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  1. Now this was cool to see and I'd be willing to check this out. Last time I was at the Nashville Zoo, it was around '96 and you had to take 24 west to get it somehow. Grassmere seems a big improvement over what I saw back then. As far as the bowling goes, I'm pretty consistant. Yes, I consistantly hit the gutter in the same place every time. Enjoyed this and and thanks for the pinball shots too.
  2. DT, some very tasty looking updates. Thanks for sharing these!
  3. Hey man, I'd do it. There have been a few times driving a Bobcat would be fun, let alone anything bigger. Although, my heart will always be with a Caterpiller J-5000 Power Loader.
  4. Glad to see more of this park in detail, and a BIG THANKS for all the Rapids shots. That made my day.
  5. Erik, great job on the video and coverage. Monster Mansion is looking well as in Goliath.
  6. The Ivers update has to be my all time favorite. That's just pure, 100% coaster enthusiasm all around. Most happy for you guys being able to check out those coasters.
  7. Always good to see Six Flags St. Louis and the City Museum looks like so much fun.
  8. Indeed a great report and oh yes, I DO appreciate it GREATLY. Job well done friend.
  9. Sorry to hear about the laptop crash. Feel for you and know that all too well. Glad you had back-ups of the important stuff and hope the Big Mike World Headquarters Master Computer is running again soon. Like they say in the computer biz, "Shift happens."
  10. Awww, congratulations. Hope you two are very happy together for many years to come.
  11. Sounds like this pull out was ill timed. Hmm...this would've been an interesting park to visit. Shame that.
  12. The 70's and early 80's were a great time for coasters. Always fun to see park pics from those times. Thanks for posting these and I remember Indian toe loop sandles well!
  13. Very cool to see this test run, and had some good laughs between the video commentary and the captions. Enjoyed it and thank you!
  14. thrillerman1 thanks for checking on Grand Ole Golf and Games and posting the pics. Glad to be mistaken on that FEC going bye bye. Will have to stop by there next time I'm in town. Angry, you have a point. It seems the pinball machines that are still around are in random places. Saw Silverball Mania and Rolling Stones machines at an old Holiday Inn in Great Bend, KS in 2006 and Twilight Zone and Que Ball Wizard in Jacksonville, NC airport in 2007. Saw Terminator 2 Judgement Day and The Simpsons at a random open air arcade on an island near Jacksonville on the same 2007 trip. I try to get pics of the machines I see and play whenever possible, especially since they're becoming a rare breed. Now I could be wrong, but I don't remember seeing any pinball machines at the arcade at the base of the Gatlinburg Space Needle.
  15. Awww what a bummer. Duke Nuke'em 3D and the ninja shooter with Low Wang (Shadow Warrior?) we're a couple really fun games. Just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if the Serious Sam games were inspired by Duke Nuke'em 3D. Either way, I loved the one-liners and sarcasm in both series.
  16. In the wise and fitting words of one Dave Thomas, "I am in awe." Simply awesome!
  17. In a weird way this is also a throw back to the old days of naming coasters and thrill rides before brand licensing and sponsorship. Always thought it interesting to see what some new coaster was going to be called. Some of the names might seem generic, but, in a way, it's kind of refreshing. Really hope these folks make a good go of it.
  18. First off, great report! While I been meh on these splash battle rides up to now, the theming on this one is crazy awesome! They really did a great job. It actually makes me more interested in tryin Dollywood's River Battle, since it's the closest one. Way cool!
  19. Great all around TR and you taught me something new. Didn't know there was a drop slide on the Rapids. BTW, thank you for those shots.
  20. (Shrugs) That's ok. I scare a lot of people. Shuttle pic forthcoming if I can get over to the rocket center this week.
  21. Let's revue the awesomeness shall we? Jules Verne reference. Del Toro reference. 2 octopus pictures. Pizza. Big cookies. Winner!
  22. Just saw the Terminator train pics and like the themeing. Would not have thought of those details on MF trains (if that's what's being used). I like what I see and applaud the creativity.
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