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  1. I agree 100% money pit. Sorry but I still can't believe they even tried it the way they did, and to choose the approach they did. If only they could have raised the funds better, planed for a longer development, and well actually did a kick a$$ wild west theme, then this park might have drawn some numbers. They should have stepped back and not rushed. Reality this park was bombed the day they brook ground. My vote's for the first Umpa Lumpa themed park run by midgets. Now that would be different. But no B&M coaster's Who would test ride them in the opening procedures
  2. Honestly guys, the rides that where remaining and rotting where lost a long time ago. When I live in NE Ohio about 4 years ago I used to visit CLP and Idora frequently. I have not been back since the ball room burnt to the ground so I'm sure the grounds are much worse now. The wood coaster would never, ever be capable of running again. Only option would be a clone of the layout freshly built. Some sections of the wooden track had so much rot you could collapse the wood by stepping on it. The rest of the rides are as good as bulldozing practice. To add insight for anyone who had never visited those sites, the coasters at Idora “before demo” where in better shape then anything at CLP, by any means. This probably is a good thing. I am still surprised no one ever got seriously hurt, well that was reported from roaming around those grounds. One day I will have to dig through and find all my photos from these parks.
  3. They can't fire me VP, and part owner. I should fire myself, I need a real vacation far away and hard to reach. See for me Shooter/Action games just stay far more interesting, well depending on the game and the online setup. Oddly I always thought games like Gears kind of sucked, I never understood the huge following on that one. Kind of dull. I just like military type games. Halo I think is one of the best games solely for the online play. Keeps the game fun. Just like Battlefield 2, also another great online game that really is a lot of fun to play online. Off line the games kind of blah. Actual game play is just like any other story based game where once beaten, it's done although. Thats the problem I have with most games, they do not have enough material to keep them going. Also shooters are a great way for me to deal with the a-holes from my drive home from work. (Jacksonville drivers suck) All I know is that spartan helmet is going in my game room somewhere, or as a topper on one of my pinball machines. See you guys who get it online.. Live id: raptor2002 (Mention TPR so you don't get blocked) Whats your votes for best online play games?
  4. So who’s taking work off, skipping school, or classes on the 25th? I’m off the 26th so I can play the release night. Anyone game for a new clan? Looking too start a good clan going into 3. No cheaters, and need a couple decent players. Also team work is helpful None of this running around killing your team mates. New players are fine, everyone has to learn somewhere. Yet me know and I will get a poll up of names, and submit any ideas you might have. Peace. Live: raptor2002
  5. Mantis: To decrease the G’s on the riders from the first loop, and if memory serves correct the corner turn into mid course. As another said it was too much for many riders. Cool part about working there was the morning test runs which where all trim less. Rows 6-8 are actually smoother without the trim. Mantis rule of thumb, if she makes it though the first loop she will not roll back, well not considering mechanical issues anyways. Fun trivia. On a very windy day with head winds into the first drop (if the trims have not be disabled by maintenance), load just the back half of the train on a slow day and watch how slowly she will make it through the loop. Well that is if the crew is to slow to realize what you are doing. (Fat Acers pulled that on us once, and yes she crawled through the loop) Mean Streak: 100% structural from everything I always heard.. The first turn after the drop was taking way to much force for how the ride was designed. Sucks too because the ride is actually “not the best” but kind of good trim less.
  6. Typical blocks for standard coasters. (Where the train can be stopped) L - lift B - block M - main T - transfer S - station. All chain lifts are blocks for the most part. Trains starting and stopping on a lift are not as stressful as you might think, depending on the design. Some older ones are kind of harsh. BUT. Lift stopping a ride at base of lift could be a problem at startup. And can and very rarely will have a maintenance guy choosing a few choice words Reason most lift stops occur right after the whole train has entered onto the lift. I also have to ad my two cents into the jar for the remark of evac, and use of the pre drop. Once the train crests with the pre drop you can not evac rows 1, and or possibly 2. If row 3 is crested most likely the train should pull over, but it not the train is still to far to evac even the 3rd row, depending on actual resting position. “These things sometimes surprise you” The cat walks are too low at this position on most B&M’s and would not be safe at all in getting guests off the ride. This one is from experience. Not happening safely without a cherry picker or pushing the train over crest while loaded.
