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  1. LOL! You think SFA is ghetto?!?! LOL SFA is not ghetto at all, if you think its ghetto, then you don't know ghetto! Yeah there are still drug dealers, but thats not the park's fault, I mean sure they could at least try to do something about it, but you just get over it after a while. I havent seen a fight there in about 4 years, there are play fights all the time though. I guess it has gotten better since 2000, but I never thought it was "thug ville" lol I guess I should rephrase that. When you were around 6-8 the elements in the park were ghetto. And yes it used to be bad. The park was cute, had a crummy navigation and layout but was cute. The park was always known back then as a gang park, and during the transaction to the SF name they did try really hard in cleaning it up at first and get familys to actually come to the park. But I know for myself personally I got tired of the violent issues more so then the drug trades (In which they didn’t even try to be discreet about). Just don’t make eye contact, and leave before dark and you are fine. Problem they had a lot of people who use to go into the park were drunk or drugged up. My personal favorite memory was a couple in front of us up ahead walking when a group of I guess gang members for no reason swung at the guy, then tossed the woman to the ground.. Great Park! That really big security guard that use to always be in the park came running in. That was also my one of my final visits. Violent outbreaks and guests being forcefully removed was not uncommon, not to mention guest who refused to get off the rides and employees who were to scared to do anything about it, parking lot you knew to really keep an eye on your surroundings, etc. Glad to hear the violence issue seems to be tamed although. SFA seemed like a park with much possibilities in which were never achieved. One day I will give it a shot again maybe.
  2. I have avoided putting my opinion out for this one, but the movie has been out long enough. All I have to say is I’m glad there is not much more of my childhood left for Lucas to rape. The first 3 Indy more basically dealt with or around religion, or religious beliefs. This one, GRRR. Beginning of the movie Indy says put your hands down you’re embarrassing me, then follows by literally directly assisting the enemy in its goal. The whole nuke the fridge part… Marion, man I really wanted to see her land some punches, denied! The whip, the signature this is an Indy movie. 1 Time, 1. Revolver..? I suck at writing, hey that’s not what I do but I could have come up with a better story written in water colors and crayons. George Lucas. Maybe he didn’t get the memo or what, but damn George. This guy has got to be very stuck on himself! The other part that really ticked me off was the cgi, and the embarrassing cgi at that. It sucked and was some of the lowest quality I have seen in a long time. My personal opinion for this film is this. It looks slapped together, it looks like it was rewritten most likely daily during shoots, and the outcome was a quality/story on par with an Allan Quatermain movie. Damn you George Lucas!!!
  3. Wow MD must have a very lax test for becoming a life guard. Thank god I’m a good swimmer. I mean I have seen larger life guards before but not like that! Honest question, how less ghetto is SFA nowadays. I have avoided that park since my last visit in like 2000. Every visit at least 1 small group fight, could still watch drug sales, etc. Is it any better or still thug ville? I hope I never drown at this park!!!
  4. Agreed, but... If by noticed you mean the multi forms I have received from Yahoo trying to cover their bottoms. I’m one of the ticked off holders on the MS deal who strongly supported the take over. Jerry Yang is a fool anyways. But the Yahoo item is important to how this might unfold. If AB wants to truly try keeping the company upon rejecting the offer (Granted InBev does not counter offer) The outcome of the Yahoo legal issues will be major in the way companies handle offers in the future. I’m sure AB is watching that one very closely and might even prolong this offer to feel for its outcome. Either way as said I believe this will be nasty, and very surprised if this is an easy hand over. Saying that Yahoo also is a company in shambles per say on the operations side where as AB has a better leg to stand on when it comes to fighting. Bud has lost major market share but they still have more room/markets/avenues. This one all comes down to the majority holders and their views.
