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  1. I couldn't find this posted (Sorry if it was) and didn't think it really needed to take up the main forums space. So enjoy, not sure if this was the S Africa accident from a few days ago or not. Not sure why, but am I the only one who in a odd way finds this kind of funny? Only thing missing is an end of ride spiel.
  2. What month? I need to set my calender reminder. Man I also need to make sure I’m stocked up with beer and liquor for this party.
  3. I had never thought about this before, but after reading ainitcool news website they had an interesting article on US version trailers, specifically on this film. I didn't release the US was so anal with details. So it is ok to show an explosion blowing people up, bet you cannot show guns? huh? Just thought that was interesting. Photo credit: http://www.aintitcool.com/ US MPAA tweaked trailer verse overseas.
  4. When I first read the plot details and heard it was going with the Roswell story I was actually very worried. Then the rumor of a “possible” Indy kid “Shia” and I thought to myself damn it Superman Returns. But from the shots in the clip I feel much better since it looks to be true to its roots, and style. If this movie does end with little green men shaking hands or an ET cameo at the end theaters will be burning to the ground. Indy is an artifact guy so this will be about lost/left over items being discovered. Either way I’m glad to see one of the best movies being brought back! I hope this also means the Hollywood Studios will finally start moving forward with the Indy concepts for Florida once Toy Story & freakin hell idol open to cover the capacity.
  5. Can't wait for this one, and figured many of you guys have been waiting for a glimpse also. Enjoy. http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/indianajones.html;_ylt=AsY7qv8MSH6wl3g1GC6bw55fVXcA
  6. Al Qaeda foiled again! 15 years years of training and planing for that strike against Southern Adventures all for not without your video. Damn you George Bush! Love it!
  7. They do, just wrong park. Food and Wine @ Epcot. And you don't have to wait 15-20 + min for a beer! Other then that I cannot think of anything to worse then attending this show in person. God help us all. I might have to find out how solid this one really is. Hopefully this is one of those fall though the cracks and never goes beyond development/concept. RIP. Roy Scheider No more fish on a stick…
  8. Great pics, fun captions. I will also back up Big Dipper. I always thought that was a fun ride. Not the best, but fun! Ragging Wolf Bobs, honestly you did not miss a thing. I have been on that thing many times, (lived about 25-40 mins from the park at one point) and every time it sucked equally. Looks fun, rides horrible and hurt. Geauga Lake could have been a really good park. SF did a great job really screwing it up and really making a cluster F of the navigations, placements, etc. The park had tons of land which could have been developed into a vacation destination but the lack of vision killed what could have been. Also they had to find a way to keep the Cleveland thugs out of the park. (Honestly what is it with SF parks and gang’ish people, it’s like magnets) RIP. Roy Scheider No more fish on a stick…
  9. I smell bs on that story of events. Like Pure had said and I fully agree this issue took place at the top of the tower. If the car was only 20’ feet from the ground and they saw cables falling, they would have smacked the ground most likely and def. gotten everyone’s attention minus the snap sound alone plus the sound of the cable wipe back sound inside the metal tower cylinder and the sound traveling thought the structure. Also cables under load make a hell of a sound when they snap. I cannot believe this happen anything less then the last fractional seconds before release. I knew one person who was on load at MF when the lift snapped, and man he said it was the loudest thing he ever heard in his life as they all took to the ground as the cable wiped into the station. (Morning test lucky no guests) Controls should be monitoring the ride though cycle so I am very unsure what to make of the worker saying they could not get to e stop quick enough, other then the lift cart was just about to release upon hearing the ride failure, or the cables did all reach ground level and everyone was dodging for cover which would be expected. As for the mirrors they are more for controls seeing the loading/unloading platform then up the tower to insure the platform is clear. Once the cars elevate you have virtually no visibility, unless this one had cameras mounted at top which none I know of have? Not to be morbid but I would love to see the crime scene photos. Ride ops know the sounds of their rides; they know the good, the bad, and the funny. When you work a coaster, flats, etc. you really carry a very in-depth sense of the ride and its sounds, vibrations, and habits. (Yes rides have personalities, and coaster trains each has there own also.) These models of free falls estop will only work in cycle before the lift cart release since this is a real guided only free fall, where as S&S for example the cars are always connected to the cables and upon estop at any point of the ride will quickly decelerate the car and very, very, very slowly bring it back down. This kind of accident could still happen even on an S&S model after saying that. Reason being when you e-stop an S&S model the car goes into a slow decent, and if the rider had a cable around his/her leg you cannot stop the car once e-stop is triggered, it’s coming down due to the valve release. Either way someone got hurt and that sucks. And yes the ride design is a very big factor in this event. The cables have no shields, guards and should have been built into more of a recess into the tower structure, hurray cost controls. This issue needs to fall on all parties including the rides name plate mostly who designed the ride. In my book the safety systems worked, but design is what injured.
