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  1. WDW, love the engines. Nice break, and much better then the old days when they only had the 2 stops.
  2. ==================================== So by using the above logic… Obama should not be president? Obama is from a broken home, with a father who left him at the age of 2. (Sounds like a Springer headline?) Obama has admitted to past drug use. (+ broken home…) Obama went 17 years without paying parking tickets from Cambridge between 1988 and 1991. (17 Years, man we would have been arrested. That’s character.) Obama did attend a Muslim school, but also a Catholic school. Ether way he does have questionable, possible ties and or relations in which need strong clarification. Point being bashing a woman’s daughter who made a mistake? Obama says they will not attack, of course he would say that. That’s why they have groups who support him that will. (Swift Boats, example of structure) They claim no direct control and support but truly are. Also folks. Think about this. After every attack Obama comes out and say it’s not right to do that, makes him look caring while reminding people of the topic of issue. Do you really buy it? I think it makes him look guilty, just like I would question McCain riding the spot light of a hot topic. Obama flat out lied to the US public, 100% admits to the issues which took place at his church and the anti government, add in some colorful hate speeches and contradicting his (I would have walked out, moments) own words. To me personally this WAS A HUGE flip flop. And no this is a major issue. What he said, and then admitted. Can you really say he had a change of heart when in his own words he 100% admitted to BS’ing 100% of his speech? So if you worried about a knocked up daughter, WOW. I think it’s 1,000% wrong to tackle anything other then the running mates. Wife’s, sure I think wife’s should be equal in the dirt digging game since after all they could and can have effect on judgments. Everyone has a skeleton but not even 5 min after Palin was announced the Dem party went into damage control and then over time digging. It’s pathetic. I had said in the past I want to view this with an open mind, but to this day Obama has not explained anything and I find myself laughing after has speeches. Major topics either conflict with voting records, or he’s bending into pressure of the party. Now one might say so McCain does it too. You Bet, and they both flip flop pretty close to equally.. But Obama supporters don’t even know where his current positions even are and I’m sorry but he is really bad about catering to the crowds for reaction. Gay marriage: Voted NO for the bill that would have opened the door into states selecting their own laws and handling of such issue. Actual interviews seem to go in different directions with both support of, and no so much. (Funny for someone how actually votes so little to even use a N.. Maybe he meant NV?) Lobbyist money: This is so covered in BS across the board. Obama made a big deal out of it, and not (by definition of words as we find out later) excepting it with those great speeches. Yes he is, and does. But not with the definition of the words in which it is defined. Sneaky right. Tell the voters what they want to hear, when in reality you’re still doing it anyways. (Doubt me I have even have a CNN, Obama network spelling it out. Or if you want the gold MSNBC.) Actual voting record: For someone with such a short time behind him, he sure had a lot of NV votes. Off shore drilling: We all know how long that lasted right. NO.. well yes? Welfare: Which day? Green Technologies: Both parties seem pretty open to this, which is great! (As for big oil relationships.. They both have them. And Obama second dad was a manager for oil company over seas. Sorry don’t remember the company or name, should be easy to find, boy if that had been McCain... It would never end.) The Great Speaker: Not without a teleprompter. Still waiting for how he is going to try and force a pre debated structure of the debate with talking points, and teleprompter. Just wait. One way or another we will need the information before hand to have then write his speeches. Now in his own words. So which are you supporting? For the supporters? Now the supporter reply is to list all of McCains flip flops, and oh boy he has... But I have a real history to research on McCain to conclude my own personal judgment. Mistakes happen, but Obama’s mistakes also happen the most around the right crowds, and it’s just want they want to hear. Point being when I wrote this is this. Research the actual history of the 2 candidates below then base a judgment of their actually actions, and not the words. Wes I respect your views You have real reasons to support your view. Many still not not. I do not want everyone to only agree to what I think and or believe by any means, it's just frustrating to see so many who do not do the research themselves and conclude an answer based in McBush for a reply, or disgrace themselves by attacking a minor for doing what we did in high school folks. Could of happen to any of us in high school. Obama has many issues that need to be brought to the public and clearly answered, and they should be discussed far more then they have been. Besides the flips on topics, Remember president of the United States, not your home owners *Sorry if this is kind of shuffled been jumping on/off writing this during my free time… McCain voting record: http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=53270 Obama voting record: http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=9490
  3. I know I'm probably adding fuel to a fire, but if you're going to use the "flip-flop"/"I don't know where he stands" argument against Obama, then you need to include McCain too. He's changed his positions of plenty of issues. Here's a list of things he's changed his position on: http://www.thecarpetbaggerreport.com/flipflops I'm certain there are instances listed that are probably debatable, my only point here is that BOTH CANDIDATES do this. You can't call out one and not the other. They are both guilty of doing it. 100% agree Wes! I didn't mean for McCain to be the one by any means. Reason I ranted was because many people seem to think Obama is flawless. (You know the ones I'm talking about) I fully support anyones view as long as they are not based on CNN or party loyalty, rather true self decisions made. Many people seem to lack that which by far I consider the scariest. Just between them I know what to expect from McCain. Neither of them are the best person for the job in the big picture. I have said in the past, if Obama had waited another term or 2 I would have very likely supported him but with the lack of actual accomplishments sounds like a lot of hot air with much wasted time for someone who so much wants to change things. He comes across as a crusader with a great cause, but not until we was going to run for president? Thats my conflict with him. Problem is the good ones are to smart to even bother trying. Hope that made sense, but yes both are of the same evils when it comes down to it.
