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  1. I have a POV of Särkänniemi's Tornado and Halfpipe and Gröna Lund's Jetline If anyone is interested, I need help to post them...
  2. I don't have one. What's your favorite subject at school? lol
  3. A guy in my class (he's a non-enthusiast) told me that he rode Tizona in Spain 37 times in row until the ride op wouldn't allow him to ride anymore
  4. Definately new years eve!!! What's your favorite coaster that you have NOT ridden?
  5. Ask the next poster what his/her favorite something is... It can be anything from "What's your favorite B&M Invert" to "What's your favorite day of the week"... What's your favorite TV show?
  6. The one coaster I really don't get is Santa Monica West coaster, no forces or speed at all, I bet our dog could stay calm on it
  7. Thundercoaster I guess... but it's not really good Speed Monster will be awesome though
  8. I have had to walk down the stairs on Thundercoaster twice, I've been stopped on Riddler's lift due to an unlocked restraint, I've had my camera removed rigth before Oblivions drop and I've been stuck in Loopen's lift once...
  9. 1. X -a coaster that people usually either hate or love. I love it 2. Desperado -I LOVE the bumpyness on it, it doesn't hurt (atleast not me) and gives me the "variation" and out-of-control feeling I love. 3. Viper, SFMM -It's not as rough as people say (again atleast not for me), great, fast, big inversions. 4. Déjà Vu -incredible first drop with great floating-air-time, lot's of Gs, pretty smooth.
  10. I agree and disagree there. NI is a great coaster in it's own right. I think the loop is possible more forceful then Nemesis' and i love the inline twist into the sharp right drop. I also think that the end figure 8 helix is quite intense. I also think that the creativity of the ride layout is on par with Nemesis. The 'preshow' drop in the volcano through the mist, the s bend over a stream after the second cork, the 2 water jets in the lake under the loop all give the ride 'experience' something to cherish. IMO, i think that both rides are great and on par in most places, however i'd say nemesis gets a few more notches on the rope becuase of the intense helix, slightly better execution with themeing and terraforming. NI is let down becuase people keep comapring the 2 becuase a) same type b) same name(ish). Even though my local park is Thorpe, im an Alton fanboy at heart so don't go saying im biased to with thorpe. If NI didn't have nemesis and was say, at a europpean park, everyone would praise it. Well this is the "I don't get it" thread which means that a coaster is basically a good coaster, but not for me: "I don't get it!"
  11. Well, for we both have full time jobs. Two, we really don't spend any money on ANYTHING else but doing our trips. Seriously, almost all of our 'disposable' income gets put into the savings account and put towards our trips. People think we bathe in money, but really we are your typical average family living off 'middle management' salaries. It's how we spend, or rather don't spend our money that allows us to do these trips. Think about it, we live in a small one bedroom apartment and we don't: - drink - smoke - buy many DVDs - buy many video games - have a home theater system - go to the movies - go to concerts - go to sporting events - have monthly subscriptions to anything - have credit card debt - eat out (in restaurants) much - go over our cell phone minutes - have premium cable/satellite TV channels - don't celebrate holiday's in the traditional fashion (instead of buying b-day, anniversary and xmas gifts for each other, we agree to put that money towards trips) - buy new computers (all our computers were bought used or refurb) - don't have a car payment Elissa doesn't: - get her nails done - get hair done - buy jewelry - buy purses - what else am I leaving out that "normal" people do? As much as we would like to do some of those things, we pick and choose things we want to do and trips almost always win out. Our spending budget is very tight and very limited which allows us to do these crazy trips more often. For example, we haven't seen a movie in the movie theater since Shrek 2 and before that is was the original Spider-Man. We assume the average couple sees one movie per month, which for us would be conservatively around $30 for two tickets, drinks, snacks, gas, parking. Cutting out going to the movies saves us about $400 per year which is about equal to a week's worth of hotel stay on a Florida trip. So we have to figure "would we rather sit in a dark room and watch a movie for a couple hours once a month, or spend a week in Florida?" If you see TWO movies a month, then that's airfare to Japan! The only thing we spend any kind of money on, which ties into our trips, is video equipment and the website which the DVD sales help cover the costs, but they don't ever cover all of it. So really, the answer to "where do you get all that money" is simple - we don't spend it on other things. The trips we do are not THAT expensive, especially when you consider that we usually share hotel & car rental costs with other people, look for the cheapest airfare as possible, and we hardly ever buy any souvenirs. (I think I bought ONE T-shirt on the entire Europe trip!) Our goal with the group trips is to make trips that would normally seem "far fetched" to some people as affordable as possible. It may take some savings to do one our group trips, yes, but not as much as I think some people would expect and we hope people get as much value out of them as we do! --Robb "Wishes he had as much money as people seem to think we do!" Alvey I am definately going to do something like this... I'm not really interested in games and movies at all, I can totally walk or ride the bike to work instead of using the car, I'm not the biggest fan of celebrating all the holydays, I don't like sports and I certainly don't drink, smoke or use drugs Rollercoasters are my life...
  12. Nemesis is great; it has short moments of air time, you get thown around the first corkscrew, the helix really pushes you down on your seat, then comes the 0-G-spin that throws you around again, forceful Gs on the loop, light air-time on the bank and then again Gs on the last corkscrew and turn. Nemesis has a lot of variation therefore it is so good. Nemesis Inferno feels totally the same from start to end. No variation at all, feels like your being pushed onto your seat the same way throughout the entire ride. That's why I don't get NI boooring...
  13. Definately Cal. Screamin' and Nemesis Inferno, they both feel exactly the same from beginning to end, and that makes them really boring... I need some variation!
  14. I hate when people says that a coaster is better because it was first... A classic example: TTD-KK
  15. American Christmas trees are sooo overdecorated
  16. The photos are awesome, I wonder who took them
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