  10. I loved the etrade one with the baby, but I also thought the Bridgestone commercials where pretty funny. Also Bud commercials where not as good as usual. I did like the Caveman one, and the flying one although. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Fu9ibUWIq8A http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ai5aPKhDsOg
  11. Top of my head, Ms Pacman “arcade upright/cocktail” Donkey Kong “arcade upright/cocktail” Super Mario Bro’s Doom Leisure Suit Larry Mortal Kombat Unreal Tournament Half Life COD Series Halo Series
  12. Ford Sync commercial always makes me laugh. http://youtube.com/watch?v=t1WkTxNb7rY
  13. 10 cases of vault, and see how long it takes to piss on him to death… (Might want to time lapse that one) Stick artillery shells (fire works) in each sphere with the wicks all chained to together, fill in the holes with packed snow, light it and run… Take a model rocket kit with a large engine and build the snow man around and on top of it, then use electrical ignition to light it, and again run like hell it could shoot out anywhere!!!! ***Spray it with a garden hose on it on a VERY cold night and get a drunk football player friend to tackle it.. ha..
  14. Diffidently not an S&S. Tower structure is way too small unless S&S came out with a micro version. But this looks nothing like s&s. That tower track looks like the ones you see at a carnival. “gulp” Tower Tack
  15. I once lived about 15 min north of the mall. Figures now they would start getting the fun stuff. Best I got was the Mighty Axe opening when I moved out of MN. Will be interesting to see how the sound levels work when this is all done. I sure hope they also bring back the many trees they had setup in the park, it always added a very comfortable feel to the park.
  16. Any death is sad. I feel sorrier for his 2 year old daughter, and family. As for effecting my life directly. Nope, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sad. I also blame CNN, etc for this whole OD thing when the actual reports flat out stated this looked 100% accidental, and they found over the counter sleeping pills on a nightstand. Lethal cocktail, very possible. Not uncommon for someone to grab a few drink or then take some pills or more likely if he was sick and mixed prescription pills with sleep pills that would also turn bad. Too early to judge anything, hell blue ice could have fallen from the sky and taken him out. Until the final report is published, no one will know. This happens so many times every single day to ordinary people who also where viewed as role models, or people of great inspirations to those who were close. All death is tragic, not just actors, singers, or mimes. “Which I do feel much less sympathy for compared to someone losing a mother or father.”
  17. In the old days WNW Orlando had the 3 speed slides, the middle one got removed when the Blue Niagra was added, and the drop capsule was modified onto 1 of the 2 remaining speed slides. I still like the regular speed slide better, more fun going over the crest into the drop then the straight drop. (Really cool the first time then well…) I also doubt WNW is going anywhere unless it is strictly cash and run decision. That land is pretty valuable and it could be possible in the big picture Universal might have a better kickback just sending guests to Aquatica. As for who still owns what, I have no clue. I had thought Universal went into a contract of purchase on just that location years back but have no idea who currently does own it. Anyone remember a long time ago when Disney started building Typhoon Lagoon and the word was Wet N Wild could never survive? Then Blizzard, etc. etc. I truly doubt unless Aquatica has the craziest capacity possible this new water park will hurt Wet N Wild. If anything after the first few times of people visiting Aquatica I would expect Wet N Wild to get busier from those who get tired of being turned away due to capacity. I do agree Wet N Wild would be far better if it was relocated to more space and designed more to compete with the more current image/style of Orlando attractions.
