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  1. Out of what I have ridden: #1 Nemesis #2 Top Gun, PGA #3 Batman The Ride, SFMM #4 Nemesis Inferno They are all great except NI wich was kinda boring, all of it feels the same. I need some variation...
  2. I live 7 hours from Tusenfryd sometimes only 30 minutes...
  3. What about this: http://www.rcdb.com/m/id2512.htm 12 Gs :shock:
  4. You have obviously been too many times at SFMM When I rode Thundercoaster for the first time, I though it was incredible, but now it just sucks
  5. The layout is totally unrealistic, but other that that it looks pretty realistic...
  6. When you are older the time seems to go by faster that when you're a kid. For example from 5 years to 10 years old your age is doubled and it takes 5 years to double it. But when you're 40, it takes 40 years until you are twice as old (80 years). This is why it feels like the time goes slower when you're a child although it actually keeps the same "speed". according to this test (wich you wont understand a word of) http://www.lintukoto.net/testit/elamyksellinen_ika/index.php , I still have 77% of my life left if I become 74 years old (the average of men in finland) but mentally I have 59% left
  7. For me it was totally woth the 2 1/2 hours I waited for it and it was like way better than any other coaster could ever be :shock:
  8. I heard that when youre 16-18, you are alreay halfway of your life mentally...
  9. I doubt that anyone will come as close to coaster prefection as Expedition GeForce over here. Superman: Ride of Steel, SF New England?? Americans are so spoiled with the coasters and everytime we get something new in Europe, they want it too
  10. ncf


    RCPro is up again The forums are not working yet...
  11. Yes. If you drop dry food on the floor at home, do you still eat it?
  12. Alton Towers Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino Disney Land/ Disney's California Adventure Drayton Manor Park Gröna Lund Knott's Berry Farm Linnanmäki Liseberg Nascar Café Paramount's Great America Pacific Park Six Flags Magic Mountain Six Flags Marine World Stratosphete Tower Särkänniemi Thorpe Park Tivoli Land Tusenfryd Universal Studios Hollywood
  13. I've been looking for a Desperado POV since I heard about that coaster. I have even ridden it but I still don't know the whole layout... So I was wondering if you have one? Thanks
  14. If youre talking about inverted coasters, there are 91 of them all around the world
  15. Looks like they're putting it on the transfer track. It's the last car since it has those big wheels behind
  16. OMG, I just noticed that on the last pic, the crane is putting a car on the track!!
  17. Here they are can't believe my mom took them :shock:
  18. My mom just went by Tusenfryd and she took some pics for me, can't wait to see them
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