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  1. Only thing I could see that would directly kill MM, is operational costs, labor maintenance, and property value. How many years would it take for that property to make as much as it could get in one sale, which could be 20+ seasons in one hit. I mean what companies could afford to #1. purchase and #2. upgrade it to their standards. CF, not a chance they just bought Paramount’s parks. AB, I don’t think they would want to mess with all the work required to try and theme it. GE, Fat chance, odds are they will sell the Universal parks as soon as they get a chance. I think they will keep MM, but I agree on the possible name change idea to sell in a different market. Cheers!
  2. I use to love fire, but ice wins hands down just because Ice has the cobra roll with the wall "sweet @ night" and the zero G roll. You cannot build a B&M inverted without a zero G roll, it's not right. Cheers!
  3. I doubt this will be the wing walker. Those short supports, and granted lack of gauging the size of the supports from a photo, they seem so small in dia. for such a load to support. The wing walker would like X, be a very heavy train with wide reach, and if this is a wing walker, wicked twisted all over again, I would give 1 month before you see them welding metal supports to the structure. Also some of the supports in those photos with the angles and short travel unless used on tall footers would not clear an over hang train design. I still think we might get 2 rides next year, 1 coaster, and 1 possible water ride to replace WWL. But until something really stands out, only thing for sure now, it's def. a looper. Can't wait for 08. Cheers! Rap, Mantis 02 crew..
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