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  1. Ha, Power Tower does have the best AC in controls although. RaptorboyASU what year did you work Raptor & Power? Or where you 03 with Mike for TL?
  2. That’s cool. Drink milk when you’re hungry. (If you can) If you hate drinking plain milk grab some frosted cheerios and have that for dinner. Also take your multi vitamins and a power bar for when you work out, jogging, etc. You can and will start dropping fast after a couple weeks with out losing tons of energy. It really does work, but moderate. Good luck! Now I just need to quite smoking. "grrr"
  3. Like RCFreak said, if they have a pulse they will hire you for something. And not sure if anyone touched on this subject. But since you want to meet girls while working stay away from Cedars for housing. If history is still correct that is still same sex interested mostly. Fyi. Nothing wrong with that by any means but I remember a ton of the foreigners who came in, and lived in Cedar’s I gather had a pretty decent shock to the system sort of speak. Bayside is a great location. One of the older units to live in but not as old as Cedars. It is also the easiest to sneak stuff in like pets, liquor, etc. But again if you get caught, you’re screwed or fired. (Near end of season they usually go on a firing binge too so be social with all the right people, and your sup’s) CP is an easy park to network if you are social and hit it off with the right people. Remember apartments have kitchens, dorms do not. Having a fridge, sink, and oven is the best and much cheaper then all microwavable dinners. Don’t worry about meeting girls; its easier then spring break in FL. For the most park dating at CP is like a hit and run accident. That’s as far as I’m going with that one. When I and a friend both worked at CP at the same time the girl he met, he his now married to and has a kid (Ref above statement, he hit but forgot to run.. Just kidding). And me and my ATL/TL from Raptor have been living together since 02. (I advise against in crew mating tho. To much drama and bs. If you go that route keep it very DL, or wait to end of season) Also underage drinking, or being drunk on grounds at housing will and can get you canned, even being caught with. Keep that in mind. As for the 1-2k then you’re cool. Your bonus after taxes should still be in the range of 1150 – 1400 unless they really cut hours back. If you drive, everything is very close so you will not need to fill up the tank every other day or anything like that. My mustang I had then I would say needed gas like every 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer. Keep us posted and let us know what you get.
  4. Honest, and best answer I can give you. If you really need to make money during the summer you might not want to do it. CP Just pays so low, and only the bigger rides will have the hours. I was working 76-78 pretty common. Is it worth it. Yes. I'm glad I did do it. I only wish I did it when I was younger, man I could of gotten into lots of trouble. The friends and contacts you will make are lifelong memories. Not to mention the view of guests from an operations stand point, priceless. (Screwing with guests in a professional manor is exceptable, and very enjoyable, not to mention the chance to rack ace members on a standup coaster) Housing. Like others have said, it really is a crap shoot. It depends on who your roommates are. Just watch what you bring with you. The wrong roommates and you will get ripped off. Dorms are just that, shared dorms with public rest rooms and showers. If you can transfer to a coaster, * Raptor is the best. Very easy to op, fast paced, and just fun. Best place to watch the storms roll in across the water. Rides favorite number is #30. * Mantis is fun but control layout sucks and will hurt after a while, patience is very much required, should be fast paced or you have a crummy crew. Buy lots of cheap sun glasses, you will lose them on on the evil spiral staircase of doom over the water. grrr. * MF, slow moving pace since it's always stacked, better to ride then work. A bad crew makes it even worse. (Sorry, but even my sup's said it was too slow paced for me when I transfered.) * Iron Dragon, Evil, boring, and damn hot during the summer with lots of bending over and rushing on 1 unload. * Wicked, slow paced, fun to op, and fun to pull back into the station. * Mean Streak, ok no offense! Most the people I have known to work that coaster where strange. Other then that. It's fun so go for it if you can, but again do not plan on making money from your summer. If you complete your contract the bonus is a nice extra but since it's a one lump some the gov. eats a nice chunk of it. Wait a min?? You have to stand up on Mantis? MF is a cake walk. You want guest experiences you want Mantis. Mantis is also best for guest revenge. "hehehe, wait I didn't say that" Good luck. Mantis/Raptor 02.
