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  1. http://www.menufoods.com/recall/ Menu brands list all the brands affected by the recall, and there is a lot of them. So if you guys have any cats or dogs and feed them wet pet foods please check the link. The defective foods have been causing kidney failure in pets. Sorry wasn't sure where else to post but thought it was important, as a pet owner. Recalled Dog Product Information Recall Information 1-866-895-2708 1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets 2. Authority 3. Award 4. Best Choice 5. Big Bet 6. Big Red 7. Bloom 8. Bruiser 9. Cadillac 10. Companion 11. Demoulas Market Basket 12. Eukanuba 13. Food Lion 14. Giant Companion 15. Great Choice 16. Hannaford 17. Hill Country Fare 18. Hy-Vee 19. Iams 20. Laura Lynn 21. Loving Meals 22. Meijers Main Choice 23. Mighty Dog Pouch 24. Mixables 25. Nutriplan 26. Nutro Max 27. Nutro Natural Choice 28. Nutro Ultra 29. Nutro 30. Ol'Roy Canada 31. Ol'Roy US 32. Paws 33. Pet Essentials 34. Pet Pride - Good n Meaty 35. Presidents Choice 36. Price Chopper 37. Priority 38. Publix 39. Roche Bros 40. Save-A-Lot 41. Schnucks 42. Shep Dog 43. Springsfield Prize 44. Sprout 45. Stater Bros 46. Total Pet 47. Western Family 48. White Rose 49. Winn Dixie 50. Your Pet Recalled Cat Product Information Recall Information 1-866-895-2708 1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets 2. Authority 3. Best Choice 4. Companion 5. Compliments 6. Demoulas Market Basket 7. Eukanuba 8. Fine Feline Cat 9. Food Lion 10. Foodtown 11. Giant Companion 12. Hannaford 13. Hill Country Fare 14. Hy-Vee 15. Iams 16. Laura Lynn 17. Li'l Red 18. Loving Meals 19. Meijer's Main Choice 20. Nutriplan 21. Nutro Max Gourmet Classics 22. Nutro Natural Choice 23. Paws 24. Pet Pride 25. Presidents Choice 26. Price Chopper 27. Priority 28. Save-A-Lot 29. Schnucks 30. Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans 31. Sophistacat 32. Special Kitty Canada 33. Special Kitty US 34. Springfield Prize 35. Sprout 36. Total Pet 37. Wegmans 38. Western Family 39. White Rose 40. Winn Dixie
  2. Don’t know why that just made me laugh. And they thought the ride was rough before. As for how did it stop before the loop. “something in the mechanism that holds the seat in the proper position disengaged. That triggered a safety precaution built into the ride: the car the employees were riding in stopped at the base of the vertical loop.” I know on X-Flight they had a trim break on the valley before the loop, other then that I don’t see how the trains communicate position along the track to flag an error. ?? Other then your usually sensors, and block not clearing, unless they have something that transmits a wireless signal, etc. to the main computer, or console to E-stop it. But highly doubtful. I think what happed was the operator at controls, or platform saw the issue and E-stopped, not the ride safety system. God if that thing was e-stopped at the valley of the loop, and that one brake did stop it. “OUCH” Facing up, laying on your back head first, stop. Ouch! Something in the news report seems off. Interesting to see if anyone on here works at the park and reports what did actually take place. The news sounds way to dangerous verses the result. "hurray media" ************** New in 2008. Air bags on all Vekoma coasters, including by request side air bags!! Whoohoo!
  3. Ideas…. Wonder why no one has built a launched backyard coaster yet. Would not be to hard. Just need a pulley and weight system with quick release latches (don’t use rope). Build the track as a shuttle style ride and hope you build the return spike taller then your velocity Hey 8 – 15’ tower with enough weight and I’m to lazy to do math right now but I would guess very possible to reach 25-35 mph with avg. adult weight. (Backyard boomerang) Any takers? As for braking. Automate. 2x4’s with rubber strips fixed to load springs (go to the junk yard and grab some auto springs to cut), hurray friction brakes :o) (Would inspect often, also water dummy, water filled blowup doll whatever you have test before riding) Not that I would be anywhere NEAR that thing for its first test but still. It would be cheaper, and could be built out of wood or steel. Just make sure your math isn’t too fuzzy on the launch and stress of car and frame. Then once complete you need this guy’s backyard monorail. This rock. Only things missing on this guys project is better details to the cars & a spiel in Spanish. http://www.monorails.org/tMspages/Niles.html Cheers!