  7. I have to agree with the floorless = gimmick. I think that whole neat o factor many experience after the first time on one and watching the floor boards slip in at the stations ends very quick. It’s just nothing special in the long run, and like another said unless you are in the front row does it matter? As far as I’m concerned they could slap a floor board on them with a low cut front and have the same coaster. I never did fully understand the justification for the cost increase, and maintenance for the ride station. Give me a good coaster, great layout and lots of fun. Who cares what the cars look like. The only true floorless coaster that does not fall under the gimmick cat., would be the 4th dim, granted not a B&M but still in sense a floorless. That at the least offers a very different ride experience.
  8. Hmm, have you tried to boot to dos, format c:? Should take care of the vista problems, next problem is finding someone to buy your computer so you can go to apple.com and buy an intel mac and dual boot xp with osx. Problem fixed. Cheers!
  9. How could anyone be mad at someone for personally being scared from a situation? Granted everyone is different. Auto accidents, climbing, etc. Some people can shake things off quickly others cannot. As long as they don’t round around in circles waving their hands in the air yelling everyone is going to die on these things so be it. My personality I would have redone whatever just freaked me out asap. Well minus the accident part hopefully, but if it did happen twice then I would probably walk away for a while before my third attempt. I thought they had gotten much more stick with checking the Oct. & Spider, and Monster rides for hairlines? Didn’t the state of Florida ban them for a time if memory is correct, due to structural failures? (This is years back) As for fairs, hell carnies scare me far more then any duck tape, hand tool assembled portable ride ever could.
  10. Keep going at this rate you might pass Raptor Jo one day. How many rides is she up to now? Cheers.
  11. *See kids, line cutting is bad. Fox news: Wow. I've seen dumb things but that must have been kind of brutal. Alabama really needs some new representatives.
  12. That sucks. I remember that place from when I was just a little spec. Like 84-87 or so. Seemed like a very cool, and fun water park from what I can remember even at such a young age. Funny I remember it being this huge water park. But then again I was probably around 3-4’ tall. Doh!
  13. Depends. Was she hot? If she wasn’t hot then yes they should have kicked her out for exposing herself. Thats just not right. I mean after it's Worlds of Fun, and stop me if I'm wrong but hot women exposing themselves seems like a world of fun to me I have to guess she wasn’t although, otherwise security would have taken the camera.
  14. Personally I think it kind of sucks. Not meaning to be so harsh but this is not a Kennywood down the road from Cedar Point, etc. I guess it’s a cute park for a little family picnic outing, I guess. But if this is a choice over another park? Then avoid it. Nothing better to do, then sure visit it. Other then that I would suggest my lack of words to best describe the quality theme and excitement this park delivers. Go to Busch Garden and get your fun card Cheers! * See Transformers it’s more fun…
  15. Wow and I even gave this place 1 - 2 years before closing. This park had a great idea and blew it. Could of, should of, didn't. A Wild west themed park should be awesome. The ideas are endless if you have the money. They didn't. I don't know if anyone would buy it honestly. I don't think the market could support it, nor would any company want to put the money into the park to make it attractive with such a strong chance of it bombing. Then again if it goes cheap enough I'm sure someone will buy it for a write off. All that poor blacktop could of been used to fill potholes.
  16. Define scary? What scares you might not scare us. The ride in the car to the park should be considered scarier then any coaster. You’ll be fine, suck it up and do it. It’s really an over hyped coaster.
  17. Maybe they are going to replace it with Siemen (s) sign. Great way to market the most favorite newly sponsored ride for those warm and sticky days by entering those capsules for a journey into the dark tunnel of pure AC bliss. Think they will bring back tomorrows child audio for the rides ending? Sorry odd day. Cheers!