  4. Thank you!! There is hope in this country after all! Personally besides Beemerboy our options kind of suck. As usual it is more of who’s the best of the worst options kind of deal. Obama, I just don’t get him. And I truly do not think he is running for the right reasons and have grave concerns with someone running this countries military who has pretty much yes manned his entire "short" political career. Every time I hear someone say they support his policies I wonder to myself which one from which week? (Not to mention ask them one thing he has done) I think his party in congress has done enough “change” for this country already. Then again like Bush or hate him the economy didn’t tank until the Dem’s took over congress and achieved absolutely nothing. The war bombed on both sides and the finger pointing is kind of ridiculous. Either way with McCain, I know what to expect good and bad and to me that’s much better then a good speaker. The party system needs to be abolished and we need to base decisions merely on who is the right/best person for the jobs. Now as for the monorail transit system, I’m 100% with you! But they have to be Blue stripped, or at the least have blue led interior lighting.
  5. One word: Detroit. Sorry but most likely true, otherwise redneck.
  6. You have NO idea.!! Won’t even get into that one. Grrr. Guests. I will say this, controls has it the worse in recheck, release, etc. My fingers are locking up just thinking about it. As for smoother riding. Rows 1-5, (center 2 seats for absolute smoothest). Closer to the front the better. Riding, Simple. Stand up, just like normal, nothing tricky but think of it as standing against a wall. (This really seems to stump people Keep you legs straight down from your body’s position. (Basically heels against the back board, legs forward and you will regret it with a slight slip) The seat support you will need to have fairly close or they will (should not) dispatch your train. Don’t worry about privates, as long as you do not bend your legs, and keep your heels back the seat will not smash anything. If you think a low seat is that way to go your way off. Physics will win this round. **One spot of suggestion, in the transition right before heading into the mid course (left/Right hill), tip toe the floater spot, otherwise the weightlessness and return can hurt a little for guys. ***If you do not hear the trim break on the first drop, make sure the seat is closer, you really do not want to give a little in your legs and accelerate your weight into the seat. Without trims this ride is night and day, while smoother throughout it pulls MUCH more G’s in that first vertical. Bring on the pain suggestions: *Row 8, only way to a ride a B&M. (8-4 all the way) *Once you leave the mid course block get ready to brace your weight against one side of the harness and get ready to rattle your fillings out. Still my favorite ride too operated. More fun and many more ways to get back at annoying guests.
  7. Do not play with the wireless adapter. Not sure why but creates an extra fraction of lag in fps games. As for the annoying people just mute all. I only open the mic when I’m playing with friends or in good team games, otherwise mute. If you ever go for online look me up and we will play. I’m also one of the for fun players unlike the “cough, got skillz players” Just imagine how the annoying people would be without a real reporting network setup. At least with xbl you can have peoples accounts canceled. Nice thing with xbl is the banning options and reporting system. And yes they will ban people via console or gamer tag. I have also heard of a lot of banned xbl users switching to the PS3 and PSN so watch out. Also for the 360 users... Hey anyone interested, Gears of War pre order with a life size Lancer gun for 139.99. (includes free game in price) http://www.amazon.com/Gears-Amazon-com-Exclusive-Lancer-Xbox-360/dp/B001CLYL24/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1218565010&sr=8-1 Oh yes I did… Grr stupid November 7th. All in all both systems are good systems. They both have different strengths and weakness. Which ever is better for you go for it. But to this day for hardcore gaming and FPS type games the 360 is your only true option. Think otherwise go play Orange box on a PS3, then on a friends 360, boy is the PS3 user going to be ticked.. Nice load and renders right Truth is developers do not care about the PS3 (Which does suck) thats why they lack the support, updates, and maps the 360 user get, or why the 360 users get them way before the PSN releases them. PS. XBL year memberships can be bought on ebay for like 6.99 + (For the year) Fyi. xbl: raptor2002 GOW Lancer prop for pre order.
