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  1. Black hole... I love that game, prob one of the best Got's next to Star Gate. Angry_Gumball: You can find Black hole pretty cheap at auctions and sometimes eBay, fyi. 300-800 range depending on how much work you want to do to it. http://www.superauctions.com/pages/home.htm Usually they get stuck with morons who over bid at the Super Auctions, but those people will be going after the newer and big name pins.. Something like Black Hole should stay lower in price. Creature From the Black Lagoon Whatever you do keep that game, like fun house, etc people are nuts for it, easy 8 grand, fully mint it up and can be higher. Good collector. I miss pinball machines at arcades, since I started getting them it's so sad to see the few and far between ones that are abused and beaten up. =( Speed chip, modified board setup with flip switch for Ms or Pac.
  2. S&S is capable of soooo much more then this... I understand they are still in the trying to prove they can do it mode, but I have to kind of call this a gimmicky design. What is the point of traveling that fast just to be slowed to a crawling 60 mph to enter course. Might as well call it e-brake the ride.
  3. Don't get me wrong. I do not think it sucks by any means. I know I lot of people where let down once getting it expecting, really I don't know what they were expecting... COD 5 Campaign is far better then the super simple and easy 4. Multi player I still have to give to 4, as I believe has the better/more fun maps. Weapons wise, 4 felt so much more precision vs. 5 (which makes sense due to old vs new weapons) but for me the in game multi play audio drives me nuts!! I still suggest people rent it before buying. 5 Has the same problems as 4. Not enough maps, now the questions is does 5 actually release more then 1 map pack or stiff us again? ============= I didn't want to start a new topic since the gamers are in here anyways. Heres the Ghost Busters Trailer, they finally gave it a release date of June 09. Uses the real actor voices, etc. I'm personally not sure what to make of it, but it could be really fun, but most likely... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFD8rh2YDyA Right now looks like releasing for PS3, and 360.
  4. I mean really could you imagine a more beautiful park setting then BGW for a real hardcore Christmas setting? Very smart move. If they really light this place up and decorated all out... awesome. Make sure someone brings a wreath to stick on the front bumper of Alpy
  5. Just a heads up... Rent COD 5 first and play it online and campaign for a while first. It's not bad but nothing compared to COD4. Aspects are cool, but it really fails against the now cheaper 4. Also the kill boxes seem kind of off, or just really strange.
  6. Now the horrible part is about to begin... Staring at a completed coaster that is waiting for the theme to be added and built Anyone hear if their is a chance they will do a special for the Plat. pass members for first rides, etc?
  7. I'm really surprised I haven't seen more on Little Big Planet on TPR. LBP is about the cutest thing I have ever seen for anyone who has not played it.. It's freaking awesome and virtually never ending. (And this comes from the Halo, Gears, COD I just love to shoot and blow things up guy) Right now I'm still hooked on Little Big Planet, but still on my same favs for multi, COD4, COD5, resistance 2, and beta testing Home which is actually really interesting so far. PSN id: raptor2002 Any PS3 folks want to play my games list are. - Home "beta" (The mall/shops opened today for other testers) - COD 4 - Cod 5 - Resistance - Resistance 2 - Little Big Planet Drop me a friend request. XBL id: raptor2002 :currently in silver mem until I decide if I'm going to sell my 360 or not...
  8. Hulk on Hulk & Feeling crummy on the Mummy. Couldn't think of something more fun for hulk sorry * Still love the phaser on laser too. Feeling crummy on the mummy. Hulk on Hulk.. Sort of.
  9. Spaceace12, dude you did great. But its actually kind of good you have these photos to look at and see the if’s and what’s. Problem in the picture are. Tire alignment in relation to head position, and body language. Especially in the box type maneuver. Keep your head up, and also “cannot stress the important of all good habits to keep” look to your exit. Bike will go where your head is pointed. (Nothing wrong with leaning forward, at times you will need to) Head position is vital! Hard corners, box.. For that movement, it’s easy once you build confidence which is no fault to someone learning at all. I saw 2 people go down when I took my class, you did great. Just have to believe in that unnatural feeling come in straight brake, shift your weight and turn your head to the exit of your radius, (bike doesn’t feel like its turning enough turn your head more into the corner and you will be surprised (in a very good way) then reshift turn head for the counter 180 and throttle out at exit. If you feel wobbly balance it out and keep your head looking, when you straighten your head the bike will become unbalanced in that corner. Body language. The picture tells me you were making the bike turn, not turning with the bike. I think you will know what I mean by that. That’s another habit you do not want and would be hard to break. Look right, the bike goes right! Never stare at anything while riding you will end up in it! Bad way to pick up that hot chick on the side walk… On thing you will find in riding (people like me) will always have too much to say but it really is for looking after other riders, kind of a cool partnership riders build with each other or even family like. Even usually the grumpy Harley riders will come around and have a beer with us sport, or foreign cruiser riders. This is a great video I found on you tube. Honest I think it’s brilliant for a newer rider to watch and study. The driver uses a helmet cam, but notice “what” he does in his 9 min ride to work. Look once (dead) - or Look twice (alive) I made that up years ago for someone I once taught to ride and an easy reminder. Nothing wrong with triple checks either. His head is always panning to his corners exit, you can see his checks at cross roads, etc. Really a great video for you tube and what your ride on a bike in traffic will look like. Ok doom and gloom over Get us some picture of your bike when you get it, and good job again!
