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  1. wouldnt the train have to be going 2 mph at the top of the hill for the drop not to have like 8 Gs?
  2. grammar? 1. sheikra 2. nemesis 3. montu 4. nemisis inferno 5. kumba 6. vortex (PCW) 7. Air 8. The Ultimate 9. Top gun 10. Oblivion
  3. yes, at the top of this forum, click on the thread called rct3 custom scenery and download the jcats steelworx pack.
  4. meh kinda. the 2 lift hills is really the only bit. the part after the 2nd drop isnt as crazy as the ultimate....
  5. they both take the inversions way too fast, especially silver rider...
  6. i play soccer and golf. and i ski very competitivley.
  7. if i had to critisize it, i would say that the buildings look too similar.
  8. this isnt that big a deal. they had an exibit like this in London, Toronto, and in a bunch of other major cities...
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