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  1. A weird danish guy in my class has worn the same pants 9 weeks in a row without having them washed. Nobody wants to tell him that he really stinks, and 2 others in my class made a bet when he'll change them, the one who loses will jump into the sea behind our school I wonder if he's still wearing them next year when I go back to school
  2. No If you take another look at the post above the post above me, would you really say it's the wrong topic? lol
  3. The eye-blinking would ruin all the POVs
  4. Check out some photos that weren't included on that update here: http://www.nojespark.net/tusspeedmonstercon/index.php
  5. I got this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v414/vjjk/PICT4709.jpg and RCT3 Wild!, way too much candy and some clothes...
  6. Here's a "Christmas-themed" wallpaper from me: http://photobucket.com/albums/v414/vjjk/?action=view&current=PICT4678.jpg Merry Christmas
  7. Yes, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the USA Do you like New Year's eve better than Christmas?
  8. I not sure if there will be any mediaday... They told my mother that it'll happen on april 23rd, 12:00pm, which is the official opening, but I don't know...
  9. I have no idea, but they have done a pull-through...
  10. Does Wild! have new elements for the Intamin Rocket and the B&M Divemachine?
  11. My mother contacted the administrators at Tusenfryd I can't wait
  12. 6 pages about something you can go do in your own room right now if you want
  13. I just got an invitation for being on the first train to launch riders on SpeedMonster as a Christmas present
  14. Tusenfryd 100% Liseberg 98% Power Park 50% Mirabilandia 20% Särkänniemi 10% SFMM, Knott's, Disneyland 10% Thorpe Park 3%
  15. That is really cool, but I usually prefer everything as realistic as possible on RCT3
  16. I'm definately riding SpeedMonster all summer and hopefully on the media and openingday I'll also try to get up to Mirabilandia during my classtrip to Rome. I also have a friend in California and we are planning to visit eachother, then I get to ride Tatsu!!!
  17. I love newyears eve! Definately my favorite day of the year. Me and all my friend start with making a huge fire, then we throw lots of random stuff in it. Later, around midnight we watch the fireworks, and at the end of the night we put the biggest one in a trashcan! I have never laughed as hard as last years trashcan bombing
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