  5. Sweet. Why wasn’t I told about this? I would have jumped to Chicago for that. How big is the actual event? Like the gum ball dispenser, I never would of thought of rigging one of those on a unit, kind of cool idea. How were the vendor deals on parts? I have never been to a Pin show, just wonder if any deals can be found for parts? Thanks for sharing the pictures. (Every time I see the general public playing a pinball machine it’s kind of the same feeling as my girl friend rubbing the front chin of my car on a curb.)
  6. That's was interesting never really thought about this before. Mine (1/21/1977) I Wish - Stevie Wonder Heres some other interesting Jan of 77 facts for the music industry. January 1 The Clash headline the gala opening of the London music club, The Roxy. January 12 Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is fined 750 pounds for possession of cocaine which was found in his wrecked car on May 19, 1976. Richards was charged an additional 250 pounds for court costs and found "not guilty" of possession of LSD. January 26 * Patti Smith falls off the stage while opening for Bob Seger in Tampa, Florida. Smith is rushed to the hospital for 22 stitches to close head lacerations. While recovering, Smith writes her fifth book of poetry, Babel. * Fleetwood Mac's original lead guitarist, Peter Green, is committed to a mental hospital in England after firing a pistol at a delivery boy bringing him a royalties check * Alice Cooper enters rehab for his alcoholism, after ten years of drinking a pack of beer a day. January 27 After releasing only one single for the band, EMI terminates its contract with the Sex Pistols.
  7. Is this the Quality Inn that has the suite rooms? (mini fridge, small kitchen, etc) If so I know exactly where your staying, we umm actually flooded a room there once. No really don’t ask. Transportation.. Are there shuttles to the airport and area attractions? A: Yes! The Quality Inn International offers complimentary scheduled shuttle service to Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and Wet N Wild. B: Shuttle service is available to Orlando International Airport and other attractions for a nominal fee. Shuttles can be arranged by the Guest Services Desk or by making reservations with Town and Country by calling toll free: 1-888-363-1185, 1-800-443-0032 or 1-800-448-0171 http://www.orlandoqualityinn.com/ (if that’s your hotel) As for where to get off the bus at Disney, most likely it would be at TTC "Ticket Transportation Center", and you could monorail hop to Epcot. Disney transportation is free. (within grounds) Have fun, hope that helps.
  8. Begins was a great reboot for the series. Only issue I really had was the ending, it just got too generic at the end after such a great build up. I think Dark Knight is going to work, hopefully. I think Heath might play off as the best choice, and if they don’t kill if off at the end he is more then young enough to develop into a later story. Time will tell.
  9. I laid back a lot this year since it was a Wed. night. Next year is Friday so I will really have fun. (I did have many run aways this year, quick walk pasts, and crying kids) I always build my setups for psychological rather then just visual. 15 extension cords, 3 dmx controllable fog, and 3 dmx controllable strobes, audio & lighting controllers, 200' speaker wire, 2 animated life size custom props with x10 motion sensors, 1 custom made and mixed audio sound track, chillers, and secrets. As for fear of vandalism, I do the wiring layout weekend before, final build day of, and take down that night. grrrr. It was hard getting photos because of all the changes in atmosphere and lighting but enjoy. Hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween.
  10. I would say Universal also. Busch Gardens is a fun park but you can do the park so quickly every time I go I get bored after a while. Also, FYI. Westgate Towers behind Wet n Wild at times runs a promo for free Seaworld tickets with a 2 night stay. I want to say it was for 4 tickets last time I stayed. But never hurts, still less then a Universal resort usually and you actually get a 2 bedroom suite with a kitchen and small family room. Also don’t forget AAA discounts, especially for out of state on resort. Have fun.
