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  1. Oblivion at Alton Towers. Doing a vertical drop into a black hole is great.
  2. That should come in the game without you haveing to download it! I really hope that is a joke.
  3. i dont think we will ever get a realistic theme park simulator, seeing as most of the people who buy RCT dont know anything about coasters, and therefore dont give a crap about how realistic everything is.
  4. I guess i am a jerk then... Umm, i like the idea for the coaster, but it just looks kinda... messy to me. I get that it is a mix between an itamin and a B&M, but it is still kinda all over the place. I think it is a bit too high off the ground, and it also needs some custom supports.
  5. wow, go and cut yourself or something dude.
  6. umm, the coaster has some kinda plant eating virus growing on it so all the trees near it die?
  7. umm, is the clue that the trees are dead around the entrance to the tunnels?
  9. Yeah. It has a crapload of new elements including: dive loop, incline loop, zero-g roll, diagonal corkscrew, loose corkscrew, diagonal loop, in-line twists, diagonal in-line twists, banked S-bends etc.
  10. PRESS THE CAPS LOCK KET BEFORE YOUR NEXT POST^ anyhoo, You put custom scenery in: my computer > program files > atari > rollercoaster tycoon 3 > style > themed. You put everything else in: my documents > RCT3 > then whatever folded is right. (if you donwload a ride, you put it in the "tracks" folder etc.)
  11. do the hicks who watch wrestling actually think it is real? (not calling you guys hicks, just the people who actually go to the events)
  12. meh. i think you guys are overreacting to the price. yes it is alot, but think of what you are getting for it. 1. Blu-ray player (most stand-alone blu-ray players availiable now cost $1000 2. Far superier graphics to anything availiable now 3. I am pretty sure you get free online gameplay 4. It has tilt-sensitive contorller. (maybe it is a piroff of the Wii's controller, but hey, that doesnt make it worse).
  13. 1. Half Life 2 - PC 2. Goldeneye - N64 3. Mario 64 - N64 4. Metal Gear solid series - PS1/PS2 5. Grand Theft Auto - PS2 6. Call of Duty - PC 7. Gran Turismo series - PS1/PS2 8. Madden Football series - PS1/PS2 I never really liked Zelda, even though everyone else seems to...
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