  18. Here’s my shot. Each designer has brought great ideas, some worked, some where awesome in concept. #1. Mother Nature and frozen precipitation with hilly landscapes. #2. John Allen / John Miller / Lamarcus Thompson It's really hard to rate these guys. #3. Werner Stengel (Tied with) Anton Schwarzkopf ?? Didn’t Werner work exclusively with Anton in the early days? I don’t think any other designers could truly claim so much useful accomplishments in sense other then maybe John Allen, especially during those early years. Current day coasters seem to be more improvements of rather then pioneering. Some exceptions but most are still based on the play books of the classic designers aided by modern technology. Whatever happened to the good ol days of if the doll makes it back to the station with a head it's safe.
  19. Hey my hats off to you. “Pun intended” Honest ride crews have to deal with a lot of things, but guest services. You are a much better person then me. I would get fired within 4 hours working at any guest service position. “We are still trying to figure out how I made it a whole season at Cedar Point” Only problem with that idea would be, well… Common sense. Ok everyone lacks it at times, but man a test on it would endanger the majority of the human species. Heck most would fail it before the first question…(Granted easy way to weed out) Hey we can’t even take out people with multi murder charges because it’s only cruel to kill a murder, but it’s fine for a person to kill then eat another, or heck 15, or 20 of them. I say take the losers out of society that bring nothing to the table, and give them all free tickets for an exotic island with free airfare “one way” But in the really big picture this is solely a parenting, upbringing issue in which parents need to be more accountable for dumb kids actions. Once again, why can the theme park not sue/make an example of this family for the endangerment, not to mention almost creating a bio hazard in the lagoon…
  20. I actually watched that twice hoping he would get hit the second time. You don’t think this kid was recently at a zoo screwing with tigers do you? I kind of hate videos like that online. You know people are gong to try and go for a swim in that lagoon now. But honestly, deep down inside does this really surprise you? I have actually seen dumber moves then that one. With an actual train coming and guests jumping into kill zones. I will never understand it. "We really need an IQ test before people can mate"
  21. Saw this one on Screamscape. Is this really real? I'm kind of in a wtf moment here. It's one thing for the knock offs, but wow. http://waltdisneymundosa.com/
  22. Spoiler.. Heres the first image release of the monster. Don't scroll down if you don't want to see it. And yes the whole movie is shot like the trailer, pov. The only good thing I could think of is this. Unknown cast, check. Cheap way to film, check. Apply money in the special fx, maybe "But doubt it, studios are so cheap" I'm just looking forward to Indy, Batman, and Iron Man right now. NY is screwed..
  23. It’s Voltron vs. Godzilla. (Better then nipples on the bat suit) Minus the shaky cam pov (which is how the whole movie is shot) it might have been fun if they could have tossed some level camera video also. I thought the Blair witch sucked and most likely with this whole movie being in that concept I have to expect the same unless somehow the guys pov who is recording it happens to have a tripod as he’s running around town trying to get away from Godzilla. Seems cheesy, and I’m tired of poor NY always getting the boot. Time to lay out LA or something. And yes with the parasite idea, raptor like not exactly. In one of the previews you can see the shadow of one of the smaller creatures attacking someone behind a white sheet. (I won't give it away tho.) “It’s a lion” Was the Voltron joke going around for a while, long time back. Now they just say it to screw with the die hard people who can’t get girl friends, or take a joke. (Just letting you know how it started) ** "The Happening" with Marky Mark. Looks to be another of this type of movie minus the hand cam.. (Shyamalan) http://www.comingsoon.net/imageGallery/The_Happening/large/hr_The_Happening_poster.jpg
  24. Batman Trailer attached to I Am Legend. I guess this will be attached to I am Legend.. Not the best quality but looks kind of cool. Enjoy. http://youtube.com/watch?v=sfdlhiP9EZA
  25. I would say most of Cedar Point’s coaster’s. Kind of like meeting that hot girl at the bar, everything builds up and when the time comes it’s really a dude in drag. dammit. CP is pretty big in the marketing whore department, everything is a record and only a few of the coasters are good. I have to stick with this park for the most overrated selection of coasters.
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