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  1. 1. Half Life 2 - PC 2. Goldeneye - N64 3. Mario 64 - N64 4. Metal Gear solid series - PS1/PS2 5. Grand Theft Auto - PS2 6. Call of Duty - PC 7. Gran Turismo series - PS1/PS2 8. Madden Football series - PS1/PS2 I never really liked Zelda, even though everyone else seems to...
  2. i like it. Its nice and compact, and the drop coming out of the building is great.
  3. i would eat an average/smallish sized one, but not something that big.
  4. did you really search your whole computer? my computer>program files>atari (or infogrammes interactive) >roller coaster tycoon 2 > and theyre somewhere in there i belive...
  5. Well, i went to the Jays game tonight. I got great seats from a friend of mine's dad. Anyhoo, the Jays won (walkoff homer in the bottom of the 10th), and i got home and i saw the highlights... and i was on TV; for a total of about 1 second! anyone else been on TV?
  6. I always thought myspace was for emos...
  7. i like the B&M at the bottom, but i dont like how you used the trees so much as "theming."
  8. Happy Gilmore. (maybe the best movie of all time)
  9. I was being semi-serious. I still wanted him to post a pic of one of his coasters.
  10. Can you be a little nicer to people for once? Thanks. Wasn't being serious. Thanks.
  11. can you show us one of your coasters so we know that you dont suck?
  12. there is only 1 room in the list... how do you register?
  13. well, i dont mind paying that much because i am a sony fanboy and a graphics whore.
  14. okay, well, in finally made myself watch it. and it was amazing... wasnt as scary as i thought, but you did an incredible job with the whole ride.
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