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  1. eewww, its all pin and gross. and why do people make such a big deal over this kinda stuff?
  2. we should stat a TPR fantasy football league
  3. the game was still close until Culpepper decided to stop trying...
  4. Lol. that doesnt sound like anything except for f*king the track.
  5. You are unbelievable. Some of the crap you post on TPR is amazing. Did you not realize he is from Spain?? How well do you speak spanish?? Wow, joking?
  6. wow, 2 things: 1. OMG, it wasnt a TD. and Saban threw the damn flag and the stupid ref didnt even see it. 2. What was Culpepper thinking with those 2 picks he threw? they were horrible passes to nobody, and his pass to Chambers who was wide open in the endzone was the worst pass i have ever seen.
  7. f*** omg. clowns are scary. I stopped watching after the 1st 20 seconds because i thought a clown was gnna jump out.
  8. sucks to be you. i also had a pretty crappy 1st day of school today. Our chemistry teacher was away so the a**hole substitute teacher made us do work out of the textbook for the whole damn class. Then our history teacher went on a random ass talk that took an hour about some history crap, which was very boring. Then we had to do a beep test in P.E. (i got a 10 ) and the rest of the day sucked too...
  9. theyre not pathetic anymore, many experts have them in the superbowl... What is everyones favorite team? I am a big fan of the Ravens and Dolphins.
  10. also, you say that it is your most themed coaster, but all you have done is put alot of trees around it?
  11. well, i am getting a ps3. i don't really think the price is that bad for what you are getting. The graphical capabilities will be better than the highest end PC you can buy right now for the first few months, and you are getting a blu-ray player.
  12. is there another video availiable? because the youtube one has been removed...
  13. tables n chairs and some rocks and stuff. p.s. thanks nitro
  14. bump for some ideas of what to add next w00t triple post.
  15. kinda on the same topic here: is there any other way for me to get the "Martemar's extras" scenery pack without registering for some site... because i tried to register and i still havent gotten the confirmation email... can someone just email me the zip file please?
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