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  1. Yep. A REAL lousy attempt. Kennywood went through a pretty tough period back in the mid 80's to early 90's. Jacking up GA prices, installing metal detectors, and banning gang colors took care of it pretty quick though.
  2. I love the rednieck rollercoaster. There is also a backyard woodie and logflume floating around the web, but I will let you google them. Searching is half the fun.
  3. ^ Hey DregoRed. I am guessing that you went on the Trek last year. I am probably about 5 rows behind you in the Storm Runner shot. Small world.
  4. It should be slammed. But, I have visited BGW on the most crowded of days and still managed to have a very good visit.
  5. I collect the strangest things. I tried a lot of the typical collectables and since they are kind of easy to find, it starts taking up too much space. My weird collections Theme Park Steins - Pre-80's Mispelled Mugs (My Favorite is Knoebels in "Elysurg, PA") Old Banks Handmade WV Glass (Pilgrim, Blenko) and ... Poorly registered Money You won't see this everyday
  6. Cappucino w/ Hazelnut Shot and I got a pound of House Blend in the fridge. // I love coffee
  7. Me too ... that short/young/black chick was much worse. I kind of liked Aloha. I picked the two guys and one of the girls. Still batting .750 // Constantine is getting worse every week
  8. Well it's 3 hours later than you WestCoasters, so I am lounging in: Pants: PJ Bottoms Shirt: Roy Orbison T-Shirt Shoe's: Slipper Socks: None Undies: Gray
  9. The land is an awesome ride. I remember my first trip there with my father (which is actually a good memory because he hates parks). We had a blast and he loved the park. Thought it was good to get something out of a park visit except heartburn from all the food. "This land is your land. This land is my land. From California. To the New York Islands ..."
  10. I have often heard funnier things come out of enthusiasts mouths. Coker's columns were famous for them. Favorite GP Moment: Waiting in line for the Log Flume at Kennywood in the mid 80's GP: What do you have in your pockets? Me: Nothing. GP: Gimme your money. ME: But, I don't have any money GP: Gimme your tickets. Me: You have a wristband on. GP: Oh. C-ya
  11. That's funny. I took this picture at IAAPA in 2001. Always wondered where that thing ended up. My vote for weirdest coaster would probably also go to: Blazing Fury - 90% lifthill, 10% coaster[/url] IAAPA 2001
  12. As a smoker, I have always been very courteous of the people around me at the parks, and have never lit up in eating areas, in crowds, or while while in line. Designated Smoking areas don't bother me one bit.
  13. I think you are thinking of the backlot tour, which while not that great is till 100x better than the good ol walking tour.
  14. ^ Same here The last thing we need is a Cedar Fair monopoly in Ohio. That can only lead to bad things. Six Flags would kill Paramount Parks. Could you imagine the reliability/capacity of Volcano, Hypersonic, Flight of Fear, etc. under Six Flags control. I don't even want to think about it. People give Paramount a lot of crap (some of it has been earned), but i really can't imagine anybody with the exception of Hershell (SDC), Disney, Universal coming in and actually making an improvement.
  15. This changes daily but here is the latest reload of the case logic: QOTSA - Songs for the Deaf Oingo Boingo - Dead Mans Party They Might Be Giants - Dial-A-Song Jet - Get Born Tony Bennett - Ultimate Slayer - Reign in Blood U2 - HTDAAB Rush - Retrospec 1,2,3 Del McCoury - It's Just the Night Johnny Cash - American I Bad Religion - No Control Motown - Number 1s Police - Syncronicity Devo - Greatest Misses Descendents - Liveage
  16. They really are trying to sell, but I think they are also interested in licensing the Paramount name to the future owner. At a price of course.
  17. I haven't been down there since they pu in Stitch, but I would probably not be too crazy about. I did however enjoy the two rides in the building before. My vote for the Worst WDW attraction is the: Backstage walking tour at MGM A typical tour: Here is some sets from a show that was cancelled after 3 shows Here is some sets from a show that has been gone for 5 years If you look to your right, you can see an empty soundstage If you look to your left, you can see another empty soundstage Here's the house from 102 Dalmations Any questions?
  18. Nominations: 1. Mission Space 2. Tower of Terror (Florida) 3. Pirates of the Caribbean (California)
  19. In my car, it is usually Talk Radio (AM) or the iPod
  20. That was his papa if I remember correctly, but don't quote me on it.
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