  8. Heres the new Xbox 360 navigation releasing this fall via free download, system update. New features are going to be pretty cool. I'm still digging the whole multi game download in hard drive without disc needed in the system for fast/quick play. COD4, Halo3: xbl: raptor2002
  9. ^^^ Yes it has a surge suppression built in. Wall jack. Yes this will and did stop red rings from appearing. My 360 was from 2006 and started RROD this year after I got GTA4 after about 2 - 5 min of play. Talked to my brother in law who is an hardware engineer for a company and works on most the special projects. Long story short he pretty much knows his stuff with systems and hardware. Trust me on that one, not much I cannot do with a computers, hardware, etc. but when he talks I always listen. (Yes I thought it was BS also, never heard of that before, I did also verify it with Microsoft.) But basically yes I did take his word, and it does and did fix it. Months later and not one single time has the system even flinched verses multi times a week if not daily before. Also most the people I have seen posting about the RROD that I have replied to with what I learned have had their problems go away in ref. to to wall socket and removing the cooling kits. So if your having RROD's at all try it and tell me it doesn't work. Def. agree core runs way hot, actually about as hot as a PPB on a pinball machine. Thats why YOU really want to run them standing in the upright position, it dissipates the heat much better but also you must give them fluent air space. The case really needed a better cooling setup. And yes the CSR's are a joke, almost as bad as Dell hardware support, ha. As for reliability I know first hand the Wii also has issues. I bought 6 last year, kept 3 for me and as gifts, 3 hit eBay, 1 of my 3 was DOA. (In fairness I think they were even surprised.) It's going to happen, just some people blow things out of proportion, but again first Gen was def. trash, and most those who are directly effected are Game stop refurbs nowadays. PS3 I only know 1 person personally who had to send it in for repair.
  10. Hardcore, and online gaming = 360. Gears 2 this fall, Halo Series, most other games are multi platform. Also probably this fall as MS has announce for the new dashboards (ripping off the Wii and the Mii characters) will allow multi game downloading into the systems hard drive for fast load and quick selection. This ways you can have 3 of your game discs on the hard drive. Looks sharp. PS3 online play = free. Xbl = 49.99 a year, or shop eBay for a cheap code. Really is a good network although and has the best structure. Also will actually ban people for doing things they should not. I have played the PS3 and still I am not impressed. The 360 is a better unit for gaming and I much prefer the 360 Sega designed controller. If you want a blue ray player buy an actual Blue Ray player not the PS3 for it. The PS3 has a very slow drive for BR. Most the people I still know use it for movies more then gaming, and many went back to the 360 for one reason or another, but some are still die hard fans and some that where have even admitted they should have bought the 360. Graphics wise flat even with the 360 tad better in rendering distance and details or objects which makes sense to the limited memory the PS3 has built in. (Compare games and compare backdrop and you will see what I mean, the PS3 has more of a fuzzy distance draw, where the 360 remains sharp and crisp, also the 360 lighting engine seems to have better code also.) Everyone who brings up Red Ring, ok here’s the deal. Early models the boards over heated in which caused the solder to actually crack/break. Really was a design issue as the board should not have been in that casement. The newest versions on the market are on, I want to say are 3rd or 4th generation of the boards (Do not buy a used one) Not to mention the 3 year warranty so your fine. Don’t! *Do not plug the 360 into a power surge strip, the big box on the power cord already has one, and this will cause red rings, hardware load errors on boot. Plug the 360 directly into a wall outlet! (Honest) Surge strips cause most the red ring errors. *Do no use ANY cooling units with the tower, again will cause hardware stress and red rings eventually. ((They do not cool the console!!)) * Lay the console flat, stand the console upright if possible, it operates much cooler. You really need ventilated space for it.