  10. That looked so cute too. But agree most likely the smartest move and my guess is they are expecting lower attendance next year. Best to stock up that cash now just in case.
  11. If that doesn't work out. Also check out HJC-CL's http://www.newenough.com/helmets_eyewear/closed_face/hjc/cl_15_crypt_motorcycle_helmet.html 103.00 visor lock with vent, full air vents, blue tooth, earphone pocketed, etc, add on for form fitting, etc. snell, dot rated. Thats actually the helmet I have, the Crypt one, great in heat!! Easy visor switch. Congrats again.. Doesn't matter what you ride, just that you ride! **I forgot to also warn. Used helmets. The pads inside adjust to the form of a riders face. Using a friends, or buying used is not good. Helmets should be snug. Just an fyi. New Helmet VERY suggested for best head protection. Same reason you do not let someone else wear your helmet, etc.
  12. I’m actually downgrading funny enough. Last bike I had was a 500 Ninja about 3 years ago, been getting the itch to get back on one. A friend of mine had bought an 08 250R after me giving him a hard time (he usually was more of a high end sport rider been riding for a while that’s why I gave him a hard time) I jumped on and took it for a ride, when I came back he just looked at me with a smile, I bowed my head and said you were right oh great one. Ninja 250’s were always known for being the best beginner bikes, I even had ridden one years back thought it was ok but ride wasn’t exciting and I sure did not get off it with a grin like the new version. I think I would avoid the 125 also though, unless you were using it more like a scooter, even geared right that’s just not enough to get out and around a situation. Key for the new rider, enough to avoid, not enough to get hurt to easily. *Wrebbit: Check out http://www.alternativecruisers.com/index.php Great resource for import bikes and reviews. Cheap first timers. Smaller engine 250-300’s etc. I actually took a MSF couse in July since I hadn’t ridden in so long, it was fun. They kept calling me Mario although.. hmmm. It was fun and good, also got to help some struggling people which was great. Some how with bad habits and all I still scored 100% on both parts which was cool. The box is a confidence/control task nothing more. Advance rider sport bike box is half that size Also sorry forgot to say congratulations before to spaceace12! Now here’s a test, what is he doing wrong in this picture? This is actually important. (I bet spaceace12 knows)) What is wrong in this picture?
  13. Ok. What I am hearing is what inexperienced riders tell their friends, etc. Even some instructors unfortunately say 500 -650’s. If someone has under 10 years riding experience do NOT listen to them. Example for you. During your course I am sure somewhere you rolled the throttle a little more then expected right? Imagine, place yourself going down the road your riding you go over a small dip and slightly roll the throttle. 500+ cc’s you will hopefully only end up in a ditch or on the ground. Response and inexperience is what kills new riders. Not to mention your clutch issues. Bigger cc’s bad clutch control = ground or death in traffic. Remember your class gives you the skills to ride in your driveway not city traffic. I will plead for you to not think about what you might have to do in the future rather tell you how to enjoy this in the future. Hence future. Great if not the BEST learning bike, and truly just a blast to ride. 250R Ninja. Honest! I’m even getting a 09 once my color comes in. 249cc top speed 109mph. It’s a very forgiving bike, and actually about the best for new riders. The 08-09’s are beautiful and fun to ride. 0-60 5.4 seconds. 1/4 mile 14.8. The Ninja is more then fast enough, will hold it’s value for upgrading down the road (unlike the larger bikes) and increase your chances for becoming a good, safe rider. The 250R is not a sport bike, in looks yes, but really it is more of a dual sport in rider position. I would strongly suggest sitting on one. If your looking for more of a cruiser. Johnny Pag Spyder 300 (Son of the legendary Pag custom builder) *Chopper, harder to ride with longer folks. 