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  1. Even freakier we where at Pleasure Island Saturday night and walked back, stumbled, rolled, anyways some how got back to Buena Vista Palace around 2:00 am’ish. Heard it on the news the next morning when we woke up for check out, kind of freaky. Glad they got away.
  2. I want my Ralph S. Mouse themed land damnit! Nothing beats Mouse & the motorcycle. Yeah, Dr. Seuss was a literary and creative genius. Rowling is not. This, of course, says nothing about the popularity of either. Dr. Seuss published his first children's book in 1937. It's safe to say that his work is enduring, not a whimsical fad. The long term success of Harry Potter remains to be seen. I agree Harry Potter is not really that good, the story is a rip of many other stories and movies that have been done before and converted to a different story line with similar adventures to even some HBO Halloween series I remember watching as a kid. I am glad it did get more kids to read again although. And yes comparing Dr Seuss to Rowling is about as far in left field as you can get. Seuss has had the test of time to establish his work as a master peace. Rowling’s work is predictable and I have to agree for the fad statement. Time will only prove the true works of art. Ok now before you "As someone so greatly put it" basement nerds get ticked off. I do believe a Harry Potthead themed land will add much needed atmosphere to IOA. No doubt about it and very smart decision. Also when you look at the Owls eye view the coaster in front of the castle looks possible for a flyer layout. They have wanted a B&M flyer for some time now, will be neat to see what they announce. :::: Sorcerer Mickey could kick Potters a$$ any day :::: Best part of this: Besides IOA finally getting something new. Disney will once again step up to the plate. Will be interesting to see what’s under their sleeves because they have known about this for some time. 5th Gate, or huge expansion to Animal Kingdom, hmmm. Time will tell.
  3. Everything solid I have ever heard from people I know who work in the park have all pointed to Lost Continent for this project from the get go. As for the how? Notta a clue if they are going that large scale. I wouldn’t think it to be impossible of an idea for IOA to level large sections of LC seeing how it is “in sorts” the largest waste of space compared to the other themed lands minus JP, but the areas in JP can also be used for a LC project. I would expect bye byes to Poseidon’s and or Sinbad to open the path way to the back and sides of Dueling. (That would be a huge area of land if opened up. Other thing would be to find a away to theme a path to lead past Sinbad and build into the back lots. I would be surprised if they used much of the land next to JP River Adventure. They really want a new E Ticket JP attraction, but they still have plenty of options for space without destroying future additions for that land. As for the space by Royal and by I-4 isn’t that the area that is planned for the new resorts? They would not split up a themed land like that unless they built a new park. But IOA with some small tweaks does have more land then many think. About time they admitted it. The rumors I have heard, it' supposed to be something like this if true.
  4. In a nut shell. ****SPOILERS DO NOT SCROLL DOWN IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW***** Font is darken to keep those who don't want to know from seeing. Highlight from here down to read! *********************** In a nut shell. Ok the movie was better and worse then the second. Over all quick snap shot. I’m limited on time. Multi Jack’s. Kind of funny and messed up. At on time I would say while he was in Davey Jones locker you had like 25-30 Jacks while he was loosing his mind. Classic. The monkey has some very funny scenes “freezing” and getting fired out of a cannon on fire. I don’t want to go into the details; it’s very long and strung out. Everyone tries to do each other in. Will is a darker role in this movie. It is very long. 2hours 45 min. *******Spoilers. ********************* Davey Jones is under complete control of the East India Trading Company and not very happy with it. East India Trade Co. make Jones kill the Kraken off the screen, but you will see its body beached. Captain Barbossa needed more spoken lines in this movie. Jack Sparrow lives, and lives on after the