  18. I saw Transformers last night and have to say it was by far the best movie of the summer, and also very possibly one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. Honest. Having said that it’s not perfect, but the movie is fun, has great humor, and beautiful action with amazing effects that will blow you away. And yes that chick is smoking hot!!!!!!!! The humor is witty and quick, and who cares if it’s not the same as the old cartoon. This movie is fun. All in all for its short comings the movie makes up for the faults and then some. I can also say this is the first time I have been in a movie where the whole audience actually applauded about 8 times during the movie. The FX is so good, honest to god you completely forget the robots are FX objects and take them as being real. You really feel the robots emotions oddly. See it. This movie blows….. sh!t up. PS: The dude that did Megatron’s voice really was not bad at all.
  19. ? But if the guy was ejected wouldn’t that be Intamin AG's fault? No body can eject people better then a good Intamin ride. Damn fat Americans. See it's the fast food industry's fault.
  20. Here’s another interesting tidbit. Guess which ride is no longer listed on SFKK website. Found that interesting. http://www.sixflags.com/kentuckyKingdom/rides/AllRides.aspx As for the park shutting down the Drop towers, be interesting to see if this is manufacturer related or just precautionary.
  21. When a kid stuck his foot outside of BTMR at Disneyland while returning to the station the park was sued. And then, and then, and then. Just how it works. At the least if this family was to sue they do have some reason for it. But a dumb kid screwing with tigger or the dumb-a## that thought it would be fun to stand up on a wooden coaster, etc. They do not. Same thing as someone walking past your house and tripping and getting injured on the sidewalk in front of your house. It's your fault. Nice isn't it. Just for fun, here is the latest CNN Poll: ********************************************** Do you fear for your safety on amusement-park rides? Yes :: 60% :: 31546 votes No :: 40% :: 20903 votes ********************************************** I will never understand that. Like it's safer to drive to work? Now if the poll said "Fear for your safety at SFMM" then duh, yes.
  22. They proved you couldn’t get sliced in half, and that the cable snapping unless wrapping around an object would only do major damage but not slice off. If the cable just snapped at high tension and smacked against you it would break your foot, leg, etc. The Myth they where doing was for the aircraft carriers and the catch cables and could they kill you by cutting you in half. They where also doing those tests at much higher tensions then this ride could ever create. *********************** Transformers in 11 days… ***********************
  23. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=40b_1182507832 Looks like a local news channel broadcast. Sorry no carnage but some shots of the ride and a quick view of a frayed cable. (Love the guy in the orange hat backwards) Also all of the cars lifts are at the top position of tower. This does look like just a freak accident but it was more then just a stray cable. It had to of either looped at her feet or something during the drop, because popped cables will not slice you in half unless you got tugged in one; they will how every mess you up. *Time to write Myth Buster for another cable mystery afoot. But really Mythbuster’s did have a great segment on cable tension and snaps at very very crazy tensions and they could not slice a pig in half. Not until they looped the pig with the cable and tugged it with a forklift did they succeed. And no this is not funny but it so reminds me of a time when raptor returned to the station with a woman missing a leg. “Prosthetic shot off on the cobra roll and almost nailed a family on the turnpike cars” Sorry first thing that came to mind when I heard the story. Intamin strikes again! *********************** Transformers in 11 days… ***********************
  24. id: raptor2002 Xbox360 Mostly shooters. Anyone setup a TPR clan For Halo 2, and upcoming 3? Could be fun. Cheers!
  25. Ok it was either: Big Thunder – WDW I was very young (3-4) no clue to age or year. But I do remember always bringing my snoopy stuffed animal with me on it. (Snoopy went with me everywhere) Or at SFOG. Use to be a kids coaster that did a helix of turns then had one good drop (prob 2 feet or so) right before the station. It has been replaced by games I think but I can not remember the name of it for the life of me. Big Thunder was prob first. First loop coaster: Double O, Boardwalk & Baseball around age 11.
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