4,295 (Looks like a 15-19,000 chopper) Rhino Motorcycles: about same price. V twin, 250 cc. Sexy bike. Both the Rhino and Pag will run highway speeds all day long. 500 cc Vulcan. Using the Ninja 500 engine but in a cruiser frame. This is the max engine you even want to EVER come close to thinking about. Dual sports 500+ are to fast for a new rider. Not saying your dumb, etc. But while learning you WILL make mistakes and I would like to see another rider enjoying this down the road. Heck I still even make mistakes and grew up racing four wheelers and playing on dirt bikes around the age of 12. Now safety. Newenough.com located in Tx. Great prices, people. 300-400 vs. road rash or death, small price for a full face helmet mesh jacket gloves, boots. *Use full face, 1, just 1 pebble, bug, or tossed out cigarette and you will know why. No excuses. 2 hot, mesh jacket. I live in FL and wear mine and it's great! My jacket = http://www.newenough.com/protective_apparel/mesh_jackets_and_pants/alpinestars/acr_air_flo_mesh_motorcycle_jacket.html Sorry for the father lecture, seen a couple people kill themselves by thinking about the future and not today. Be safe either way! Another good site for your research is: http://www.beginnerbikers.org/ Johnny Pag Spyder 300 My bike soon. 09 250R Rhino
  14. ^ Agreed. Six Flags has no backup. Sucks too because the company is finally being run in a good direction, only problem is little to late. Premier did the damage and spent like a little kid with his dad’s charge card. Will they close, not likely. Either File for bankruptcy (Which they REALLY do not want to go that route, the vendor damages will be FAR and long lasting) or sell the company. It seems like they really are trying hard to keep the company and I hope they find a way though the mess but with the financial issues pending I would say SF could fall victim to banking failures if anything first which does force them into a very tough decision. Heck if BOA will not loan money to McDonald's for expansion (like we need more, right) right now, no one is going to loan a dime to SF.
  15. Didn’t see this mentioned so though I would send along for the Florida people. Platinum pass holder’s free admission is Sept. 26 & 27th. 7:30pm – 1am. Just show your pass at the front gate for the preview. http://www.raventwins.com/ Now I have never bothered to go to this is it any good? I figured for free it's worth the gas and rides, just wondering? Should be there Sat. night.
  16. Great pictures, and awesome funny captions. Needed that today... Thanks!
  17. So what your saying is.. Expedition Everest is 3 credits? 2 switches, creating 3 separate sections… Actually 2 credits, first and last sections are connected, well unless you actually count the transfer switch track which then would create 4 credits for separate sections. (2 switches, 2 track sections) Or how about 3 credits for Raptor? 1 for course, 1 for transfer, 1 for roll into storage? Mummy ... Sorry couldn’t resist j/k. I agree hey with whatever makes you happy concept. I never counted, but if I did I would base my counts on name unless the coaster had separated multi courses with separate names, aka Gwazi = Lion & Tiger, or color call outs, etc. Now saying that Racer at Kennywood I would consider as 1 coaster since it’s continuous. Boomerang, and inverted boomerang = 1 each period. Coasters identical clone “Batmans” = 1. (Elevation changes can make them different but thats digging.) Carney coasters with different names, same design = 1. Unless one version was really rusted out and held together by duck tape and chewing gum that’s an easy 5 credits for shear balls.
  18. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=54e_1221272712&p=1 Now that's random... Hope everyone in Texas comes out safe.
  19. As long as we have Will Smith, no worries. He's saved us from much worse disasters. (Minus Wild Wild West, nothing could have prevent that one)
  20. Kinzel couldn't make up his mind, TTD, or Maverick/Mag color scheme. I swear does this man has tons of stock in a company that makes the dyes for red or something? I'm still split on this ride but will wait till next year to pass judgment. Far better looking then the Universal Orlando Maurer Sohne’s Rockit, but we'll see.