  4. Idora Park was leveled in like 2001? 2002 after the old ballroom burnt down. Wildcat & Jackrabbit where torn down afterwards. (Wildcat was missing 1/4 of the ride anyways not including the sections that had fallen) However you actually can find the blue prints for the Wild Cat. Chippewa Lake. Not a chance at saving that coaster other then rebuilding it to spec, if you could even find a blue print. If you ever visit the place which I never suggest as you can get killed and or very badly hurt at aged places like this. It is so rotted the wood sections that have not collapsed you can break apart with your hands. The back half of the coaster you never see photos off really, are mostly located in a nasty muddy swamp like area. Chip does still have the Turtle & 1 small steel kiddie coaster, and the old school steel wild mouse. But they really are all beyond junk. Sorry.
  5. To add to the thoughts... Why is Dr Pepper so limited at theme parks? As for the Pepsi vs. Coke. I have to choose Pepsi, followed by Cherry Coke. Coke is just to dry tasting I think. As for the New Coke. I remember that stuff. It wasn't bad just not that great. I was pretty young but I remember if correct after is started bombing, they hurried to bring back the original Coke "classic now" but I think they kept both brands New and Classic on the shelf for a while. **** Hey don't dis Pepsi Blue, it sucked but I could not stop buying and drinking that stuff. I never liked it either. Damn blue things. (Fav. color blue. If something is blue I will buy it over other options. I can't help it.)
  6. Stay off coasters and honestly most rides until you speak to a doctor. Any ride with a flashing light (Yes camera strobes included) can trigger seizures depending on your condition. And stay away from dark rides!! Most coasters now seem to warn that have camera equipment on the ride but I have also seen many that do not. Take care, get better, ask your doc. Cheers!
  7. I never found J-Rockets food any good, and never understood why anyone found them interesting to begin with. Blah. I think the reason they do maybe decent at the parks is because of one thing. AC! What the parks need are more real sit down casual type environments like Fridays, Applebee’s type restaurants. Or the best thing about Universal FL. Starbucks. Cheers!
  8. I agree with the Disney Parks. Epcot has many safe bets and good food options in world showcase. Most parks are just your normal run of the mill offerings and selections.
  9. I do not think some people are too critical beyond the point of personal view. Rather I do believe many are in the form of obsession with theme parks and rides. Those people scare me. It’s like the ones who quote the ride specs for every roller coaster made and all I can do is offer to buy them a hooker or something to maybe get them out a little more. As for personal judgments, hey some things suck, and some things don’t. Roller coasters, like sky diving, cars, etc. They are entertainment, and I guess can be called a hobby. I think some people just really need to get out more is what it comes down too. As for the; **Even though a ride may be rough, or too smooth, can't we recognize them all for what they are, and not what our personal desires dictate??** Ok say the same person has shot you 5 different times. Should you still look at the person with kindness and respect? I would say that person is an A-hole and stay away, and let everyone else know about it. Know what I mean.
  10. Isn't that where they hid the car that shot off the track during the 2 years + testing. But really that is where they keep the Oompa Loompa's. Bet you didn't know that, now did you!
  11. That’s so horrible. You don’t think it was a train wreck do you? HAHAHAHA. Man the things people will do to stay out of court. Who cares, this is all over the news. Glade to see nothing important is happening anywhere. Cause of death, my vote. 10 bottles of Trimspa and a chaser of jack. But she didn’t die she just disappeared. or…. 6 packs of mentos, 2-2 liters of coke, and 20 packs of pop rocks. Yeah baby. Now that would feel good.
  12. The only thing about this topic is. A lot of the coasters that are being called worst themed are not even themed. Raptor, Mantis, Scream Medusa, etc. Those are not themed coasters, rather named. You have to have more then a name, sign/logo and paint colors to really classify something as themed? Don’t you think? Best themed B&M’s in the US. I think are. “Haven’t been on any B&M’s overseas, I know I know.” Busch Gardens parks wins hands down for most, best themed B&M’s 1. Montu 2. Sheikra 3. Alpengeist 4. Batman – Original installations when they still used all the props/audio and working effects) Worst. 1. Dueling Dragons (Could have been so much more, themed station and wheel covers / I listed this as #1. because of what they could of done with this coaster, not that it completely sucks by any means) 2. Hulk (Station, ok. / Trains, ok / Launch. Cool / Theme ends, just a coaster with a couple shells, and the story is lost. They should of enclosed the second half and themed it. 3. Apollo’s Chariot – Disappointed when you compare this coaster with the others in the park. Ride fun, details and theme boring. Fabio getting a broken nose, sweet! There really are not too many truly themed B&M coaster’s in the US when you really think about it. I guess another question for people to add to this topic is what do you consider a themed coaster to be? I choose a detail that reflects a story, place, or event which if not through out the whole ride must have a beginning and ending with some detail through the ride it’s self. Example, at the end of Batman “when the transfer lights are not on” you return to the Bat cave, etc. Cheers!
