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  1. Another vote for Dollywood. You could even throw in Lake Winnie or Wild Adventures on the way. This is 100% in the development stage, but it might help you with geographic questions. http://www.coasterfanatics.com/sec_map/
  2. I have rode Storm Runner and it is an excellent ride. I fully understand the OTSRs on it, due to the 1.5 rotation heartline roll. I really enjoy TTD and all the other Intamin Giants and a big reason for that is because of the freedom the restraints allow you. You might be stapled in, but your upper body is free. It is just a general opinion that I have.
  3. ^ ^ T2 didn't bother me as much as some other coasters. I think that it was because the OTSRs were so softened up from constant headbanging that they became comfy like soft pillows.
  4. If you are shooting for the widest audience, this is probably the order MPEG - works on everything WMV - must have wmv codec installed. very popular and common MOV - Quicktime. Very popular on MACs but only on about 50% of PCs RM - Real Player. Used to be very popular but has fell off in recent years DIVX - Up and coming. The MP3 of video codecs. Great quality and small files I have been using WMV for a couple years and haven't run into too many problems. I have a custom setting in Vegas that exports 300kbps video and the final product is about 2MB per minute.
  5. Since your age shows up as 11, it will be pretty difficult unless you travel with an adult, but my recommendation would be: Fly into Cleveland Rent a car (Hotwire about 2 weeks before you arrive) Stay onsite (Breakers, Express, etc) to take advantage of early entry Try to hit CP mid-week While in the area, might as well hit Geauga Lake while your at it. If you have a trip planned, people on TPR will be more than glad to help you plan your day for optimal enjoyment.
  6. ^^ The funny thing about the CBC is that in all my years, I have only seen one writing where someone talked about the ride, an it was very vague. While it looks like the most intense thing ever built, I have always wondered. Was it that bad? Sure they had a nurse in the station, but that kind of talk was always used back in the day to hype a park. One park in NY even claimed to have a miniature village inhabited by 40,000 little people. It was also common to hear of coasters going upwards of 100mph.
  7. Wooden Out & Back- Wooden Twister - Thunderhead (dollywood) Wooden Racing/Dueling - Lightning Racer (Hershey) Mine Train - Adventure Express (PKI) Wild Mouse - Exterminator (Kennywood) Bobsled - Avalanche (PKD) Stand Up - Riddlers Revenge (SFMM) Floorless - Kraken (Sea World Florida) Flying - Superman UF (SFGAadv) Suspended - Big Bad Wolf Inverted/SLC - Montu (BGT)Hypercoaster - Nitro (SFGAdv) Giga Coaster - Millenium Force (CP) Strata Coaster - TTD (It's the only one operating) Boomerang - NONE (Found SFDL too be the least awful) LIM - Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (PKI) Arrow Multi Looper - Tennessee Tornado
  8. I also hope that CLP finds a way to open this year, but I am going to pick it's next door neighbor ... Waldameer (Erie, PA) Now, if CLP can just get that Tumble Bug going again
  9. Small - Flyers Large - Giant Frisbees, Drops, and Screaming Swings
  10. Is this an attempt to get flamed? It almost seems like troll material. I mean, you can do better than this. // Not fan boy rantings, but I could think of worse.
  11. Congratulations. Lucky you to be married on my birthday. - Disney is about 7-8 miles from IOA - A short hop on I-4 pending traffic - Magic Kingdom and Epcot are killer, MGM is good, and Animal Kingdom is a token visit - If weather cooperates, check out a Disney waterpark Have fun
  12. Excluding Solace, my true season will probably start with ... The Racer PKI
  13. Whirl is 2 coasters. You could physically move one to the other side of the park without any modifications. Dragons, Space Mountain, Superman, and even Gwazi share supports at some point in the ride.
  14. My guess is that because it has two seperate stations, it is considered 2 seperate installations. // just guessing
  15. Don't get to too many waterparks, but I am all about the following: Holiday World http://www.holidayworld.com/family_water_rides.html Typhoon Lagoon http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/parks/parkLanding?id=TLLandingPage
  16. Another vote for weightlifting. Love the look on his face. Great Ad.
  17. ^ Phantom's Revenge is 10x better since the Morgan modifications. Anyone that had Steel Phantom in their top 10 was a closet masochist.
  18. I was thinking kind of along the lines of supplying some MPEG b-roll (AVI would be way too difficult to distribute) and just letting people go to town. The wedding videos would be a very interesting theme, and would probably yield some pretty wild approaches. Again, just a thought.
  19. Comet (Hershey) - Added Brakes Revolution (SFMM) - Added OTSR Beast (PKI) - When a ride is 10 seconds longer than it used to be. Somethings a miss. Mighty Canadian Minebuster (PCW) - Completely hacked to make way for new waterpark Racer (PKI) - Used to be an air-laced machine. Now it bounces over every hill. Bluestreak (CP) - Same thing as Racer Big Bad Wolf - Nothing like hitting the brake run halfway down the largest drop. Soon to be neutered J2 aka Tsunami (Clementon)
  20. Amen to that. Personally, I find these rides very underwhelming. I opened up KeyHole and it looks like almost any kind of major expansion in the park would be difficult without modifying/demolishing an existing ride. But, you never know. It could be possible. Aerial Photo of IOA
  21. Yes. Better than nothing and I always have a blast on R&Roller Coaster Do you snowboard?
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