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  1. Does my Naked Cowboy make you uncomfortable?
  2. and before you even ask ... I am not the naked cowboy. I would be the other guy. Ted and the Naked Cowboy - Times Square
  3. My girlfriend got me hooked and my Tivo doesn't miss a single one. I have to admit though that it is not as much fun since most of the bad people are gone. I am a little bit of a sadist and really enjoy getting a good laugh out of the misfortune of others (at least when it comes to singing). My Favorites: http://www.idolonfox.com/contestants/ Scott Savol - Good soul voice Carrie Underwood - Angelic Voice Runner-ups Anwar Robinson Mario Vazquez
  4. Abe Vigoda is still alive http://www.abevigoda.com
  5. Not really worth a trip by itself from NM, but there are a million places close that you could also hit. There is also this little city about 20 minute subway ride from Coney Island .... NYC. It is worth the trip all by itself. <<- Avatar taken at Hogs and Heifers
  6. I am a stone-cold Halo junkie. XBox Live = DesignerTrout
  7. Please, anything but over the shoulders. With the lateral forces and direction changes, they would beat your head to pieces. I'll take a buzz-bar please.
  8. After a few hard lessons (most notably a horrible family italian restaurant in williamsburg), I have found it is best to stick with the chains. I usually do: Olive Garden / Red Lobster / Smokie Bones / Bahama Breeze Cracker Barrel Bob Evans Eat and Park (in PA) ... and I agree with Robb. Carrabba's Rules. I used to live by a ton of them in Tampa and now there is not one in my entire STATE!
  9. I had to give props to GCII (only the second to do so!). Woodies still rule and they make great rides. If you notice the pattern ... they keep getting better. S&S (Tsunami & Avalance) is showing promise and Hades looks unbelievable (Gravity Group). I smell a wood coaster revival.
  10. ^ True - I have never visited WDW on a park-hopper and felt like I got a bad deal.
  11. I have rode the last wheel seat on Son of Beast ... Bring it on!
  12. SFMM I had seen internet battles over multiple boards for years pitting Cedar Point against SFMM. When I finally got to visit the park ... there was no comparison. X - I will give SFMM that one Riddlers - One train, but a good ride Goliath - One train Mine Train - One train Deja - Closed Superman - Closed Flashback - Closed Psyclone - Bad Colossus - Not as bad as Psyclone, but not too good either Revolution - Probably the worst restraints ever made Ninja - Good Batman - 3rd best ride in the park Riddlers was probably the suprise of the visit, but what is with that ghetto black round-up in Gotham City
  13. Age: 29 going on 5 First non-powered coaster: Little Dipper @ Kennywood (defunct) First looping coaster: Corkscrew at MB Pavillion (gone) First suspended: Iron Dragon First over 100: Gemini First over 200: Magnum First over 300: Millenium First over 400: Dragster First stand-up: Mantis Ain't I a stickler for details. I never realized how much CP pwn3d me!
  14. Here are a couple of favorites from my personal collection: Some trash cans for Robb Dominator at Dorney Park Some fish at Canadas Wonderland Kraken at Sea World Florida Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa
  15. ^ Very interesting. i don't know anybody personally, but if the man at Lakemont Park hadn't reacted fast and put a tourniquette on the ride ops' leg, he would have most likely died. // Rescue 911 episode
  16. ^ I didn't really think to much on the steel coasters, but Phantom does have some brutal airtime. Last time I rode it with my girlfriend, so was having trouble keeping her sandles on from her feet flying up in the train. Ride the front row, and you will se exactly what I am talking about
  17. ^^ The real question is ... if they had torn down "Revenge" before you were big enough to ride it, would it be on your ridelist.
  18. Not sure about the PKD, but PKI's is a giant model. Three long rows. Isn't Dominion's supposed to be a floorless?
  19. Phoenix Raven Jack Rabbit (Kennywood) There are many that used to have great airtime but it is now gone. Here is some airtime casualties: Beast (2nd hill - gone) Racer Mighty Canadian Mine Buster Bluestreak (Cedar Point) Comet (Hersheypark)
  20. 100th Coaster = Sidewinder There is something poetic about picking the worst coaster in the park for a milestone coaster. It's a Vekoma, so you get bonus points.
  21. Best Name: Beaver Land Mine Train Worst Name: Son of Beast (How Original!) Most Appropriate Name: Headspin (GL Boomerang) Funniest Name: Wild Chipmunk Most Insensitive Name: Tsunami Most Used Names: (Dragon Wagon, Cyclone, Rollercoaster, ____ Dipper)
  22. I was at Dollywood for the ERT the same day with Carnage, so that is probably my most consecutive ride count. Somewhere between 25 and 30 on Thunderhead. Funny thing is after a two hour marathon on a wood coaster, I did not have one bump, bruise, scratch or blemish of any kind. For my lifetime, I would guess that it is probably Kumba with somewhere around 300-400. (used to live in Temple Terrace)
  23. Kennywood Nope. It is stated very clearly in the FAQ of their website (http://www.kennywood.com). It was also on the last KennyKon flyer/schedule.
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