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  1. This is the 17989th time that the word ride has been used on the TPR forums...
  2. 1. Bananas 2. Pieapples 3. Blueberries 4. Kiwis 5. Grapes 6. Morells (big, sweet cherries) 7. Strawberries 8. Pears 9. Oranges 10. Papaya
  3. Hmmmm... I looked at it again and the new one, I can't see whether it is intense or not, but it seems slowish on the top on all the elements.. I've been on BTR at SFMM, Top Gun at PGA, Nemesis and Nemesis Inferno (none of the were slow)
  4. That thing looked really slow and tame on the video!!! I am disappointed
  5. That looks sick! I rode the same thing, except 20 meters shorter (80m) at Gröna Lund.
  6. ^yes, all B&M coasters has thicker spine where the forces are the strongest, some good examples are Alpengeist's and Silver Star's first drops.
  7. I hate my little brother who's 13. Is is such a baby, when I kindly ask him to leave the computer for 10 minutes, I get no respond. Then I yell at him and he starts hitting and kicking. He has always been a huge asshole. Last time I actually had a conversation with him was around Christmas in 2004. Can't WAIT to finally move away in August!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 80 METERS!!!?! That is sick! I have to go to Japan
  9. ^Didn't you see my link? Here are my night time photos from Monday (bottom of the page) SpeedMonster Night time pics
  10. Maybe there will be a much bigger dip between the top of the lift and the vertical drop
  11. The front seat on Colossus at TP October 6th, what a great way to end the coaster year 2005
  12. Check out my night time pics! (bottom of the page) ADMIN EDIT: Link to site removed. If you'd like to share your photos, please do so by uploading them here. Thanks! --Robb
  13. I find cobra-rolls uninteresting, my favorites are dive-loops and slow heart-line rolls
  14. Check out this realistic animation POV!!! www.tusenfryd.no/uploads/SpeedMonsterfilm/tusenfryd.wmv
  15. My only fear is that it could be dissapointing, not as good as I expected...
  16. Second place! Not bad Believe it or not, I was first about to guess $155, but since it wasn't topped off I guessed $165
  17. ^lol! maybe next time I've been up 33 hours now, and I'm going to sleep. Hopefully I can get up at 6am for school Mission Completed lol
  18. It is now 3pm, and I've been up 27 hours. I feel just a bit tired, but very lazy. The weirdest thing is that my contacts aren't any dry
  19. I'm not the only one who has parents you know... Anyway... The sun just came up, 9:14am, still not tired, lol
  20. Really?? Where did Elissa use to live?
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