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  1. i like your ad for the ride, and it sounds like a cool idea too.
  2. while we're on the topic of how to do things: how do you post screenshots from rt2? when i tried it said my file was over 300k, even after i resized the pic to make it really small...
  3. if i were to buy rct3, should i just get rtc3 and wild if im not really interested in building water parks?
  4. with rct3, can you make realistic inversions likes the wingover/inclinined loop easily, or do you need to hack the ride or whatever?
  5. wow, thats one of the best rtc3 rides ive seen, can you post a POV video?
  6. wow... theyre is no way that kid won without being the son of the head of hershey... what a pile of crap
  7. bit off topic here, but how do you take a screenshot in rct2?
  8. oh, the hills are evil, then your theming is fine
  9. looks cool... i think you need to theme the 4d coaster more...
  10. yep, british people should be streyotyped as chavs (because they all are) chav definition: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chav
  11. that looks pretty cool, are you gnna build a big coaster or keep it kinda small?
  12. are you gnna expand the main area or just build a bunch of rides off it? and i like 'the ranger', interesting layout...
  13. well, i broke my rct2 today, and i was looking through google for sites that may help, and i found this... anyhoo, i have just downloaded a bunch of custom scenery etc. and when i try to run the game, a message pops up saying 'missing or inacessable data.' is there any way i can find what stuff is missing/inacessable and fix this? or will i need ot re-install? thanks,
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