  11. I don’t think anyone is trying to give him a hard time. More like people are sharing very valid points of view from experiences and history from those who have been driving for a while. The car is not unique, and you will not be the only one driving those. (Cough, production) Also honestly for a younger person this is a horrible car. You will not meet chicks with this car, well not any fun ones anyways, (when a priest gets more then you, that sucks). You will not be able to avoid situations due to its incredible 76hp. (hell my car has 224 more hp that that) and like others said no friends capacity, moving for college, well unless you want to live with your parents forever. I would fear for someone driving those. Here comes the next gen. of tree huggers and there hybrids, oh wait I feel a fart coming on…… “sniff” So if anything this is just fun to watch. I’m not impressed even though they seem to make it sound good. Smart Car crash below. (Controlled, no blood, or even clowns ;(" http://www.metacafe.com/watch/871776/smart_car_crash/ I love how they try to make it sound good as all the cheap panels end up inside on the drivers seat which would seriously hurt a driver in the car if not possible decapitate them, not to mention how mangled your feet would end up after this type of collision. Even the 35 mph hit the frontal damage would most likely break something in your legs and or feet. Also notice the lack of side impact testing. Nice, this car has a debris field and thats not cool when large sections separate like that. **Forgot to add this; Smart Car with a GSXR engine added. Ok now that would make for a fun go kart.
  12. So the real question is who will be the first one to put an oversized exhaust pipe and race wing on it? Oh and forgot the “Got Nos” decal. I think I would be more worried about safety in one of those. Mini Cooper’s are one thing but they are really built pretty damn solid, but not so sure how these are going to hold up, if at all. All I know is I WILL NEVER ride in a small car from the one and only accident I had. Dumb chick in a Toyota Echo pulled out for a left hand turn while I was doing 55 down the road. Long story short I was able to cut the wheel just enough to miss her driver door by about 8 inches. The rest of her car was smashed in about 2.5-3 feet from driver door to back bumper, and her head still took out the side window. The cop even said she most likely would have been dead if I didn’t get that slight cut in the wheel. So think of that when you buy your first car. “kind of cool though, my front license plate survived and had her wheel well engraved though the center of it so I kept it” I even asked her later why in the hell would you do that in front of a full size car, her answer was she thought she could make it. I really miss my GTP, I loved that car. So be safe.
  13. For the Transformers geeks. These are old but still so funny. Vid's do have some F-bombs, etc. Heads up if your at work. "The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime" "Heavy Metal Fight"
  14. If everyone would have listened to Al Gore all this could have been prevented. Damn you global warming! Jokes aside it seems a lot of CA people are on here, best of luck and wishes. Hopefully they will get some control of the situation but from the news I have seen it does look really bad. Last thing you want is a fire storm in a city. Bad deal..
  15. Coaster's: Big Thunder - for detail. Drachen Fire - I always liked the trains on Drachen Fire with the light strips. Looked really cool at night and the car design had a slickness to them. Simulator: Back to the future. Others: Test Track deserves props also, if anything for the idea of. 20 000 leagues. Prob one of the coolest ride vehicles made. King Kong Orlando, the whole cable car thing really was a neat idea but the ride did kind of blow.
  16. Hmm. Kitten out of the bag. Small spaces. Something lacking but would get attention and not cost to much for an add on. Wild Mouse? Either that or a red light district. Hurray cat house. So how would they declare the spec's for that ride. "wink. "Whole new meaning to you must be this tall to ride" Sorry forgot this was a Cedar Point thread. Or it could be an Aquatraxwildmousefloorlesswoodengigadivingflyerrocket coaster.
  17. B&M and downtime. As for long periods unless you had something major like a chain, structural, or motor without a back up then yes B&M coaster could go down just as easy. Wheels, and parts are typical and most parks have spears, not to mention the option of multi trains. Raptor had a good downtime the first half of 02, where the crews where actually working other rides while trying to fix the problems. I was at Mantis the first half the year until transferring to Raptor so I missed all that excitement. It was more then 1 or 2 days of issues for sure. (Actually kind of stuck around all year, #30) But most of the B&M errors usually are just the sensors while you’re at the parks. Honestly probably 97-98% off all downtime is triggered from sensors and or computer related issues, well not considering weather and guest illnesses anyways. Other fun areas can be: Transfer table. Typical area for sensors to go funky. Not too uncommon to go down after an operating day while transferring the trains off. *Cough Mantis. Air lines. Not uncommon especially in very climate prone areas. Every now and then during test runs you would hear an air blast @ mid course etc. Duck tape and fixed. Lightning hitting the lift can cause havoc but usually they can have it back up the next morning. Any coaster or ride for that matter can go down for a good period of time for one reason or another. Some have much bigger issues which trigger longer downtimes but thats usally related to design.
