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  1. In another post someone was asking questions about non-linear editing and I had an idea pop in my head. Just an idea ... so hear me out. How about a TPR video contest where everyone has the same ingredients. Maybe a couple people could supply some b-roll and each contestant has to create a video using only those clips with their choice of song. It will give people who don't have a camera an opportunity to create their own video. It could be interesting. ADMIN EDIT! Great Idea Ted, We're going to start this up, so read on to give your input and get ready to participate!
  2. I don't doubt that the public was riding it, but the "computer bugs" and "kinks" words kind of scared me. This ride has to pass a thorough inspection before anyone gets on it. // No disrespect intended in earlier post
  3. I doubt that they would ever let the general public on to a ride that is having the "kinks" worked out.
  4. CoasterFanatic


    If you think that editing is hard. Try learning on one of these. I still got box full of Betamax and 3/4" tapes. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=21166&item=7502001784&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=21168&item=7502061736&rd=1
  5. Cheap Trick Graphics Guy is Fired Florida Style Recount Cheap ploy to get Cingular more text message dollars Constantine and Mikalah are behind it I smell a conspiracy http://www.idolonfox.com This is rediculous.
  6. OMG. "Hugh G. Erection" - Dad must have named him
  7. ^ Agreed. In fact, Intamin hypers don't hardly take up any space at all. They could easily run it around the perimeter of the park. // Don't know much about height ceilings, but how tall is that Skycoaster right across the street. Usually 199ft means they didn't want to put a light on top of it.
  8. It seems two trains bumped each other during testing. 4 People sent to hospital as a precaution. http://www.ky3.com/newsdetailed.asp?id=7779
  9. OK, I have now seen this weeks performances and if Mikalah makes it through this week, then I have lost all faith. Plus, Constantine is back to his old 'crap' self. Guess it was a one week fluke. Carrie is your winner
  10. Cheap hotels = All Star and Pop Century Other than that, they all cost some pretty good coin.
  11. ^ Put a couple pictures on this site and you could hit a bandwidth quota real fast. I don't know how Robb does it. Working for providers is the only thing that has saved me. If I had to pay for my bandwidth, I would probably have got out long ago. Saying that ... I have had a coasterfanatics.com for about 5 years and it is "very hard" to get any kind of following for your website. There are more out there than you could possibly imagine. Not trying to discourage you in any way, because it still be done. The biggest thing is trying to think of something new to offer. Find you niche and your set. // I remember how excited I was in 2000 when google listed my site, and I got 60 visitors in one day!
  12. Probably. I always seem to be around the breakeven point anyway. That and my most visited park doesn't even have them (Kennywood). What will be the 51st state?
  13. Good call in staying closer to the action. Lake Buena Vista is not much different than staying outside of the area entirely (sans cool disney buses). Try looking at the boards on http://www.intercot.com. Lots of Disney veterans there, and most of them always stay on site. They also post a lot of the promo codes and special deals. // sorry to plug away at another site, but I always like to check around
  14. Ok. You have made me resort to the power of photoshop. // we need some ps contests. Soaring - The Game
  15. I always seem to pick the weird ones. So far: Audioslave - Show me how to live Queens of the Stone Age - Song for the dead Andrew WK - Time to party Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stone cold bush Motley Crue - Livewire Manowar - Return of the warlord
  16. We are kind of both right. The ones on the launch (that prevent a rollback train from smashing the next in line) are hydraulic, while the ones before the exit are pnuematic. And they do make the hiss sounds.
  17. I would think that would be a good one to use if you were inflicted with leoprasy.
  18. I would gladly pay the extra money to avoid having the monkeys rip the antenna off my car.
  19. I dig the queue, but why does the logo have to look like a video game logo from the mid to late 80s?
  20. The Beast - because I am the longest woodie in the United States
  21. ^ I am a nerd too, and also read Althoff's little TRs and such. The air ones were in reference to Superman:Ride of Steel. TTD uses hydraulic accuators to move the brakes up and down. And that is one place, you do not want a failure. :shock:
  22. I hate to be a smart-ass, but aren't Haikus 17 syllables
  23. Reminds me of my favorite quote of all time. "Disney would be so much fun if everyone didn't bring their damn kids with them" - TC 2005
  24. I think "GrizzleyFest" is more of a this years name thing. But, he does normally do something at PKD.
  25. Sounds interesting, but isn't 3-D shot with 2 cameras. Seems like one hell of a project to "digitally" create an artificial depth of field.
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