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  1. Cant wait for ski season. Here in Toronto we have a little hill/mountain ski area about an hour north, which is fun to go to every weekend... I wish i lived in Colorado or BC though... p.s. has anyone ever been catskiing? im going this winter, just wondering what it is like.
  2. sucks to be you guys. I lived in England until i was 13, and we were allowed to play tag/dodgeball... pretty much anyhting we wanted...
  3. ill just throw em in an old folks home and call once a month.
  4. everyone here wants the realism, including me, but you have to understand that coaster enthusiasts are a minority when it comes to buying this game. Most people dont know what a B&M is, or what a dive loop looks like. So even though it will be great to have all these things... it wont happen.
  5. can you post a better overview please? i cant really get an idea of the layout... also, that helix after the loop would probably kill you.
  6. Panic were still emo before they got recognised by MTV...
  7. no, they havent had sh!tty lives, they just say they have because theyre emos.
  8. PCW... They will be one of the best parks in the world (maybe), if they get a B&M looper or an Itamin hypercoaster/accelerator. They havent got a 'real' coaster since... the 90s?
  9. The Jays look to be on the rise. They beat the Red Sox this year for 2nd in the AL east, even with Wells, Glaus, Rios, Chacin and Burnett our for a long time.
  10. looks pretty good. I also think you have too many trees.... and i think the woodie layout is kinda... boring. You didnt really take and risks with it.
  11. somewhere in the atari forums. look on the 'list of alll custom scenery'... i think the pack is called athena/acena/athcena's paving essentials.
  12. Work has begun on the newest coaster at American Adventure. There has been no word on the type of ride, or how it will be themed. Vertical construction is well underway however: ... looks like a hill of some sort. a strange looking support ...
  13. All your turns look like they are excessivley banked... and the transition after the 90 degree turn looks like it would hurt.
  14. well, i think saying god made us is simply the easy answer to the question of why we are here. That doesnt make it more likely. In some other of his loger interviews, Dawkins mentions how life evolved very orderly, not just by random. Unfortunately i dont have a very good understand of the theory of evolution, or of positive entropy, but i am sure Dawkins know what he is talking about.
  15. I dont agree with that. when it comes to believing in god, there are no facts to go on, it is all faith. But with science, at least people are trying to figure things out and whatnot, and have some scientific evidence that there is no god.
  16. well, my game looks pretty good. if you run the game on very low settings then im sure it will look bad; just like any other game.
  17. I was saying what Dawkins belives. I also somewhat agree with his views. Religion is 'wrong' because it has been the cause of so many conflicts for thousands of years... I never said that having belief that god doesnt exist proves his non-existance. I said that there are a lot of good points that Dawkins brings up that suggest that god deosnt exist. But as he says, you can never disprove anything... I do like his line about people everyone being atheists about all the other 'gods' like Thor and whanot, but that atheists just take it one god further.
  18. That is not really the argument. What Dawkins is saying is that religion is 'wrong', and that people need to realise that God is in fact a very illogical thing... Having 'faith' that god is there doesnt make it true. I think he doesnt like religion because it is the cause of alot of problems in the world.
  19. How you can not vote for those Zamperla / Volare things is amazing. It is probably the worst coaster anyone could even think of.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA9EiSJaXww Very interesting debate. I personally somewhat agree with Dawkins, although i think he is going a bit over the top in saying that 'the truth' is that there is no god. You cant prove that there is not god, even though it is very illogical for there to be one. any thoughts on the matter?
  21. uploading a POV right now... here are some more pics of the woodie, and a new store that has been built. the new building ...
  22. It looks like the paint on the track is already fading... unless thats the effect they are going for?
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