  11. I wish anyone luck who tries to rebuild this property but you pretty much have everything going against you and this sounds like a Wild West World outcome. Whats the draw? Problem is people usually do not go to New Orleans for a theme park and the local economy is to weak to support such an operation, and that was before the storm. Honestly that location needs to be leveled. Reality is its going to happen eventually. PS. Hurricanes are not planned, they can, do, and will happen whenever. For example when the hurricane was about to hit New Orleans people then also thought it was not going to happen. Best to plan for always and not think to much, especially since the storm that took out New Orleans was not even close to being one of the biggest in pure power.
  12. I have to agree Robb, when was the last time PKD, or KD or whatever, ok any ex-paramount park received multi rides period, as if years in a row? Hardly anything to complain about. Just because CF bought these parks you should not expect them to give the Point treatment (Be thankful for that) anytime soon. What you should expect is lots of trash cans, little shade, 3 dollar water and a snoopy bounce with pierced nipples doing the bondage thing with chains holding him down. Also nothing wrong with flats, adds verity since after all the parks do have to cater to everyone. Personally I would take a really free spinning spider ride over most the newer flats in a heart beat. Either way better then nothing, but I fully agree KD with a Ferris wheel seems odd and out of place just thinking about it. Now if anything, everyone should be trying to figure out what clever names they may just give these new rides. Ferris wheel: Flight deck observation spin. Spider: Fracture, the hairline experience. (Sometimes known as Mr. 5 arms) Magic Carpet: Fatigue Rocks! (Depending on which Magic Carpet this is)
  13. I hardly consider Patriot a fluke. Not only did it greatly increase attendance, it is also a great ride. The way people are treating WOF is disgraceful. This is WOF, not CP, SFMM, or SFGAdv. -Justin "No one seemed to laugh at IB or HW's sad attempts at making advertisement teasers" Seabaugh Let me adjust that remark as it was taken in the wrong direction. The Patriot was a fluke remark was because CF actually spent money on the park for that attraction verses the typical little to very lacking attention this park normally receives other then reductions and black asphalt. For the record I loved the old WOF before CF killed it after purchase. It's not a bad park but also not the same that it once was when it did have a more (seems like) interested owner. Cheers!
  14. It's sad and every single press release so far has mentioned nothing other then the brewing side of the company. Shall see... This still has a couple of chances for falling apart, but I still say this fate is sealed and the parks + other non cores are going to change hands. As stated only a couple of US companies could handle this type of operation, and only really 2 have the capital to do it but most likely would never. Odds are they will be broken up if sold to secure buyers unless a large over seas group takes them. (Even more insult to injury) So next question is, who's refunding my Platinum pass when the parks separate, if indeed they do?
  15. A new wood coaster using recycled lumber from Mean Streak Hurray for the environment! We can all wish, and hope! After all when was the last time WOF got something new, and big? Patriot doesn’t count, that was a fluke. I just hope they go back to basics and build us a fun classic in sense wood coaster. Air, sudden drops, quick turns = fun! I will be surprised if a couple new rides (for the park anyways) + the coaster do not appear next season.
  16. Say goodbye. *Lawsuit was before they upped buyout offer and more of a handling issues then would be related to the new offer. Too good of an offer, but… Only way out is to orchestrate with the likes of a powerhouse of investors to offer a matched or slightly higher offer (50 cents higher, boy that would piss them off) and accept the offer (kind of late for this tactic), or continue along the Yahoo path and see what happens. Other long shots, the government in which a couple members or government have been vocal and could make this a nightmare to purchase, unlikely but hey anything is possible with our government nowadays I think this is a sold personally. If I was to make the call “I” would fight but money talks. Reason #..... Why our company will never be publicly traded. Time will tell, but one thing I believe will be certain the parks will be sold under new ownership. As for why, increased debt that could be offset by non core operations make for happier balance sheets. Not many companies are capable of handling such a diversity of operations. Now the really crappy part, if the parks where sold most likely it would be overseas buyers as not too many chains if not only 2 companies in this country could afford such a purchase. Disney would never even look twice as if once, and GE.. GE might still be seeing the potential in revenue from the amusement industry but unfortunately Busch Parks will not come with a media related, etc. from purchase. But then again could the trademarks and rights alone be enough to gain attention by GE for consideration not to mention global operations? (All purchases are viewed in terms of gain, including trademarks, etc. When you buy, you buy the nuts and bolts too. Hey anything that could make a dime) GE also has major market loss right now so I would also find them doubtful but who knows. Sucks if they except, and I hope they fight!