  5. Problem with the spin off. Technically. If AB Spun off a division, it would have to be 100% separated with no affiliated connection directly to main parent company. Basically you would need too setup a fresh new company #B. Sell or write off the transaction to #B while the second company would now claim that as sole ownership and if choosing to go public would trade under a separate symbol for the new company. This would create more of a partnership relationship which would not be affected in such a case. Sounds easy, but this is a huge deal. Imagine a whole new company, accounting and all. It would report to itself and it’s board or CEO. This would need to take place before acceptance of offer, otherwise be negotiated into the purchase of the company upon acceptance of Inbev’s offer. Now if AB was smart this choice has options of making Inbev sign into a decade contract of sponsorship of the new separate run company. Some companies create a division which separates the revenue and tracking but still maintain them as a single ownership on paper and legally are one in the same. Example would be GE, with multi division and one parent. If GE was bought, it all goes with the parent. GE sub levels are more of a DBA (Doing business as) in sense. Where as Apple had Pixar as a separate company before Disney. Apple revenue could not directly go into Pixar in sense and vise versa. Pixar equipment was bought from Apple, not supplied and the only relationship was Jobs.
  6. ^*cough. Yahoo. I agree AB beer does suck. I really doubt they will accept the first offer. Now the big questions which has yet to fully appear are the major holders, and those holders views on this offer. I think this is such a large company with lots of shareholders one way or another, this could get nasty. To bad Yuengling couldn’t go after a hostile take over. The parks are a big concern, not to mention all the programs AB does fund into. As I stated earlier the big picture. Like the beer or hate it you have to admit AB does a lot of environmental, wildlife, education, etc. Beer wise I could careless but if everything else is lost then that would be truly sad and an actual loss. As for the Parks going private equity.. Man that’s a 50/50 shot. Such overhead you would have to have a very strong group too make it work and many of those groups would penny pinch them to death or be scared to invest into markets with possible continual downturn. The way I figure it, Inbev could, and just might be like GE and find out; hey we can actually make money from this! But most likely the first reaction would be what could we sell these for. Time will tell.
  7. ^ Correct in the past remarks had been made during the talks of, that they wanted nothing to do with the parks. As for if they did worm into this purchase and take it over then yes the theme park operations would be directly effected and either kept or sold off. I really hope they hold off the bid, one thing is for sure the offer should be too low. Now if they would have gone for a 69-72 a share it would be VERY tough to fight. The overseas interests are smart to attack with the weakness in the dollar but it’s really kind of getting old and pathetic to see large US companies becoming victims. Did you guys also see who’s trying to buy a huge stake in the Chrysler Building! http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5jTuV_f1OG7AAvygoOcimtQ10zudQ There is a much bigger picture issue too this, theme parks aside.
  8. ? Dark video is far from horrible. Possibly the earlier models or such. Below is my new Canon HF100 HD flash memory cam. As for the professional video cameras I wish I could help I was always more of a film 35mm hobbyist and just now starting to play with video more. The Canon has built in dual channel Dolby digital 2 channel audio but also a mic input, multi add on options, etc. Small form, less then a pound. Controllable mic audio input via onscreen levels, flash memory, etc. Shoots 24p Cinema. HDMI, USB out, etc. Depends on the level you are needing. 649.00 us newegg.com Con: No touch screen! Could have more program options Untitled.wmv Canon HF100, easy setting, not even in night mode but set at 24p cin. Much cleaner on TV, hurray compression.
  9. Best hat in the world. Kong Lives! And yes I bought it with no liquor what’s so ever and will be wearing it on my next Universal Hollywood visit. thehat.wmv Kong Lives
  10. Def. agree on CMOS. The HF100 exceeded what I had expected. I just added a couple stills set on mid resolution from this weekend, and no advanced settings. I'm pretty please. I grabbed tons of video this weekend but until I get some time to render them all out these are my only outputs to share right now. Right now, this cam rocks for video and stills. Very impressed. I will add some video shots once I get the compression thing figured out for size and quality.
  11. Intamin rides come down nice and safely...yes...just with some people missing evey so often. ^ What they said... Intamin does build far better quality rides. Well minus they usually need to be re supported after build, and I know MF sometimes coughs up a nut or 2. Don't ask I will not tell. S&S *Cough "Collapsing tower" *Cough "Vertigo... Cough... Conclusion. I would rather see nuts falling from a coaster at times far and between then large parts being tossed off or collapsing. Hey at least the ride op's hit e-stop. Had this been a Six Flags park... Oh boy.