  13. That so reminds be of that bowling for people roller coaster tycoon video on youtube. Maintenance bypass, clear, Whoowho. Now if only they add a side walk under that other section, hmm. As for what going on? I don’t have the work orders so who knows, and the dippin dots guy has been hush hush so it must be good. I would say odds are that ride has been having a lot more issues then people have been guessing. Then again it could be for the retrofit for the new spinning mouse cars? Cheers!
  14. Wow that family doesn't look like they just stepped out of the trailer park. This has got to be a very pathetic attempt to score some cash so they won’t have a tow truck pull up and drive off with their home or something. The video is clear enough to show, yes the kids hand reaches to the upper back of the tigger suite (looks like right below the back of the mask) Tiger turns and his hand brushes against the moron. I don’t think Tigger did anything wrong, could you have imagined IF someone got his mask off? Heck Disney should prob thank him. One law suite verses 50,000 lawsuits for all the traumatized kids. 1,000,001 reasons why I could never have that kind of job. I would of so dropped that punk to the ground. I just wait for the day when a Disney lawsuit back fires and Disney gets the chance to counter sue for the damages related to the false public image created. Here’s the video link for those who want to see it. http://youtube.com/watch?v=CiPPxBxPBOw If the link doesn't work search youtube for "Tigger Punching Kid at Disney World" Cheers!
  15. #1. The exit turnstile. It also seems the safest after dark because they usually have a, and or cops nearby. Sorry but SFMM after dark on the weekends, now that’s the scariest thing out of all the rides. Probably better in large groups although. But for coasters, I have to say, #1. X #2. Goliath #3. Tatsu *Last and thankfully final visit, July 2006. But I will admit the park was better then my visit before that a couple years earlier, well until night fell. Kind of reminded me of SFA first year under SF name. Cheers!
  16. I have no doubt. Heck for 50,000 if no offers where made I beat they would jump for it simply for 2 reasons. #1. Tear down/transport costs. #2. Operational costs, along with the electric bill, thats a hard pulse of power. Selling the ride with the new owner and or broker flipping those bills and covering transport, you cannot beat that. Be interesting if anyone knew with wear and tear, op's, and electric what the projected operational daily costs of that ride where, sorry are? Also interesting to see if someone actually buys it, I doubt for that price. The ride is just to expensive to run how it is designed for most parks. It will prob end up out side of the US. *I hope they auction the superman figure on top, I'd bid for that. Cheers!
  17. I have a question, if they sell that land, then in guessing how much land will remain undeveloped? Seems like they are land locking themselves pretty good? Knowing Universal properties are pretty good penny pinchers I also wouldn't of expected the money to go into new rides and or shows, which sucks. Also don't forget GE does own them so it's really of no surprise, honest I still can't believe they have #1. The parks open, and #2. not sold or tried too, for the least we know. After all GE is a here and now company who runs on the principle of one word, margins. They make lots of money buying and selling broken up company's and equipment. Eventually I figure GE will unload those properties, or "which is a long shot but hopefully" they actually become interested in the potential of the property's and dump loads of money into new quality rides and park make overs. All in all their is always a method to madness, either for a balance sheet here and now or other motives which become clear later. Cheers! PS. I never thought Psycho was the good either, (I always thought it would make for a good Mystery Science Theater) but you have to have the house, it's a signature landmark sort of speak, you know.
  18. Question? So does this mean they won't have to pay taxes on the property's? I know they have some exemptions with there casino property's, just wondering how that works in buying other company's? Be interesting to see how it works out, kind of seems like a 50/50 outcome as for good and or bad. Cheers! *Wonders* So if they have a coaster with lots of head choppers, do you think they will name it the scalper?