movie. Keith Richards is Jacks, dad. Damn that dude didn’t even need makeup. Keira Knightley becomes a pirate captain (yeah, you’ll see) Keira Knightley’s dad is murdered by the bad guy. Keira Knightley gets married during the final battle to Will by Captain Barbossa while fighting, kind of funny. Will Turner Dies by the hand of Jones. Calypso is the scary chick from the second who brings Captain Barbossa back. “Calyso is also the old love of Davey Jones “Shocker” Calypso is released by the pirate captains. (Really kind of a let down after the build up of Calypso she does mostly nothing) Davey Jones Dies. Bootstrap defends will and tackles Davey Jones. In un selfish act Jack put the knife in Will Turners dying bodies hand and stabbed the heart. Will Turner becomes the next Davey Jones and is no captain of the flying Dutchmen. Also Will gets his heart cut out by his father and placed in the chest the boat submerges, and then reappears to help the black pear take out the military ships. So after the battle Will uses his one time to step on land to get wild with Elizabeth Swann. (He can only step on land once every 10 years.) Ending scene is like the first movies opening. Jacks walking out on the dock he first arrived at in the first pirates with 2 chicks and his boat is gone, off in the distance the ship is sailing where once again Captain Barbossa has stolen the Pearl. So Jack sets off on the little boat he first appeared in singing, and then he checks his compass to see what he wants the most and it points to the bottle of rum onboard. - - -- - - After the credits the (The VERY VERY VERY VERY OH MY GOD LONG CREDITS) you will see Elizabeth Swann waiting for Will to return 10 years later with their son at her side. Awwww.
  5. They also did have that wild mouse that use to between Alp’s location & Oktoberfest I want to say. But that is the one they moved to Tampa. Is kind of funny to think of since they never did replace that with another family type coaster ride.
  6. NO. Not everything is a movie. Also fires and machinery are not uncommon. That’s also kind of f&cked up to even think honestly. That’s like a joke about those poor people who had to jump from a certain tower on the 11th. Some thoughts best kept to yourself, not cool.
  7. Too funny. I have been trying to think of some sort of reply for this, so I jumped on google and did an image search for "hamster on viagra" and guess what came up on the results? Not what I was looking for humor wise but still kind of funny. Google image search for hamster on viagra top right... Random but kind of funny.
  8. What are you looking for more? Coaster/ride quality or park quality? Is this a family trip with younger kids, or younger friends just traveling? Best answer you need to visit both: Now which one should you start with? BGE – Williamsburg Coasters – (1 should kick a$$, 2 great, 2 fun) One of the most beautiful parks. Good selection of rides, nice coasters. PKD, or just KD or whatever CF calls it now is only about 1.25-1.75 hrs north of BGE, then if you keep heading N. you could also do a quick hit at SFA and make a park bounce out of it. (Just make sure if you choose BGE you have to go to Oktoberfest in Germany, head to the left outer side of the building and wack your head against any solid object to pay respects to Drachen Fire. Not to hard, you should only have a slight concussion) BGA – Tampa Coasters – 6 (3 awesome, 1 good, 1 boring, 1 mouse) Fun little park. Don’t go just for the zoo if that’s an interest. I get bored at BGA very quickly and usually don’t stay a full day. Not a bad park, and always getting better just not enough to offer in rides and shows I guess, and very easy to do everything quickly on slower days due to its small size. My choice; For me I always loved BGW, the park is beautiful the coasters I think are fun (some are over rated) and they killed Alp the year after opening with the freaking trim “grrr, I know get over it by now” But if I had to pick 1 park for a location I would head to BGW, unless you wanted to hit the Orlando parks on your trip then go for Tampa.
  9. In the words of the VW commercials holy sh Hydraulic fluid, grease and sparks = bad times. Any word on any of the Huss Enterprise’s being shut down at parks? One of my fav flats too. Worst I ever had was a power failure. Will be interesting to see the accident report. My guess would be electrical spark. Thats just horrible.
