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  1. Mine must be riding good old Tornado again at Särkänniemi, Jetline at Gröna Lund (which was such a surprise!!), riding the only 10-looper (best rolls ever ), first B&M flyer & divemachine and Nemesis 8)
  2. That is still way better than my english was for 2 years ago, but thanks to this hobby, I'm getting the best grades in english now
  3. There is no coaster I hate or wouldn't ride (I'm a real coaster enthusiast), but there are coasters I would stand in a long line for, or ride again... Any coaster is still better that sitting at home looking at pictures of it.
  4. I'd eat the dirty sock to get to ride any bigger coaster 50 times Would you rather go to school on christmas or go to scool for 3 weeks of your summervacation?
  5. That is probably a prototype and it's not at an amusementpark...
  6. I could never stay inside 1 whole day Are you going to school tomorrow?
  7. Kanonen being closed half of the day I was at Liseberg in May must have been my biggest accident of 2005...
  8. ^but that has nothing to do with the ride experience Except for the man who died...
  9. Not bad! But the queue and exit is not right...
  10. Tornado @ Särkänniemi What's your favorite B&M?
  11. When I said variety I meant forces, not elements. Elements Intamin has that B&M doesn't: Flying Snake dive, The Speed Monster thing, Top Hat, Heart-line-roll (not 0-G), Overbanks, LAUNCH,.... And I'm pretty sure I speak better Finnish and Norwegian than you do
  12. I have always liked Intamin better. Intamin -lots of different coaster types -usually more forces and variety than B&M -more unique elements -the really big ones cons: -lots of problems -some of them gets rough after a few years B&M -smooth (sometimes too smooth) -huge inversions -always very good-looking/beautyful cons: -their layouts are often too much the same (loop, dive-loop, 0-G, cobra...) -they're very expensive
  13. I heard that the busses are not a good way to travel in the UK. We used trains and I must say that ALLways ask where to go!
  14. First Drop What is your favorite animal?
  15. This! What is your favorite kind of weather?
  16. Why are they putting those ugly things on the side of the track?! It's like on SheiKra's immelman, I hate it
  17. WOW! Could you send me (pm) that second Viper pic, full size please? thanks
  18. 1. SFMM 4ever 2. Alton Towers 3. SFMW 4. KBF 5. Liseberg 6. PGA 7. Thorpe Park .....
  19. Yeah it was quite bumpy, but I didn't get hurt and it ended up being one of my favorite coasters It just made the ride wilder and more extreme
  20. best: X, extremely wild Balder, sick airtime Viper, awesome doublecorkscrew Colossus, 4 slow heartline-rolls in a row Desperado, goes VERY close to the walls in the tunnel Kanonen, slow roll Tornado, underground heartline-roll worst: Scream, the interlocking corkscrews are pretty boring, but everything before that is awesome! Xcelerator, no forces on the overbanks, but the launch and top-hat totally makes up for it!! Ninja, lifthill
  21. I like B&M invert supports and symmetric support-structures
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