  12. ^ Thanks for the reply. Yea the compression had scared me and I knew to stay away from DVD & Hard Drive based units, but figured TPR advice would be the best for this decision “Screw consumer reports” I fully agree the mini dv’s are awesome for price and quality and I loved the Samsung I had for a long time, but chassis size is still an issue. Same reason I had finally gotten rid of my Canon Rebel 2k, it was just too big. I just got to the point where I was shooting more and more video out of my digital cams so figured why not find a DV cam that can do both without having to spend their life in a locker. So I bit the bullet and went ahead and ordered the VIXA HF100 . Size wise it will fit secured in cargo pants like a Sony Cyber shot cam only thicker and slightly longer. I figured for 290 difference in price, no tax, free ship and it seems like a camera that will be usable for some time. 650 (Best buy wanted 859) for a 900 camera and 2 year extended warranty was only like 70, and 60 for a 16 gb sd card. Just seemed silly to get the FS100 at 359-399 when this one was pretty loaded up and fractionally larger. I’m really digging the prospect of having flash memory for storage! I have it coming in for Sat. delivery so I will play around and get some test video and stills up for you to checkout and see if I made a wise or moronic decision! Thanks again.
  13. Glad I just renewed our passes This will be a great addition for Orlando and I'm glad again AB has chosen a coaster no one else has in the area. So the question is.. Seems like AB does things in 2's here lately. So anyone wondering if a 2nd flyer might be already in the works/plans for another park in chain?
  14. I’m looking at the Canon FS100 SD Camcorder and wondering if anyone has used one? I’m really not concerned with it not being HD by any means. My last video camera was a mini dv years ago so not sure what to expect in quality compared to that one. I love the size, and features. Really like the SD storage, and it comes in blue But I am concerned with the small lens and possible quality in night and action/motion shots not to mention the focus. I just want something I can grab video and stills, yet still secure it in my cargo pants pocket at the park. So any advice or experience using one is much appreciated and thanks in advance. FS100 http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&fcategoryid=2544&modelid=16185 *** Found another one, what about this one? I think for the 290 in difference I might just get this. Only 5.1" long roughly 2.9 x2.5" h/w. Less then 1 pound. Vixia HF100 899 retail / 649 @ newegg. 1080HD, SD mem. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16830120239
  15. What type of cast is this? Forearm, whole arm? Freedom points of movement, bendable @ elbow? Agreed forearm is not a problem but if you have to have the sling that could be a problem even with a small cast. Also if this is still a pretty recent brake I would suggest avoiding any coasters or other rides which cause strong forces or hard vibrations. Broken arm sucks, having to have it re broken to heal right sucks even more. When in doubt have the person verify with the doctor before a ride op clears them for entrance! Good operators judge by the type of cast and if it hinders the rider from safely securing themselves in and during the ride. (Parks work more on a visual assessment based on the company's core rule set.) OTSR might be a problem at Rock N. Others should be ok again depending on the type of cast, etc. The sling part could possibly limit even TOT although. Just depends. Tell me exactly what kind of cast/location of/setup and I will ask for you. A very close person I know writes the procedures for operations and I needed to call her anyways, she should know. Good luck!
