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  1. This is killer stuff. They declare "Fastest Coaster Yet" then go on to contradict themselves only 4 paragraphs in. I need to read some of their other articles like: Cornball Express: The longest coaster yet created This summer take a ride on the super-smooth SLC, "T2" Record-setting G's make Silver Bullet an instant hit
  2. If it means anything, I have gone down there without visiting PKD, but I have never left without a visit to BGW.
  3. I am a very satisfied owner. If you start to really get into the software, you will find that it is capable of doing much more than viewing aerial photos. I find it very helpful for scoping out sites I plan to visit (access roads, nearby attractions, hotels, and food, demographics, and more) I love keyhole.
  4. Keep em coming. I want to see the final result.
  5. -Where do/did you go to college? West Liberty State College - West Liberty, WV -What are/did you studying/study? Graphic Design / Communications -What made you go there? Excellent Design Program
  6. Dollywood Honarable mention has to go to Adventure City. Next time anybody goes, make sure you say hi to Ted for me. The Two Teds
  7. ^ It could never be as controversial as it's papa. A rider was thrown from the Ravine Flyer and the ride was torn down. I would say "Tsunami" comes to mind when I think of controversial coasters. // Now ... do I get to count it twice?
  8. ^^ OK. Now I think that everybody in the world has seen that damn thing about 10 times. // Always trying to come off as coherent as possible.
  9. Both TTD and MF costed $25 MIL a piece. You could probably cut down a little cost by only having one station, but it would still be BOKU money.
  10. ^ Having been on far fewer Inverts, my list is: Montu Dueling Dragons Top Gun (PCW) Batman Clones Raptor Alphengeist Volcano Great Bear Talon Silver Bullet Vekoma Junior SLC Vekoma SLC
  11. ^ You are looking at about a 40-50 Million Dollar investment in that case
  12. Wooden coasters are simply fantastic in the rain. When I lived 2 blocks from BGT, I would always make a point to stop in and get a lap on Gwazi (when it was very good) when it rained. That ride used to be unbelievable in the rain. Also, my first ride on Raven was in the rain. // You don't need rain to get that effect on Millennium Force. Ride it in late August and the bugs will give the same sensation.
  13. This is big. It almost sounds to outrageous to be true, but so far, no links to be found on http://www.snopes.com.
  14. I agree completely, but sometimes filesize is too big of an issue to ignore.
  15. ^ It doesn't hurt that 95% of the internet browsing public uses it. And about 85% using it with Internet Explorer. I dig Macs also, but you gotta go for maximum compatibility.
  16. I don't really see the need for them anytime soon. This is one of the few forums that is barely "moderated" at all. It is one of the biggest reasons that I post here. If you want over-moderated forums, you could always go to ________
  17. You could do Dollywood and Wild Adventure without much of a problem. I understand the need for a coaster filled trip, but I would take Dollywood's 3 over Wild Adventures' 9 anyday.
  18. ^ Man, that stuff was so bad. The promoter cleaned up after the show in '96 and the floor was still sticky 3 months later.
  19. All I can think of is ... "That kid is back on the escalator!" - Brodie
  20. I just got done doing the same thing (5 days) and even added Sea World and Belmont into the mix. You can read the trip reports here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=846 http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=847 http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=848 http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=849 http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=850
  21. If your coming all that way ... I would recommend both. They are only 5 miles apart.
  22. The members of my site also give TTD very high marks, but like CoasterBuzz, this is a lot of the GP talking. I also think that a lot of the people who contribute to this board could also be considered GP. It really just depends on what your definition of GP is. CoasterBuzz is also very Ohio-centric. When it comes to the whole biggest/tallest/fastest thing, you will find that there is a lot of regional pride that comes into the equation. Anyone who lives around NY/NJ/Eastern PA will always note that KK is the Tallest/Fastest/Baddest/Greenest/Newest ride while any Ohio/Michigan resident is quick to dismiss it as a ripoff.
  23. ICP is one of the more "interesting" bands that I have ever worked with. I was in a band in (The Queeves), and we opened for them and the Humble Gods at Laga (Pittsburgh) in 96. Their show was pretty scaled back in those days and consisted of ... A gorilla dancing in a cage A "Freak Show" sign A DAT Player and about 200 bottles of their favorite beverage They managed to completely cover my guitar on the side of the stage with the sticky substance, but were kind enough to give me $200 for repairs. I ended up trading it in. I loaded out one of their shows in the summer of 99 (I think?). They were touring with Twizted and Coal Chamber and I actually had the pleasure of meeting Paul Booth (guy who did Undertaker's and many others tattoos). Working as a stagehand for their loadout was probably the dirtiest job I ever had. All their equipment was layered with Faygo and the mixture of corn syrup and dirt was very hard to wash off. I really haven't heard much of them since. http://artists.mp3s.ru/view/artist/Queeves/ http://users.1st.net/hreed/pdf/queevapalooza.pdf
  24. While I do not usually book my hotels through Travelocity. I will check out their review a lot of times. I have been ready to book a room before and then looked there only to find horrible reviews. I imagine it has probably saved me a time or two.
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