  19. Too funny I too stared at that picture for a min thinking HUH, When, then saw the cut out marks on the photo. Bleed/Blend those rough areas better and it would look very real with that sky color. Bummer. Well there is always hope for next hurricane season to blow that thing down.. Cheers! Hmm, speaking of which for some odd reason I started thinking of old names for Epcot. I know I am missing tons of them. Evil Polyester Costumes Of Torture Every Person Comes Out Tired Every Pocket Comes Out Tapped Every Pocketbook Comes Out Thinner Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday Eisner's Personal Coin-Operated Toy * I know I am missing some really good Eisner ones.. "think"think"think"
  20. Those updates have been fun.. Man I have to wait another 5 months for our next cruise.. Grrr.. You guys really need to go on Freedom of the Seas, it beats the h#ll out of all the royal caribbean voyager class of ships, and the Sup. balcony rooms are bigger! Have fun be safe, and remember those hand rails are fun to stand behind, not on Or so I have heard. Ohh and stay away from the art auctions. 4 tubes and 20 pieces later, yeah. Whoops. Anyone need some art? Cheers! **** So a pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. The bar tendor says why do you have a steering wheel in your pants? The Pirate says Gwwrr shes be driving me nuts. My Cruise Company review.. royal caribbean = Fun, food only ok. Good variety of people class and skill wise. My choice for cruises currently. Last 3. disney = Nice ships, great food, gets boring on longer cruises. Great family ships! carnival = Larger boats are nice, and have a higher volume of dumb people, with dumb kids!!! Sorry but someone has to agree. holland america = I have found more of mature crowds. Old people! But these older people if you meet them at port rock, and are fun to hang out with, no joke! I haven't been on one of their ships, just all the people I have met at port. Doing shots with 50-70 year olds. Its funny!
  21. Kumba seat 8-4 awesome whip on the zero-g. Thats fun! #1. I have to stick with Inverted, I know B&M have since developing the inverted wanted a more unrestricted and better feeling of flight but, I just have not found that in there other models "aka floorless, flyer" Least Fav's. #1. Stand-ups, I never got it? Stand in line for an hour to stand on a ride? The track layouts are cool if they had another train type on it. #2. Hypers are fun, just need to be more intense and dramatic. (not a hyper fan) ohhh look a hill, hill, hill, hill, turn "weee" hill ZZZzz Zzzz ZZZzz...... With that said B&M Hypers are better then most the others in the US for over all ride quality, but I do have to say Intamin has beaten them for more fun.
  22. Um.. Well let me guess, how about. Legend? legend3_161.jpg Dude, you have got to at the least change the picture name from joyrides. Also when it says joyrides.com it kind of gives away the source of your material Cheers!
  23. Wind and cold if not warmed before running is very tough on Raptor. And any crew running the ride should and does know how picky that ride can be to run. First drop and exit of cobra roll are the scare sections from operating in high winds stand point. But also saying that, it's funny the winds have to be in the perfect direction and gusting at that one split second. The crew should have known better, and or called in for a wind reading. It’s not like it’s the start of the season with a fresh ride team. I cannot tell you how many times I had my hand sitting on E stop in order to try and catch the train entering the mid course. Thankfully I never had to but I know a few times at controls I almost had too. Sad part is the TL, or ATL that opened that ride was most likely written up and will not likely be in that position again next year, but they should have been watching the train. Because if you watched it on the block (which from Raptor’s controls the whole ride is Very viewable, and from sound you always know where the train is) you have a second to estop the ride and hope the brakes catch the first and or second car enough to keep it from rolling back. Cheers. PS.. I had been looking at that camera for a few weeks, thanks for selling me on it Time to toss my old Rebel 35mm..
  24. I agree awesome photos. That is so sweet about raptor you have got to post the photo. It had to be between the cobra and mid course. Please, please someone tell me Raptor Joe returned this season to work the platform and or she was on it for the roll back? And all I have to say is HA, thats what happens when some people don't listen to the ride platform either winds or too cold. The memory's.. hahaha. But stories best kept. Now the only question is was it loaded, or during tests? My guess from operating the ride it had to be during test runs as the train when cold with only 1 or 2 op's riding creeps the track very slowly. Add wind off the lake.. I now feel a little better since in 02 we went down and never got our final employee ride Who was sup in that zone this year? Cheers.
  25. It’s not impossible. Splash Mountain @ WDW I won’t say where and how but yes you can not only stop the log (safely, without getting out, and or putting other people are risk) but you can stack the logs too. It really messes up the intervals too and will cause a stack up for a while. You also have to be pretty strong too. It’s almost as fun as reversing or locking turnstiles and having the next person ram themselves. I miss the old ones. “I know I know” But before anyone tries to be dumb it’s really not cool, and FYI after 2 years of this hot spot in the early years they have now added cameras and lots of them all through out the ride that actually work due to all the wonderful people who like to get out of the logs. Yes Splash Mountain is famous for the lets walk along the flume. I have worked around a few rides and I might know how and where to screw with the employees when I do know the ones working a ride, but damn if I would EVER be dumb enough to try and get out of safety equipment and or the ride vehicle itself I will never understand these people. Just wait this chick will sue the park, and I hope the park mails her a life time supply of birth control to assist in saving the future from what we don’t need anymore of. Cheers!
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