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  1. I am racist against people who don't speak good english. on a more serious note: There is not really that much racism here in Canada because there are so many different races living here; for example, Toronto has a Cinatown, a Koreatown, Greektown, Littleitaly, jamacatown etc etc....
  2. umm, okay, so... I have download a bunch of custom scenery that work fine for me, but i have also download some scenery that makes my game freeze or crash. (like the expo 3000 set or the alton towers set)... is there any way i can stop this from happening?
  3. yes it can be done without wild. download the scenery to your desktop or wherever, then extract the files from the zip folder (right click then press extract all), then cut and paste all that stuff into: program files>atari>rollercoaster tycoon 3>styles>themed.
  4. i think you need to spend more time on the custom supports. The supports on neptune look like you spent about 2 mins on them...
  5. really? to me it looks like the rid eshould fallen over by now.
  6. im not in school but then again, i guess im not a junior high fanboy.
  7. can you play the mario theme tune as well as this guy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXgZhPjMQLQ&mode=related&search=
  8. the 1st time i rode Oblivion at Alton Towers when i was like 12 i was really freaked out, but that was the only time i have really been scared on a coaster.
  9. i like everything except that tunnel on the drop. it looks really out of place, and it is also just floating there.
  10. i think so. it is kinda limiting because it is just the "hersheys stormrunner coaster," so the elements you can do are limited and you can only do certain things going diagonally and whatnot... anyhoo, i also have a POV of it, but i dont know where to find it or how to upload it.
  11. The new coaster has finally been completed and has begun testing. A few new shops and resturants have also been added, along with a topscan called "Tornado". Busch Gardens Toronto is expected to open in under a week. a final view of the coaster from the newly added lake. Going around the turnaround. Going through the zero-g roll a new billboard. (it owns) a view of the 2 new buildings that have been constructed. A view of the 1st run of the coaster through tornado. A view of the coaster from the top of the new resturant.
  12. bumpage. im working on doing some stuff now, i havent really had time to do anything so far. But expect an update late tonightish...
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