  16. I was trying to think of something very random.. So this is why they did not theme it to Halo.
  17. Here we go.. Fast ones but enjoy.. * Forgot to add the flying elephant.. ..And true, that movie really did not make the most sense, funny on the other hand.. Now back to work... Hurray! If you have not seen Idiocracy this might not make sense. I really have no idea where this was going.. Finally X2 brings us the new trains with… flying elephants
  18. Actually that’s why this is interesting. I’m kind of a backyard amateur astronomer so I am always very intrigued by new discoveries, etc. Saying that I constantly read up on a lot of nerd blogs, and places for people who are big into telescopes and stuff and the thing that has actually gotten our attention is the fact that nothing has leaked. This is very odd for such a bold media call. Not to mention everything always leaks out of NASA. I hope it’s nothing tragic by any means the world I think has had enough heartache here lately. My guess is also a black hole anchoring what they believe to be the center of the galaxy. Any other black hole announcement would be pointless as they just disclosed one a few weeks ago in the milk way if I remember correctly but even that had leaked out early. Dark energy was my first wonder but the phrase object again sidelines me from that and rather would believe DM as more of an anomaly. Then again NASA also would never announce anything unless it was about to become widely known one way or another. 50 years of NASA looking for something, now that’s asking for sarcasm.
  19. Question? Do you need the console code or game code for Mario Kart? Just wondering why they have 2 different codes? Thanks.
  20. Ford bought back my 06 Mustang “lemon law”, so I went for a safer choice (after a year of working with engineering) and got a 08 Fusion v6 SEL in Jan of this year with sport suspension/tire pack, ambient lighting, etc. Oddly for my first ever non sports coupe, I actually really like this car. And yes Sync system is incredible, much better then the voice system I have seen in BMW, and other luxury branded cars. My only real gripe with the Fusion, v6 is it’s not available with 6 or 5 speed manual, and they could have gone with a more aggressive gearing. As for the picture, anyone going out near Dollywood check out sunsetcottages.com for some pretty good rates for log cabins with hot tubs, pool tables, etc. Cheers! Thaaaaannnnnnkkkkkks!
  21. How about ride advertisements that failed, or examples of ride/park brochures that should have been rethought? The park maps and brochures have been asking for it… *Light bulb.. rejected new items for it’s a small world’s rehab… Be pretty easy to add some colorful scenes and endless imagination.
  22. So what do you think? . Object in our galaxy should rule out dark matter, gases etc. . Chandra and land based is interesting. . NASA is not 50 years old. . Non Mars related. Thats the 15th briefing. . 50 Years, hmm Seti was started in 1959. Might NASA actually announce something big for once? They usually do not setup announcements like this.
  23. Restraints are fine, safe, and beyond far and between cause of death and loss of guest during a ride. Almost all issues are caused by; * Dumb people. You know the hey look what I can “splats” * Bad operations letting people who shouldn’t ride, ride. *Cough Superman ROS bounce. So your concern should be how many accidents have been caused due to restraint failure within ride design and accommodation. You want to know what the most dangerous ride in a theme park really is. The Steam Locomotive/or boats, followed by sky rides/cable cars. Hey if it makes you feel any better or worse, Atlanta traffic is 1,000,000,000 times more likely to take you out then Mind Bender, or any current modern coaster. Actually the maintenance performed on the plane flying you over is far scarier.
  24. Correct housing is what happens after process in and is not on the applications, etc. Also note! Get your parking pass quick and early if needed. Honest the ghetto bus sucks and if you miss the bus you can still drive in and make it to work on time, but without the parking pass your going to pay. Just smart planning. Now you could rent a house with some friends off property but unless you get in earlier, and have a few solid friends to depend on the prices are steep & limited closer to the opening you get. But Bayside, out side apartments/houses will offer you the most privacy. Housing is not fully pick able either, warning on that one, it more of an assignment or limited picks, you would be very lucky to get Bayside. **Be friends with the personnel at housing, trust me they will help you get into other rooms as they open up. Never worked or knew anyone in that department so sorry I can’t help more. Have fun and use protection…. High SPF that is. Oh and hey, after I want to say 3 weeks to 1 month (This might have changed) you will be eligible to transfer to attractions if you want to go for it. Rides crews shift a lot in the very beginning and near end of season not to mention the firings from bad workers. Once in rides it will be easier to transfer to different ones. Become friends with you supervisors, and transferring will even be easier. But getting into rides as soon as possible will be your smarter move otherwise you might get trapped the whole season. Fyi. Ha, or go for vending I’m sure Scott is still there and a very good guy to work with. Good luck.
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