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  1. At least 20 miles away...
  2. This weekend I am all alone in the house until Tuesday. I really wanted to try to skip a whole night of sleep. On Saturday I woke up at 12pm, so that's where it starts. The time is now 7:45 am, and I'm not even tired! I won't go to sleep until 9pm... A pic I took for 40 minutes ago: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v414/vjjk/PICT4788.jpg
  3. only if there's a girl in bed with me... lol, jk Have you ever laughed so hard while eating that it came out your nose?
  4. Yup, first I guessed how many percent there are of each type of coin, then I found out their weight and then I let my dad figure out how many of each coin there is in the bottle...
  5. I guessed $165, I actually 'more than just guessed'
  6. I had a dream where I rode X in a bus with my grandmother
  7. When do we get the results? I'm so excided, I think I have a good chance
  8. Elissa, I accidently sent you an empty mail, sorry I sent my guess right after...
  9. I agree with you, Rita was way more intense than Kanonen, although Kanonen was intense too! But nothing beats Rita's airtime
  10. I've been on Xcelerator, Rita and Kanonen, but I had to vote KingdaKa, it just looks incredible I've heard it's rough but I don't care
  11. Sorry, but those are some of the worst colors I've seen on any coaster
  12. You have really weird mailboxes down there! lol
  13. I found Rita's airtime better and more forceful than on any other coaster I have ridden
  14. I think Nemesis is one of the best, but IMO it's nothing compared to X, eventhough it's is my number 2
  15. 3: -I fell on ice and broke my finger -I had a bike accident and broke my wrist -Another REALLY STUPID bike accident and the bone in my left arm broke into 2 separate pieces.
  16. More info on the China Rocket Coaster! The name is "Yunsiao Speeding Car" lol http://www.rcdb.com/qs.htm?quicksearch=Yunsiao+Speeding+Car It also says that it's already been operation since December! I also found pictures: looks like it has a corkscrewhop through the loop:
  17. I like how there is almost never anything offensive here eventhough there are so many users! It's like everything is totally under control But it's still far from as good as RCPro
  18. Me too! I fell asleep standing at a mall in London
  19. I hate Mondays too They always suck
  20. I found something about a Chinese flyer! http://bj.happyvalley.com.cn/park/equip/atlantis/sjsy.asp Translation from www.worldlingo.com: The crystal god wing is Asia's only 11 flights types roller coaster, at the same time it also is the present China invests a biggest amusement equipment. At present the world only has five, 2,003, 2,004 two years hold European and the American track amusement project champion continuously. We sit the crystal god wing, experiences the bird same soaring the feeling. Unique revolves the chair along with it, our body revolves to under, the surface dynasty earth, suspends POSE which treats flies, embarks immediately! Climbs along with the god wing, the field of vision also gradually widens. The crystal holy city underneath us, as if the tentacle may and. But we do not have put out a hand with enough time, god wing howls, leads us to dive!
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