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  1. Hector, this is just good stuff. The video was the icing on the cake.
  2. ^So does this mean I should quake with glee or shudder at the thought? Am I on shakey ground or seem a bit rattled? (Yeah, I so need to stop right now...) Humor notwithstanding (oops, did it again) it's always good to see these updates from the Dollywood area.
  3. I'd wondered what happened to you all this time. Looks like some terriffic and wild adventures. Glad you shared them and congrats on your new career path. Happy for you.
  4. Cassano's and Marion's Pizza in Dayton Ohio are my top too, with Pizza the Hut a close third. Naturally, I have to mention Showbiz Pizza from back in the day. Ahh, good times, good times.
  5. Believe it or not, I got a little nervous right before my first bowl slide at Point Mallard earlier this week. Dunno why, and it ended up being really fun. Just nerves with something kinda new I guess.
  6. I concur with the good cfc. My next time in town, this is a must do along with the epic Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride.
  7. You know, I wondered what the Christmas place looked like on the inside. We just didn't have time to see it. Also enjoyed The World's Fair Park. Didn't even know that existed. Good updates and thanks!
  8. Ahh always great to see Goliath, Thunder River, and Skull Island. Thank you for the TR shots and for thinking of me. Much appreciated. If I can get over that way one weekend, we'll have to meet up. Enjoyed the TR and thank you.
  9. Well if Spangler sees potential for something else, maybe the rest of the Ghostbusters do too.
  10. You had me at the train...and thank you for those shots too! Small yes, but this looks like a fun place to check out. I like it and good job on the themeing. Good job on this TR as well.
  11. So glad you all had a good time at SFoG, Dollywood and Alabama Adventure. Wanted sooooo badly to get out to meet you all, but schedule just wasn't there. Been enjoying all the updates and bless you Robb for the Dollywood Skillet pictures! Great stuff and looking forward to the rest as well as the video of this trip. Will definitely pick that one up. Cheers and best gang!
  12. Glad the trip is off to a flying start. Beverly = brackish and vile from what I remember years ago in high school. Saw Ice Bat's cousin @ Davis Kidd bookstore in Memphis this weekend and thought of you all. Hope to catch you at Vision Land when you stop by. Ahh, and bless you Robb for the Vault picture. Best to all!
  13. Thank God! I was just thinking the other day "Wow, I wish somebody would do an exahuasting PTR of this place so that I don't have to go" and BOOM! You did just that! It's like you have ESPN or something! Seriously, enjoyed this one and it's a another winner. Thanks for taking one for the team.
  14. Great to see another update to this terrific thread. Ahhh, so many mini golf places...so little time.
  15. ^This RCT3 nerd built a rough version of Cobra out of liking it a lot. Neat concept and definitely different for a shuttle loop. Glad it's finally coming together.
  16. Dude, this kept me chuckling almost not stop! Great report and I truly wish I had your wit for captions. "Look at those goofy bastards." - about the Manatees "Last time we were here, Sheikra had floors." Thanks for the Rapids love too, although a bottle of water is no substitute.
  17. My contribution to amazing plane. Behold the Super Guppy. Capable of hauling ISS module and shuttle cargo galore. Possibly some Rapids boats and coaster parts as well.
  18. Never heard of Silver Springs before, so you taught me something new today. Always glad to see old pics of Opryland USA. Good walk down memory land. Thanks.
  19. So there I was at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2007 and I was talking with some folks on Roman Rapids, and one girl says "oh, so you're an enthusiast?" "Yep, I'm a coaster nerd." I replied. Later that night back at the hotel, I realized that really didn't fit me, because my favorite park ride is the Rapids. I'm not really a coaster nerd, but a Rapids nerd. I'd also embraced my innner nerd long ago, and so the name came to be. "And now you know....the rest of the story." - Paul Harvey
  20. Hockey puck, hockey sticks, about 4 right hooks, a spinning backfist, baseball that cause a lot of damage to my upper jaw, soccer ball, random walls, doorknobs, bed frames, Bettie Page carboard cut out, low roof on a minivan, dinner table... Hmmm...clutz is an understatement and this really does explain a lot. So what have I learned? Depth perception is your friend and that sports just aren't my gig in life.
  21. Hmmm...this years HHN Orlando seems....odd. Like it was a mismatch of sorts. For some reason, last years' Bloody Mary theme seemed more solid from the outset. Of course, it is only July and much is still under wraps. This could end up being better than the first impression. Just feels weird though. Time will tell and it's a good bet Universal will put out it's usual high-bar fun.
  22. Dunno if anybody caught this or appologies for the dupe, but we lost Dom DeLuise (Cannonball Run) around the same time as David Carridine. We'll miss you Victor/Captain Chaos/Captain USA. Add Fred "The Man of 1000 Faces" Travalena to the list as of this past Sunday afternoon. http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/TV/06/29/fred.travalena.dies/index.html What I vaguely remember of him, he was a pretty talented celebrity impersonator. EDIT: 2 posts condensed to one for efficiency.
  23. A great TR and that definitely brightens my day. Incidentally, I think Roland did bring out a new Keytar as a successor to it's AX-1 model...and it had the voices internal. Back to topic, looks like a great day at the park and good show for helping the family out with the tickets. Many thanks friend!
  24. Awesome report! I'm exhausted and it's not even close to done. And I'm hungry too... So you enjoyed McNavy Pier, eh? No appologies needed. You were kind enough to take time out of your monsterously busy schedule to get ANY Rapids shot, not to mention all the train love too. Who could ask for more? Much appreciated! The roller coaster soap bet gave me a great laugh. This past hour has been a great read and looking forward to the rest.
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