC looked like a lot of fun. Hey, I'd still ride Go-Gator, count or not. Had wondered how Lou was doing. Lou, you were thought of this week at IOA. Betty Boop was talking pictures with people, but there wasn't enough time for me to get one with her. Back to topic, keep up the good work and thanks!
  14. ^ It hit the backstop in the video. I like the Cobra. It's different and creative.
  15. A couple days ago at IOA on Popeye and Bluto's Bilgerat Barges, after a VERY cold 2 rides, the lady across from me said, "My fat is shivering!" Her friend next to her lost it and I lost it. She said other stuff, but I was laughing so hard, I don't recall what.
  16. Gary it was a pleasure and looking forward to the update. After you post your pics, shall I post mine here as well? That really was a great day!
  17. I collect different theme park souvenirs, but mainly fridge magnets, zipper pulls, buttons, and possibly pins in the future. Finding sackpacks to be quite useful and may do more of those from whatever attractions. This next year, as inspired by cfc, I want to start both a Halloween and a Christmas Village like his. Just a neat idea.
  18. Chuck, this annual TR is always a fun one to see. Thanks for doing it again this year. Excellent taste in Star Trek ornaments. Yay for Christmas Village.
  19. Thanks for putting up a cool perspective on this park. Enjoyed it! Still can't get over the Alabama and Auburn rapids boats. Very clever.
  20. Sounds like she was very sick as well as a bad reaction to the prescriptions. The prescriptions could've also reacted badly with each other. Sorry to hear this and symapthies to her loved ones.
  21. Just following a really strong calling to the area that started in 2007 with a friend's conversation. Trying to line up work as I go. This whole thing accidentally started December 8, and it's been a scramble to piece it together. It'll be worth it when the dust settles. Seems there are several folks heading to Orlando to live in the coming months. Will be great to meet those folks in person. Might be able to meet up on 28th or 29th for dinner at Citywalk. Tight budget right now, so no parks for me, but it's ok. If no joy on number, try Facebook or Twitter and that will reach my Blackberry. Delighted to meet up again and looking forward to your call.
  22. Every time I see a Vekoma SLC, Natatomic's "Kidney Bean Inversion" comes to mind. Neat to see this park. Thank you all for posting!
  23. Adam and CD, thanks for the pics! The site work looks great and the themeing detail is very well done. 3 cheers for Floating Castle
  24. Gary, I'm leaving on December 26 and should be in town on the 27th to get apartment set up. Might be able to meet you at Downtown Disney or Universal City Walk during your visit. Would be awesome to hang out again! Let's trade updated phone numbers and try for dinner one night.
  25. Great to see even MORE Disney photos! Thanks for putting these up, as I'm less than a week away from moving to Orlando and haven't been to Disney World since my junior year of high school. While there, we stayed in the building that was demolished for the new Contemporary resort tower. Some great pictures and this really makes me happy to visit again.
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