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  1. Holiday World - Always putting the customer first, and focus their improvements on that Kennywood - While they are not building anything this year, they are sprucing up a lot of their attractions including new trains for the Racer. They have always taken care of their old rides. Waldameer - In the last couple years, they have really improved the park. And the addition of Ravine Flyer II will be the icing on the cake.
  2. I always used to justify it by comparing it to golf. Tickets are like green fees, season passes are like club memberships, and the real die-hard take vacations to go play other courses
  3. Here is the article in English (babelfish translated): http://tinyurl.com/5tfa8
  4. ^^ And now ... the world's toughest credit http://www.rcdb.com/id2601.htm
  5. Always made annual trips to Kennywood Always made annual trips to Cedar Point Always loved coasters, and I have known about groups like ACE for close to 20 years, but what really did it was ... RCT
  6. I will try to address the hotels Kennywood 5/29 Since you are going to Knoebels the next day, try Breezewood PA (1.5-2 hr drive). Warning Econo Lodge = Truck Stop Knoebels 5/30 Days Inn in Danville (Indoor Pool, Decent Rooms, Cheap) Hershey Park 5/31 You will probably want to look around Harrisburg. Hershey rooms are pretty pricey. Dorney Park 6/1 Check out the places by the airport (Airport Rd / Allentown). most of the hotels are pretty new and in good condition. SFGAV 6/2 Never stayed close. Sorry. SFA 6/3 No idea PKD 6/4 Look in Ashland and Ruther Glen. Avoid Doswell Econo Lodge (truck stop) BGW 6/5 There are two Quality Inns in Historical Williamsburg. They don't look like much (motor lodges), but they are pretty quaint. Also, very reasonable. PC 6/7 Avoid the Charlotte rush by staying on the other side of the park in Rock Hill.
  7. Thunderbolt Express Image borrowed from: http://www.rcdb.com
  8. It must be the Racer at Kennywood or Grand National at Blackpool, because they are the only ones. Better known as a Moebius Loop. I count the Racer (Kennywood) as one. I think most people do the same. I actually subscribe to the thought that you have to ride both sides to count it, or it would be the same as getting off a coaster at the mid-course brake and walking away.
  9. Posted it in another group, but here it is again. http://www.intercot.com Great forums, and a lot of good information. If you are an insane WDW nerd try this - http://www.wdwmagic.com
  10. ^ I can confirm this. Usually Disney is pretty bearable even with the crowds that time of the year. Just make sure that you understand the FastPASS system, if you don't already know it. It will make a huge difference. Here is a good page for planning your trip - http://www.intercot.com When to visit - http://www.intercot.com/infocentral/weather/whentovisit.asp
  11. Figured this was of interest since many will be visiting the DLR parks during before and after solace weekend. http://www.riderefurbs.com/ (Not sure how reliable?) Sure looks like a lot of things will be down to prepare for the 50th. Kind of a bummer, because I am taking my girlfriend there for the first time. Thank god, she has already been to WDW, but no "Toad", this is insane. Does anybody know how often they finish a refurb early, because a lot of them are right on the fringe.
  12. Wood is King! Give me a power-packed 2500ft of wood over a mile of steel anyday. Current Faves: Thunderhead Raven / Legend Twister / Phoenix Tsunami ... and I dig Cyclone. I think the Cyclone operator on the Sebak Documentary said it best when he said, "Of course it's a little rough. But it's a coaster. You don't pay 5 dollars for someone to tickle you"
  13. Robb, I love those pictures. Brings back memories of the Thunderbolt Express at Camden. At least they don't travel over the "Razor Wire of Death". But seriously, my first impression of Scream last spring was that I can see the "Speedy Gonzalez" Parking Sign upside while going through the corkscrews.
  14. Not a personal "got stuck" story. But I went to Canadas Wonderland on Opening day in 1987 and everything was getting stuck. I saw: The Bat hanging at the top of the first chain (30 minutes, No Evac) Skyrider stuck at the top of the lift (45 minutes, No Evac) Mine Buster stuck on the lift (30 minutes, Evacuated)
  15. "Electric Watermelon" is the nectar of the gods, and the only drink there (Epcot) I find somewhat tolerable.
  16. Tomorrow Land Transit Authority. People Mover for all you westcoasters. I orginally wanted to get the pictures of Space Mountain in the dark. It is possible with 1600 speed file. Mine were taken with 800 with the lights on and no flash. Hence, the spooky green tint (flourescent lights)
  17. Waldameer (Erie, PA) Nobody ever talks about it. Great Flume Classic Woodie The Best Fun House Anywhere
  18. Son of Beast (PKI) - On the wheel seats, it's plain evil Top Gun (PCW) - Worse SLC I have been on Tomb Raider (PCW) - Volare, need I say more Psyclone (SFMM) - I am still picking splinters out of eye Toboggan (Anywhere) - Beware the dip. You have been warned!
  19. Hades - Nothing like the woodies. Period. Hydra and Sheikra both look to be pretty interesting. Kingda Ka does nothing for me.
  20. Secret #1 - "Wide Angled Lens"
  21. Am I the only one who thinks that these will be tamed a lot due to their new placement in the Nick area?
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