  17. Or would this be survival of the shortest, that is the question? Nobody deserves to die, OK almost no body deserves to die after thinking about that. Some people due to lack of up bringing make choices to better insure this fate while thinking nothing could, might, can happen. Events like this should be eye openers to these parents special little angels (But of course this could and would never happen to little bobby) And I'm sure this kid spent most his life saving sick animals, and helping the homeless, blah, blah blah. As usual the system will be at fault, the company will be sued and no one will ever learn other then the one who intentionally went into a piss poor location for jumping jacks. As for the age, outcome and action I have no pity other then for those who unfortunately had to witness this moron. After all it’s not like it’s an accident, rather a very dumb and poor decision that by the age of 17 they had no excuses to not know any better. Condoms are a great thing, maybe IQ test should be required before people can legally mate Now lets get to the real question here, is the train ok?
  18. Multi-Loop: Drachen Fire. (Yes I said it) Simply for being the most unique Arrow design and I always had fun riding it. You just had to know how to sit and where to brace Prototype: X. Still has not been fully visualized and utilized for what this ride system could be, and can do. But still a very fun ride either way.
  19. It’s funny because far and between some people truly do not understand him or his rants. Carlin had a true classic art form taking hot topics “in which would really get under someone’s collar” and running them in an actually intelligent point of view in sorts (and to degrees) one thing this world does not need less of is outspoken people with an actual point of view. Those who say he’s an a$$, etc. Congrats people like Carlin assisted in you being able to still call him one. (Heck he’d be proud) the man was awesome and agree @ 71 the man looked great and was just as grumpy and fiery as ever, slightly slower but still good ol Carlin. About 2 years ago I finally got to see him for the first time ever when he hit Jacksonville and it was a blast! All in all I agree with an article I came across which said, the world just became much less funny. Some Favorite Carlin stuff I haven’t seen posted! “I’m sticking to the clean ones. I know they want the PG13 environment in here ” How to piss off a feminist; An it does not take a lot of imagination to piss off a feminist. All you gotta do is run into NOW headquarters or Ms. magazine and say, "hey, which one of you cute little cupcakes wants to come home and cook me a nice meal and give me a ****job! I woke up the other day and the first piece of news on television was 'last Tuesday marks Mickey Mouse's 78th birthday. That's not news! You know what I say? ***** Mickey Mouse! ***** Mickey Mouse up the ass! ***** Mickey Mouse up the ass with a big rubber *ick!" *These I had to grab online couldn’t think of his clean jokes… hmmm.. The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, "You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done". I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don't have as many people who believe it. 2,443 dirty words on his website in the documents category. The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live. If someone loves you and they leave and don't come back, it was never meant to be. If someone loves you and they leave and come back, set them on fire. There's nothing funny about rape.....unless you're raping a clown. Sailing isn't a sport, it's a way to get somewhere. Riding a bus isn't a sport, why the ***** should sailing be sport? New Ferret from this weekend, Carlin.
  20. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,370121,00.html I have nothing to say to this! RIP, and give them hell!
  21. ^^ That seems kind of dumb. Would cost less to build a replica after tear down and rebuild. http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=91687&catid=3
  22. I saw this yesterday but wasn't sure if it was legit since the news media wasn't running it, even his Company's website had no mention. Just sad. Really sucks, another great down the pipes and as said so many have no clue who these people are and how much they are the movies of those shallow stars.
  23. Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,367642,00.html So… With our current price of gas many readers would find this both interesting and kind of a what the… Interesting but am I the only one who sees the potential problem here? “they feed on agricultural waste such as wood chips or wheat straw” So when bacteria spreads and begins to destroy crops, and creates a new form of termites would that be a concern? Microbiology scares the h#ll out of me with so many people are saying could, but never thinking should. Messing with bacteria just never seems like the brightest of ideas. Not to mention everything eventually mutates. So what do you think? Would you fill up on Bug Out. The gas companies have been cr@ping on us for so long, but literately! I guess that would be a new twist to the saying.
  24. *CP. Does have it's own police force sort of speak. Mixed in with bonded and non bonded officers/security. Usually they hire law enforcement also which is why you will see officers carrying in the park. Well I guess that also answers my questions from a few days ago in the other SFA topic in which I questioned violence in the park. As for the knife, don’t forget they have plastic bladed knifes that are just as lethal/sharp and undetectable on metal detectors not to mention very easy to buy (Not that almost anything can be used as a knife, heck they could have sporked the poor person). My guess would be parking lot for the location but with it being SFA anything is possible. We really cannot attack the front gate/checkpoint without knowing the details. Real question do all the metal detectors really even work, or is it another false security? Another SFA drug deal gone bad, pity!
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