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  1. i have had an omelette for breakfast/brunch/lunch/food when i get up at 2pm for 4 days in a row now. ive gotten pretty good at making them... anyone else like omelettes?
  2. i never liked that thinned out version of itamin track. makes it look like a kiddie coaster.
  3. yep, the coaster is gnna be part of a new area of the park.
  4. I'm glad you like it . Unfortunately i suck at making stations and whatnot in this game, and i hardly have any custom scenery, so i couldnt do much with the theming of the ride. If anyone wants to make a logo for it that would be great to.
  5. The newest coaster at Busch Gardens Toronto has finally been completed. The coaster will be a launched itamin reaching speeds of over 75mp/h, with 5 inversions. The ride will be called "Phantom", and will be the main attraction in the newest area of the park. another view of most of the coaster. the zero-g roll going over an airtime hill. ... the ride's signature inversion(s) overview of most of the ride and the station...
  6. okay, i have been kinda busy with stuff happening and whatnot, but i will try and get some stuff done today.
  7. or maybe because a ? behind a straight piece of track would be boring. and you should said no sh*t sherlock noob.
  8. i wouldnt mind a generic name, as long as it doesnt suck like falcon.
  9. well i have to disagree with ou a bit there. I really liked Montus loop, but Kumbas i thought was way too slow. I find that rides are kinda boring is they dont have forces with the inversions...
  10. i dont know what you mean by standing on the bar. when i was there last week, nobody was standing on the bar before the drop...
  11. you guys really need to calm down. All they were doing was having some fun. I dont see why you care so much about this...
  12. dunno, i might just make it an area with some intense flat rides and whatnot, and not really have a theme, because i really hate the themes that RCT3 has...
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