  18. Whoops. Sorry, I’m at work so I usually have to do skim reading and completely missed that, wow I’m special. My apologies. At least you’re joining one of our best friends military. I just hope one day we can all figure out a way to end so much of the BS taking place over there. I know a lot of US military personal have great respect for the Israeli military. Be safe So much hatred around that side of the world. As for LBFM’s, ummm, I sent that to you on private. Not appropriate. Sorry about that, I kind of missed the whole point… Doh!
  19. Instead become a proctologist so you can stick it to the man. Hey look at it on the bright side many years down the road when you are debating who has most sh!tty job. Hands down you should always win. Becoming a senator is way too easy and anyone can do that, see for yourself. Does this really need a comment?
  20. Just finally played with the theater option last night. You can get some cool screen shots and videos out of that. Here's a few shots from a couple games I played last night. I actually stood behind this guy for while doing a dance before I popped him. Lights out. Sticky on a dude in a tunnel = pretty
  21. If you haven't seen this, watch it. Goes with the mass produce it remark. http://break.com/index/halo-takes-over-the-world.html It's funny.
  22. & neck braces. Unfortunately most people took the names association as a new coaster fanatic group. Including the insurances company’s who across the world jumped on and conspired to support “Vekoma-ing” in hopes of raising costs and fees flooding in from personal injuries and hospital costs. 5 years after the birth of the signature movement the Insurance companies all dried up, their efforts where forced into bankruptcy due to the volume of claims for brain damage. Focus was lost and moved in favor of supporting of the O mighty Leprechaun while running around a yelling there always trying to steal my lucky charms….
  23. Agree with the burning bridges, especially at 2 parks. Disney is not for anyone looking to make money right off the back, and Disney housing is nuts. It takes years of a$$ kissing and luck to get you into those positions when they post plus those contacts. Well unless either you know someone to get you out of general operations or you want to head into like maintenance where you can probably make the most starting money for the company at the parks level. Either way you still have to know and work the politics game and deal with all the other umm things that you encounter  The theme park industry is 100% about contacts!. Piss off the wrong people and your next hospitality job will be “Are you checking in with us today” Ok I’m going to get a possible attacked for this, but!. Busch Gardens ride ops are not the best in the world usually in Tampa. So good luck but if things bothered you at Disney & Universal then I have a funny feeling you’re not going to be to happy in the long run with this park either. Slow paced and interesting personalities with many slow workers “Not all guys and girls so just relax” You might really be in the wrong career, job path. If working Shrek bothered you so much why didn’t you transfer or work with some contacts at other rides where they might have wanted to switch to something else. When something doesn’t go to plan fix it, don’t run from it. No offense it sounds more like you got fired then got bored with. No logic behind saying I got bored when your options are all over the table so you just left for another company in the same type of job. Starliner, hahaha.
  24. Man I really lucked out with the ring of death issue. I had it happen a couple of times but after reset it always works perfect. Sucks, but at least they extended the warranty for the game console so you guys won't have to mess with that one. I did pick up the game last night at 12:01. Only a played single mission and 1 online match. I like it. Going to take some getting use to although. They did switch a couple control locations so reloading and picking up weapons is a little different. And yes lots of kids with their moms waiting at midnight to pick up the game. Also many adults. Oldest I would say was around mid 50's. Cool dude kept saying he was getting it for his kids. FYI. Sam's club has the Legendary Edition for like 115, and they are still taking orders. Most places already have those sold out on the web.
  25. I have always been partial to the Huss Enterprise. That was my first upside down ride so I always go on them. Second would be, Graviton when it's run by drugged out hippies that will actually let you flip upside down and try to walk True story, Sea Food festival in Daytona Beach a long long time ago. (just don't learn forward, whack.) Those guys where so wasted.
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