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  1. Check out my update from Friday with lots of quality pictures! http://www.rollercoasterpro.com/updates/spdmonster4.24.06/
  2. The lines were: From the entrance: 50 minutes From the entrance with 5 breakdowns: 2 hours, 5 minutes
  3. SpeedMonster broke down 5 times today while I was in the line
  4. Kanonen has 2 inversions, not one. And the pertzel on SpeedMonster is like a dive loop and an immelman, they are definately inversions
  5. ^Thank you! I believe he wanted to close this because I don't think he likes me, due to a comment I made recently that actually was a misunderstanding, that I apologized for too. "-And you starting a thread complaining about why Americans complain makes you no better than the next person." Talk about twistind it against me. I thought we were done with the arguing
  6. That is true. I complain too. Anyway if you want to close this thread, it's ok. I've already made my point and it seems like many people see what I'm seeing .
  7. Another good examlpe is that Americans has always been saying how much they want a ride like Balder. Now they get El Toro, and I hear a lot of "theyr'e going to screw it" and "that is just like Colossos, why not something original". Most of the thought on El Toro are good though... And America has plenty of quality! To mention just a few (judging from pictures, peoples opinions and personal experiences: SheiKra, Medusa west, Top Gun: The Jet Coaster, SROS at SFNE, MF, Kumba and many more. But I do agree that Europe has plenty of quality too. Europe and America are overall both equally good with themeing IMO, but nodic coasters completely lack themeing! (like Balder, Kanonen, SpeedMonster, Tornado, Dæmonen, Thundercoaster... almost no themeing at all )
  8. I completely agree with that! People say Oblivion has such a great drop (and it really does too), but the drops on TTD and KK are totally extreme, and some still say those two are lame..
  9. ^That's true... One of my theories is that Americans know, and has heard and seen so much about their coasters, that they can no longer see how great they really look! Take Dueling Dragons for example, think about it; a dueling B&M invert! How unique is that
  10. Why does Americans complain about their coasters, and think Europe has better ones? It's like that for every good coaster Europe has, America has like 10 more, and most of the are bigger and look better. Europe has: -Katun, -Nemesis, -Nemesis Inferno -soon Black Mamba -Batman la Fuga America has: -Alpengeist -Batman the Rides -Dueling Dragons -Great Bear -Montu -Patriot -Silver Bullet -Talon -Top Gun -Top Gun: The Jet Coaster Europe has: -Superman la Attraccion de Acero -Dæmonen America has: -Batman The Dark Knight -Dominator -Hydra -Medusa West & East -Superman Krypton Coaster Europe has: -Silver Star America has: -Nitro -Apollo's Chariot -Goliath -Raging Bull Europe has: -Expedition GeForce -Goliath America has: -Millennium Force -THREE Superman Ride of Steels Europe has: -Rita -Stealth -Kanonen -SpeedMonster America has: -Kingda Ka -Top Thrill Dragster -Storm Runner -Xcelerator and our Oblivion to your SheiKra!
  11. yes, I walk/run 1 hour every day and take 20-40 push-ups Is it raining?
  12. Desperado. I love it, and after 72 different coasters, it's still my #2
  13. Don't worry, it was buttersmooth throughout the whole ride Kanonen makes the same noice over the corkscrewhop...
  14. SpeedMonster was fantastic! I rode it 8 times today. Better that Kanonen and Rita, and about as good as Xcelerator! While it wasn't "incredibly breathtaking", it was still a LOT of fun and there were no moments where you can get bored, like the overbanks on Xcel for example. The airtime was pretty nice too And as I promised, here are a few pics, for TPR only! (for the new friedship between RCPro and TPR ) Be sure to check out the update on RCPro later...
  15. There will be an update on RCpro, but I can post a few preview pics on this thread too
  16. Not that SpeedMonster looks any bad (which is certainly does not!!) but I really envy you for having TTD and KK over there! I'm going to ride SM tomorrow and I think it's going in my top 5-10
  17. If you think this is nice, just wait until I go up here! We just have to wait till the snow has gone from there. It's 1426 meters above sea level and we go there a few times every year. It takes 2-4 hours to get to the top and it is extremely steep most of the time. Our legs has always hurt for a week after we've been up there Melderskin
  18. ^I agree with you, it's a great coaster, but nothing to be too excited for, and the banks really are boring...
  19. To day I decided to take a hike over that little mountain you can see over our neighbour's house It starts with this nice road This is where I will come down when I have been at the top As I go higher, there is still some snow left, and the road gets steeper The road is going to end soon, and I will climb up there! Here strarts the climbing Half way up, some nice views up here This is at the top! Over on the other side of the top, I can see my town After half an hour of climbing down the other side, I end up where I said I was going to come back down to the road
  20. Finland (lived there for 8 years) Norway (living here now) Sweden Denmark USA England
  21. The Intamin 10-looper's train looks a lot like Storm Runner's
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