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  1. I dont see what the big deal is with python going... I mean, if it was a crappy old coaster with an origional layout... then i can get the idea... but there are probably 50 other identcal coasters...
  2. I am kinda dissapointed that you had to finish this with a crappy shock thing like that...
  3. Trying to make it as simple as possible: 1. download to your desktop 2. rightclick, select extract all 3. Find the normal looking folder called steelworx or whatever 4. rightclick, select 'cut' 5. go to my computer 6. local disk 7. program files 8. atari 9. Rollercoaster tycoon 3 or RCT3 10. style 11. themed 12. press ctrl+v If you still cant do it, you should probably shoot yourself.
  4. My PC is 3 years old and i can run RCT on high settings... although my PC did pwn face when i 1st got it. cygnus, windows Vista really wont make the games that much harder to run... if you upgrade to XP, you will be fine for another 3 years or so...
  5. ooh, you are probably gnna get banned for that one.
  6. What did i spell wrong in that thread? Apart from gnna maybe, which is just an abreviation. The only think i didnt do is capitalize (or use apostrophes) i dont know why that bothers you so much... also, i wasnt trying to use the redskin fan thing as an insult/comeback or whatever hercules, i was just wondering...
  7. I hate people who take the Internet really seriously and lock perfectly good threads about Steve Irwin being on south park. ADMIN EDIT: I hate people who can't bother to spell check or use proper grammar in their posts. There is a perfectly good spellchecker available as part of the Google toolbar: http://toolbar.google.com/
  8. No they shouldnt. Nobody wants to buy a new game that looks 5 years old. (except people who cant spend 50 bucks to get a better video card).
  9. Could someone please explain to me how a fat guy being cremated is a more useful post than one about a controversial scene in a TV show? P.S. Hercules, you live in Pilly, yet you are a Skins fan?
  10. how is that a useless post? I was wondering what you guys thought about south park using the steve irwin thing so early.
  11. meh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp1kt7yGtqs The episode was hillarious, but i bet all the australians are gnna be pissed.
  12. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ahh, i roffled for like 5 mins at that. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. ahh, am i the only one who finds this stuff hillarious.
  13. I really like the layout, although the turnaround after the drop should probably be banked.
  14. looks sexy. can you post a complete POV? im too lazy to download it.
  15. meh, no big deal with the natural resorces thing. We've still got nuclear, solar, wind, tidal, hydro etc... Im sure we will have way more renewable energy things set up in the near furute.
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