  10. Wow I forgot about the Screechin Eagle. Good call, and that coaster would actually stand out as a good ride. Is that even for sale or does the camper guy still think he’s going to reopen the park? It has been a while since I have heard anything about that park since closing? As for changing the design, good question but you are going to be paying some nice cash for all the re-engineering required. (This company is very cheap) And most the lumber is replaced anyways. Top of my head I know of wood coasters that have been modified: *Wild One “SFA” had a modification a long time ago over the original design I believe when it was relocated. (someone can prob. remember what?) *Thunderbolt “Kennywood” Aka the Pippin was also largely expanded on. *Jack Rabbit “Idora, defunct” was largely lengthened.” Hope those where examples you where looking for. Tunnel question: Can't help.
  11. Wild Adventures "hahahaha" World’s first 25’ tall impulse. (It would be a first) Sad part is they would actually advertise it as the largest in the southeast. Or hey there is always the first ¼ pipe to save costs, who needs to full half pipe, I mean really. Weeeee, ouch, weeeee, ouch. Sorry live in NE Florida and always see Wild Adventures billboards and laugh at how they claim things, most coaster (under 40’ tall) thrills, blah blah.
  12. My two cents. Honest, I still cannot believe the park is even still open. I for one do not like the Wild Adventures & Cypress Gardens parks. They are just to blah and blah. I too hope they make some modifications on this ride, but also agree it seems more like as someone had said, they found a great deal and choose to put it in approach for no reason other then the deal. Who knows if they actually have new trains just maybe and hopefully it will make a difference. This is just a cheap company, and instead of investing into their properties they go for the cheapest approaches. Heck why not grab the old blue prints for Wild Cat “Idora” or another cyclone clone. A park like this needs quality to draw attention not here and there’s. Cypress was a gamble property to begin with, but to truly even try to draw anything from the Orlando market Kent Buescher “Wild Adventures” was not the right person to do it. No offense to him but he does not run high end/quality parks. Time will tell. At the least Florida’s collection of wooden coaster’s is finally growing. Now we just need some actually good ones
  13. Ok first off, this is not for the faint of heart. This weekend aicn posted a trailer for John Rambo and it is not your typical action Rambo kind of movie. Hurray for the return of action movies. Sorry thought this was cool and wanted to share. Personally I think this trailer deserves an award for most people killed in one. Check this out. (Note the trailer should be rated R. It has some very brutal/graphic footage… You have been warned.) http://www.aintitcool.com/node/32721
  14. Wow I hope they got a huge discount with all that black top. Can’t wait for the middle of summer and the heat really starts radiating off that sucker. Is the whole park really black top? I think this is the lesson of, if it’s not ready don’t open it. I agree not Ghetto by any means, but from those pictures I don’t see anything good to look forward to either. It looks cheap, and if I was told I was going to a Theme Park and arrived at that park I would be pissed. Looks rushed and very much missing the target of a wild west concept. They should have concerned less on some of the rides and more on the details and theming of the rides and shows & having some sort of water park. (Minus the black top) Sadly, as it also looked in the previews during construction it looks nothing more then a carnival with flea market type metal buildings. Hope they fix it. Good concept should have been and could have been a very fun and cool theme, but 1000% missed! 1 or 2 years before the for sale by owner sign shows up?
  15. I always thought that looked like a fairly higher speed section for such a small heart line. Really sucks too, I have to believe that was one of the looking forward to aspects of the ride. One day they will learn. Since it is a whole section replacement/modification their goes my structural Intamin jokes  Looks like fault will lie within the designer of the project “unless someone failed blue print reading 101” and then the faults would lay with the fabricator. And yes CF is a company that will seek and go after damages as they should. These are not cheap projects, and timeline and schedules are to be kept, period. As for comparing this to Drachen, no way! Drachen Fire was a complete design mess that was supposed to be B&M. Arrow was never ready for such a project and using RCT to design it didn’t help it either. Comparing this issue with TTD, Wicked Twister, MF, etc. is also way off base. Those 3 rides did kind of break new grounds, granted Wicked Twister was the dumbest design mistake I have bluntly seen with the limited support on the spikes. (Some engineers believe it or not do have logic, just not most.) All parks have problem with new rides, most we never will hear about unless you have a better source. Custom rides are work in progress designs to a small degree. Tweaks are always required. As for the trims on the hill, they will most likely stay the same as that trim also controls the entry speed of the next section of the ride. I do agree triming before a hill is a waste they could of done that on the downward turn. So all in all good for them to fix the problem, sucks it will kill what could have been a very cool part of the ride. I truly hope they don’t rush the opening, and hope the S turn does not end up hurting like the bad feeling I have says it might.
