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  1. Now this is something new :shock: ... I've only heard positive thoughts of SFMM's Goliath, I'm very suprised that many people here doesn't like it :shock: I have ridden it too, it was great, but I've been on many coasters that I think are way better...
  2. My first car was made by Arrow, but the coaster was a Vekoma (Korkkiruuvi @ Särkänniemi)... just kidding LOL I don't really care about cars...
  3. Desperado and Viper at SFMM are some of my favorites but many people say they're painful :? They're a little bumpy, but that just makes the ride more fun (as long as it doesn't hurt...)
  4. My top 22. I haven't ranked the other 38 coaster I have ridden... 1. X, Six Flags Magic Mountain 2. Desperado, Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino 3. Medusa, Six Flags Marine World 4. Xcelerator, Knott's Berry Farm 5. Riddler's Revenge, Six Flags Magic Mountain 6. Viper, Six Flags Magic Mountain 7. Déjà Vu, Six Flags Magic Mountain 8. Goliath, Six Flags Magic Mountain 9. Scream!, Six Flags Magic Mountain 10. Top Gun, Paramount's Great America 11. Batman the Ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain 12. Kanonen, Liseberg 13. Tornado, Särkänniemi 14. Balder, Liseberg 15. V2: Vertical Velocity, Six Flags Marine World 16. Speed: the Ride, Nascar Cafè 17. Jetline, Gröna Lund 18. Invertigo, Paramount's Great America 19. Ghostrider, Knott's Berry Farm 20. Revenge of the Mummy: the Ride, Universal Studios Hollywood 21. California Screamin', Disney's California Adventure 22. Roar!, Six Flags Marine World I don't really like wooden coasters, they're just rough (except Balder) And on steel coasters I really like big inversions and steep drops more than hills and forces
  5. my bedroom window: the view from our balcony:
  6. Sounds great!! can't wait to see pics
  7. http://www.freelancetraveller.com/features/science/gravity.html Balder and Kanonen are two dangerous coasters!! LMAO
  8. WOW! when I first saw the boat jump thing pics I thought it was an edited picture, a joke!
  9. I've been in 'n' out of the bathroom all day and I have such a stomac ache!! n "don't you ever eat too much sugarfree candy!!!!" cf
  10. Hey! I'm Ville, from Norway. I live 7 hours (sometimes 1/2 hour) from my homepark Tusenfryd. I have ridden 57 coasters, in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, California and Nevada Myfavorites are X, Desperado, Medusa west, Xcelerator, Wood: Balder (I'm not a fan of woodencoasters at all, but you know Balder feels more like a steel coaster ) This year I'm going to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Drayton Manor, in October, and I would love do meet some other coaster enthusiasts there
  11. Hey! I'm one of the Norwegian coaster club members who were there And I took that video How can I post a video? I have really GREAT off-ride vid of Kanonen from HöjdSkräcken I think I sent it to viking86 too, maybe you can upload it?
  12. Did you get a POV of Dæmonen? I've been looking for a good one for ages!
  13. Tusenfryd -7 hours Liseberg - 12 hours Särkänniemi -3 hours during almost every summer
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