  21. ^ HRP was built on the theory of; if you build they will come. IOA was built in a market where they were there and waiting for some real coasters in Florida! Not to mention the Hype. Remember before IOA Florida really didn’t have much in real theme parks for the older crowds, thrill crowds. (Lose of Boardwalk n Baseball, and only had Busch Gardens.) IOA innovation. That word was more about the park then the rides in about a 70/30 sense. All the interactive aspects, etc. Compared to other installations, it’s very technical. Here’s the problem with Hard Rock. Prices, Location, Theme. #1. Prices. What are they smoking and pass it along. Drop the prices to 35.00 with a local/state resident price of 30.00. (Concert days price @ 50-55.00) Parking 10.00. I agree with the evening discounts. Better way to setup work scheduling too. Have more shops and food options in the evenings then during the morning. Many people during the heat of the summer will not want to walk around a concrete park, but in the coolness of the evening, they should be able to draw in merchandising sales. #2. Location. They based the park on the tourism traveling to the beaches. One huge problem with this. Ok people go to Orlando expecting to hit theme parks, etc. This is not true in the area of Hard Rock. A family (which is what EVERY park wants, families.) going for a weekend, weekly get away are simply looking to relax, stroll shops, beaches, etc. In Orlando Disney, Universal draws, where as Hard Rock Park will simply be a second thought for most. People go to Myrtle Beach who do not want to deal with Orlando. #3. Theme. I Think the Music idea is awesome, but! Here’s the deal. Hard Rock and what image will that project to families. I bet you money the concept alone has kept many families from visiting this park. Some people don’t like music, rock, etc. The family impression will be punk kids roaming in a park, sex, drugs influence, etc. If your parents restrict video games, music and movies, good chance they might restrict this park to a degree. If the group who pitched this deal knew any better, location was a backfire from the start especially with the expectations they had and pricing. Hard Rock theme would be awesome as a land added to Universal Studios Orlando, or built as Hollywood’s IOA in sorts. Like Wild West world (granted far and between for difference) this park most likely has one more full or partial season unless drastic measures are taken.
  22. Glad you brought that up. #1. "I have said I do not believe Sen. Obama shares Rev. Wright's extreme views. But let me also be clear, Rev. Hagee was not and is not my pastor or spiritual adviser, and I did not attend his church for 20 years. I have denounced statements he made immediately upon learning of them, as I do again today," McCain said. #2. McCain did not except his endorsement. #3. McCain did not learn/study from the teachings on this guy, and sell him as a hero or someone to look up too. (I can supply those video clips too #4. McCain did not defend this guy. #5. Hagee did not issue written books with reference of religions of a different view should be killed basically. #6. While also possible nuts, like Obama's.. At least he didn't trash the USA/sept 11, never had clear and repeated video displaying this projected image and or hatred. #7. He actually apologized for his remarks, and then didn't run around with the same words being tossed across the country. #8. McCain did not grow up, looking up to this man for support!!! #9. Again. Obama learned from his teachings, and respected this man. Considered him as family. ***Maybe you have seen some random source that published McCain inviting Hagee over for dinner every Sunday and if so I would love to see that reference.** Tell me how the 2 are even close to the same evils. Not defending Hagee hes most likely nuts too, but Wright and Obama... Your talking a whole other world here folks. Thats desperation trying to tie the 2 in this type of relations, and if you truly think Hagee is bad, but Wright is not, or even worse... Double wow.... http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/05/22/mccain.hagee/
  23. Fair enough, then name them. Change is not an answer until Obama can fully define the term himself, then blaming everything on Bush is over kill. Is not perfect BY ANYMEANS!!!!!!! Hence cap's... But not on his own. I asked this earlier and as I said, Wes actually had a reason, and I respect it, and I have seen a few others. Many are strickly Dem only voters, some think they heard something which many times ends up being wrong... Etc. My compaints are to the parrots, none thinkers, and the supporters without an anwser. The smart supporters understand the pros and cons. The Pros only are the scary ones. As for digging up on Obama. Umm. Dude this was public information, media and documented. ? Digging is outside the public forum... This also points out the lack of fairness in the campaign. When something blows up around Obama it doesn't last very long, nor does it get presured for an answer like when McCain is confronted. A long time ago I stated and still believe in my words. I think both options suck. This is more of a matter of the best of the worst options and not trying to offend anyone here. If you feel like you really have no clue why you support him, then yes you should feel like this was directed to you. If you know why, I truly would appreciate real answers as to why anything I said was wrong, with a real answer. Tell me why, not that I am.
  24. But wouldn’t that fall under responsibility? Judgments, decisions, are choices you make? Does Obama’s 2 faces on the Reveron Wright not fall under character? Or the unpaid tickets, etc? Honeslty? I agree with the details being left out then appearing aspect of the reply. But this is also the point. If as many details were ever followed up with Obama. My points are really more about fairness in reporting, and offering true equal coverage. Also with that format would Obama not admit fully address the issues with his church before it became public knowledge? As for the school, what has the name of it again? Library books. Ok it takes a couple more non returned books to have a warrant issued.
  25. Could of been worse, we pretty much got locked down @ Port Orleans when one of the hurricanes hit years back. Worst part, they kept playing the first half of Pearl Harbor and would never put the second half in. Now that sucked!! And if we would have driven off we would have been arrested. Hurray! Personally I would have gone out in the rain, crowds would have been light. But like I said it could have been worse!
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