  16. Wow, Fox news just showed a fire burning of the other side of the hill of the HOLLYWOOD sign above Universal studios. It looked very close. Any info? Looked pretty big too. Hope it stays on that side of the hill. http://cbs2.com/
  17. WTF? How cute he’s building a robotic scout to hunt for little dessert boys. I can see it now little guys hanging on for dear life to their parents legs screaming NO JESUS JUICE when they are within sights of it. I guess the next question is what color is the robot going to be? I would so love to take that dude’s glove and beat him to the curve with it, then post the beating on youtube to the sounds of beat it.
  18. Ok now this would be fun to have. I actually saw it mentioned on screamscape but thought this was too cool. I really wish I had a bigger game room or a swimming pool at my house. Life size Jaws prop for 3 grand. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=300094625010&Category=197 What do you guys think? Universal prop?
  19. In my own odd sense of humor I also have to wonder. I just love Disney products for mocking; I think they are the best. * MILF marketing, and interior enhancements. But I guess to make it better for sounds Milf “Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory” should be sponsored by Siemens to really get the chuckle. * Iran themed Disney rides. * Yeti in Pirates of the Caribbean. Movie and ride. (Gwrr) * Bill & Hillary Clinton themed rides at a park. (Might need a NC17 rating for it) * Themes for Siemens version of Space Ship Earth. Cheers! ** Every time a Yeti ball is sold a Yeti sheds a tear. “snip snip”
  20. Actually it's mostly boring, sorry. Not your idea, just after hours at a park. I like the Yeti ball idea. That could have many fun outcomes.
  21. SFA I fully agree is under rated. I always liked that park. I don’t miss the old days when drug transaction would take place in front of you and all you could do is act like you saw noting. But they did a great job cleaning this place up. Park navigation is still a little funky though. But I’m surprised no one has said Kennywood. This park truly is a funny one. Most people like it yet you hardly hear anyone talk about it. What do you guys think?
  22. **Hurricanes. Honest, don’t worry about it. Other then that freak out break we had it is so rare really when one hits. I have lived in FL 20+ of my 30 years. Born and raised in West Palm and never had one single Hurricane actually hit while growing up other then some depressions and side bands of storms at sea. (Andrew hit after I moved to Daytona) Now that I am been back in FL, Jacksonville I finally got to experience the hurricanes that from 2004/05? season. The issue that hurt everyone was the power outages, and dumb people who where outside in the storm and got whacked by falling tree branches etc. My poor sister who works for Disney was without power for 2 weeks. Some had it much worse. Having lived in MO myself and being near the kinds of weather you would have experienced I can give you perspective on a hurricane. For you it’s basically like some of the bad summer storms with very large wind gusts, only the winds of a hurricane have a large consistent duration of many hours rather then those gusts from the cells, then clearing sky’s. Also most of a hurricanes damage (Unless a cat 3+ will mess things up) are caused from tornadoes and not the actually storm winds themselves. If one comes this season follow the news and buy these items! . Battery operated radio. (Very important, it might not be safe to go out after a storm. Or you could be in the eye wall, etc.) . Flash light . Masking/Duck Tape (You have to have duck tape) . Batteries (everyone forgets these) . Bottled water always in reserve (plan for min 3 days worth) . Bag of ice. Put in the fridge and it will work as a cool box and help keep things cold longer during power outage. Don’t eat any meats, etc. as they will spoil quick! . Small portable generator if possible, if not something you can use to boil water, or you can use a grill to boil a pot of water if needed. (Stock up on Ramon noodles, or snack packs.) . First aid kit. But really Tornadoes are so much more common then any hurricane ever hitting. - - - - - - - As for the Disney housing. Save your money up and find 1 or 2 people who you can live with and get an apartment, or you can search for roommates. (You really will want to do this!) And it will be cheaper! Prices will vary depending on