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  1. Keep the idea, but change the layout. The layout should kinda be: Drop, element, turn, MCBR, drop, element, turns, maybe another element, brakes...
  2. I will bet you 50e-dollars right now that you will have to line up and pre-order a Wii...
  3. I dont agree with that really. The only thing the Wii has over the PS3 is the controller, which im not really sure about anyway. The PS3 has a blu-ray player and the best grahpics out of any console... Plus, the Wii doesnt even play DVDs (I think)
  4. any reason for not reading the rest of the series? because they are for 12 year olds...
  5. Thats pretty crappy to only have ps2 graphics and be called "next-gen" yes, yes, yes, i know it has the weird controller, but not having good graphics kinda doesnt let you feel as 'in the game' as you would with the ps3. P.S sorry for turning this into a PS3 vs Wii argument...
  6. I dotn the layouts need to be more compact, just more... realistic. For example, you dive machine really shouldnt have those tight low to the ground turns after a big drop. Look at real coaster layouts as examples... (go to www.rcdb.com)
  7. I like the layout. Although i have yet to see someone build a realistic dive machine that doesnt steal Sheikra's/Griffon's layout...
  8. lol, sorry, didnt see that part. but i think you will still need to pre-order one, unless you dont mind getting one of the 2nd shipment.
  9. Im not a fan of the layouts for your rides, but the theming is good.
  10. if you posted more pics i could tell you... I dont have NL
  11. lol. the amount of Wiis that are getting shipped doesnt make it a better console.
  12. Yeah, i read some of these books when i was like 12...
  13. Overtime, shorthanded, game winner, hatrick, 500th career goal. hell yeah!
  14. can you post a daytime picture of the layout, because you cant really see anything from that pic.
  15. flooding would be a good idea. who cares if the coaster still runs underwater, at least it wont eat people.
  16. anyhoo, i think you should add some supports on the inside of the first turnaround to make a headchopper for the turnaround beside it...
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