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  1. It has got to be just the video because this is like the most quiet coaster ever I swear the only noise it makes is a weird screech over both of the corkscrewhops. And the screaming riders ofcourse.
  2. I'm happy because the sun is shining and it's 22 degrees!! I can't remember last time I wore a T-shirt in the beginning of May
  3. The corkscrew is really fast and forceful, kind of like the ones on Thorpe's Colossus, only 100% smooth
  4. Haha! Did you know that "hull" is norwegian for "hole"? How ironic is that
  5. - I LOVE sea food - I can put my feet behind my neck and touch the ground with my hands with straight legs - I have to ride the bus to school 50 minutes each way - I find shopping the most boring thing possible and I almost never spend money - My weight is the same as it was when I was 14 (I used to be really fat)
  6. BPPB looks like a huge pile of garbage with all the old coasters on top of each other But I bet it's a great park
  7. I just say Geh-ah-ooh-gah, just like any norwegian would say it
  8. The O in Vekoma is pronounced like the O in "or".
  9. -Hikes 1 - 2 hours every day -Is against alcohol -Speaks 3 languages -Gets the best grades at school -Dreams about moving to the US some day
  10. "Kuka mitä saunassa meteliä piti mitä hä?"
  11. I rode SpeedMonster 6 times today Still an awesome ride. The lines were 10-20 minutes all day, and no breakdowns this time
  12. Tootta kuukaa tottelemati kaikki nörttejä
  13. Yes, the speed over the top would be the same. Try to drop a small and a big stone at the same time, they'll hit the ground at the same time
  14. I don't mean to sound rude or anything but small trains do loose speed, alot more than big trains do. yeah... on RCT Think about that less cars has less wheels, so the friction will be less, just like viking said Anyway, SpeedMonster is very quick throughout the ride, so it's not worth discussing IMO...
  15. I just found a picture of myself on rcdb!!! Im the one with the dark jacket with a white stripe on it http://rcdb.com/ig3245.htm?picture=30
  16. I can agree that it doesn't look that great from out side, but once I rode it, it really impressed me! I've ridden 72 coasters and SpeedMonster is my #5!!
  17. Revenge of the Mummy and California Screamin' really disappointed me...
  18. Wiener Nougat is the best thing I have ever tasted!!
  19. Tusenfryd had a new visitor record on Sunday with 8000 guests at the park, and SpeedMonster's line was 50 minutes (with no breakdowns) so I don't expect the line to get 'crazy long'
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