your transportation. (Car up keep costs will be higher here then Ark. Much more wear and tear.) So always try to have a small stash saved up if you do not have a newer warranted car! You will be making some drives to get good prices on stuff. (Also your Disney ID is your friend; you will get discounts at some places) Other options that might help you. Wholesale clubs are your friend. Get a BJ’s or Sams Club membership. Cheaper gas and larger supplies to stock up on “Hurray bulk packs of Ramon noodles” Word of advice; do not get trapped in the nightlife. Orlando = drugs. And it runs a lot of good people into the ground. So be smart and keep your direction. Make the right friends if you want to move in the company. As for working at Disney. Be open, look around, and listen. Standing out at Disney is not always the smartest thing also! You will learn this for when you should and shouldn't. Keep your eyes ALWAYS opened to the latest job posting and possibilities. Do not be against working in many different areas it really will benefit you and put your name out more. Good luck.
  23. I’m surprised with the kind of reactions to this. I think it is a brilliant light of things, and ideas they are finally heading for. As a business, especially in the entertainment amusement industry one size does not fit all. You have to offer options and varieties to shake things up and keep them returning. (sorry kids they parks want money, not to just bring smiles) As other company’s have proven priced programs not only offer great options for some, but offer strong sources of revenue for return. Most the parks do and have VIP public programs, why not the Six Flags chains. If anything it makes the parks sound more professional and mature offering such programs. So what’s the big deal? I mean really. Six Flags is heading in the right direction I think.(And for the record I hate Six Flags park operations, so anything that impresses me is a strong statement) This could and should bring in a few extra guests with a little more money to spend along with giving family’s yet another option. My only concern as some others have said is this. Are the parks truly in the position to do this? If they do this they need to do it right the first time. SF has a huge image problem and no matter what you market or promote the image is so sour it will take years to overcome. All attempts made need to be 1000% solid and pre tested fully before going public. And that is what I believe the company has missed from the start. They implement ideas but do not strive for overall, and allow the partial outcome to become the norm. Time will tell, but I do see some parks having big issues. Hopefully they will be able to pull it off. *Also for anyone who thinks these programs are unfair, and everyone should only have free systems. Ok when you stay at a hotel, you pay lets say 60 dollars a night in a small 2 double bed room over looking the parking lot. Meanwhile that same hotels offers suite rooms from 1,200 with a balcony, maid, hey whatever. You get what you pay for. For those who want to pay higher for more options that is their personal choice like flying coach or first class. These are businesses not charities. Those who also pay the premium price believe it or not offset costs to the avg. Joes in some cases.
  24. I agree that’s very smart to ask a question like this moving somewhere new. Anyone who as ever relocated a few times knows the challenges of trying to get established. Prices for produce, etc. vary greatly from place to place. But I have to ask you a couple questions to best answer yours. Are you moving to FL for college? UCF? If not for college what part of Orlando as that makes many differences also? Where are you moving from? If from CA for example then you would see 65/35 cheaper/higher price comparison. Buying or renting? The good thing I can say for you is this. Orlando has many options for both discount and quality retailers. From your Super Targets/Walmarts etc. to Large scale malls and outlet centers. You will have more then enough variety for goods, and products to be able to effectively shop for good prices. Just knowing where the locals shop and not the tourists, that’s the key! Let us know, and welcome to the state. “Just think in a few years you too will be complaining about the Canadians and their RV’s.” Matt PS. Florida is the best, we ride all year while many shovel snow.
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