Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh my!

*Updated 10/30* VIDEO Pg. 4, House of 10,000 Corpses!!!!!
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh my!

Postby jray21 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:04 pm


Part One: Knott's Haunt Special Event
Part Two: Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights
Part Three: Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party
Video: HHN Rob Zombie's House of 10,000 Corpses Walkthrough

Amy and I went down to the LA area to do the big three Halloween events, Disneyland's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights, and Knott's Berry Farm's Haunt. We have never been to a Halloween event, so we were excited to go down. We had a great time meeting new people, and catching up with old friends. We really liked all the events, and will definitely be going back again.

We have always wanted to go to Halloween events, but the timing was never right, and the price is pretty high. Then, Club TPR was created! After hearing about the special event with Knott's Haunt, and them offering front of the line for the first time ever, I knew I had to go. Even though I have a season pass there, I got the whole day event deal for only $99, and it was absolutely worth every cent. The event, if ordered separately (using the best online pricing) would have been $35 for a day ticket, $35 for Haunt, and $21 for the pre-scare dinner. That comes to $91, but, that still doesn’t include ERT, backstage tours of two mazes, free T-shirt, Q&A session, and a raffle with incredible prices! Oh yeah, and did I mention FRONT OF THE LINE!!! The only other way to get this is to get the Very Important Monster Tour, which only costs a mere $2000, that’s right, $2000! So, it was a no brainer. Hmmm, $99 or $2091?

We also got some great deals for Universal Studios through Club TPR. We got a three-day year pass for $59 ($15 saved), two HHN front of the line passes for $79 (saved $20 total), and used our coke rewards point for another free day ticket. Just using it at USH paid for over ¾ of our membership! Over the past year, we have saved a lot more then the price of the membership. So, anyone who is reading this and is not a member had better sign up right now!

Ok, back to the update. I will be doing this trip report backwards, just because of the awesomeness of the Knott’s event! Also, be gentle with me, as this is my first trip report, and I apologize for the inside jokes that make no sense.
HalloweenTPR - 002.jpg
Yes, *cough*, I am *cough* with that group, mumble mumble.
HalloweenTPR - 001.jpg
After all the TPR trips, I can put on a wristband in .5 seconds, behind my back, with only two fingers. I'm that good.
HalloweenTPR - 003.jpg
Looks like a USH Jaws employee is a little far from home.
HalloweenTPR - 004.jpg
Oh no it's trouble!
HalloweenTPR - 005.jpg
Silver Bullet was running well, and the ops were doing really good!
HalloweenTPR - 006.jpg
Somebody enjoys Silver Bullet a little too much.
HalloweenTPR - 008.jpg
Amy's just hanging out with the locals.
HalloweenTPR - 009.jpg
Robb made me look for a beer. I couldn't find one so he looked for himself.
HalloweenTPR - 013.jpg
Some people only pose for a picture, and others pose for a TPR picture!
HalloweenTPR - 014.jpg
Hi Larry!
HalloweenTPR - 016.jpg
Glad to see them still making an effort to keep it open! I hope they never get rid of it! But I have a pickup just in case.
HalloweenTPR - 017.jpg
Even though we're married, Amy still won't allow me to touch her.
HalloweenTPR - 018.jpg
Virus Z, one of my favorite mazes of the trip!
HalloweenTPR - 019.jpg
Y'all come back now, ya hear!
HalloweenTPR - 020.jpg
I don't remember any spiders on this ride.
HalloweenTPR - 021.jpg
Ah! Monster spiders!
HalloweenTPR - 022.jpg
Freddy Kruger! Oh wait, wrong park.
HalloweenTPR - 023.jpg
Why I love ERT! It was empty all morning, and you could get a ton of rides in.
HalloweenTPR - 024.jpg
Knott's should be like Red Lobster. I would have picked this one.
HalloweenTPR - 025.jpg
The local mall had a Mallmart! First one i've ever seen. This is from inside Walmart, looking out into the mall. Now that's classy.
HalloweenTPR - 026.jpg
Corn Stalkers was amazing!
HalloweenTPR - 027.jpg
The pop on the way back is the best part of Montezuma's.
HalloweenTPR - 028.jpg
Q&A session setup. Very nicely decorated!
HalloweenTPR - 029.jpg
Bella picks Edward! No Way!
HalloweenTPR - 030.jpg
This is THE Haunt team. How warped and screwed up they are.
HalloweenTPR - 032.jpg
Everyone is spellbound by the Twilight Werewolves versus Vampire discussions.
HalloweenTPR - 033.jpg
We got an exclusive tour of some mazes.
HalloweenTPR - 034.jpg
Looks like TPR was here!
HalloweenTPR - 035.jpg
I expect a Dippin Dots sign to be here in a few years.
HalloweenTPR - 036.jpg
I wouldn't be a good scareactor.
HalloweenTPR - 037.jpg
I approve!
HalloweenTPR - 038.jpg
Mmm, tasty.
HalloweenTPR - 039.jpg
Moment of silence for the king.
HalloweenTPR - 040.jpg
This is what happens when you watch Twilight. It's True!
HalloweenTPR - 041.jpg
Every time a person watches Twilight, a man burns his face.
HalloweenTPR - 042.jpg
Unfortunately, I too remember these.
HalloweenTPR - 043.jpg
Amy's impression of a dead person.
HalloweenTPR - 044.jpg
I remember these as a kid as well! Blood an all, because eventually you would go too fast and get wacked in the face!
HalloweenTPR - 045.jpg
Definitely don't compare yourself to others. Being a coaster enthusiast, you'll be deeply disappointed.
HalloweenTPR - 046.jpg
Pee in coffee maker, check.
HalloweenTPR - 047.jpg
He didn't stand a chance.
HalloweenTPR - 048.jpg
Next year, this needs to be Mega-Piranhas!
HalloweenTPR - 049.jpg
Next up was Fallout Shelter!
HalloweenTPR - 050.jpg
The theming was really good!
HalloweenTPR - 051.jpg
Enjoying the tour.
HalloweenTPR - 052.jpg
Meats for men, Mayo, and dog food. Boy, do they know TPR or what!
HalloweenTPR - 053.jpg
And we even cause cancer too!
HalloweenTPR - 054.jpg
Don't push that button!
HalloweenTPR - 055.jpg
These are blacklight bubbles! They work really well, and we all looked like we got splattered with UV paint.
HalloweenTPR - 056.jpg
Awesome blood dog human!
HalloweenTPR - 057.jpg
I'm Amy, glad to meet you.
HalloweenTPR - 058.jpg
Nice Pig Spider.
HalloweenTPR - 059.jpg
Looks like a zombie baby Grinch.
HalloweenTPR - 007.jpg
Even scarier, we rode Ghostrider!
HalloweenTPR - 010.jpg
Wow, the tree has Kankles, must be an ACE tree.
HalloweenTPR - 011.jpg
Best ride in the park, and no wait in the morning!
HalloweenTPR - 012.jpg
Our favorite prop from our whole trip!
HalloweenTPR - 015.jpg
Due to equal opportunity rules, all executives are required to wear lipstick.
HalloweenTPR - 031.jpg
We got a Haunt cup, free 3-D glasses, a bumper sticker, and a raffle ticket!
HalloweenTPR - 060.jpg
Back for our pre-scare dinner! Time for bonding with interesting people!
HalloweenTPR - 061.jpg
This is so morbidly wonderful, and is definitely not Bryan approved!
HalloweenTPR - 062.jpg
Here is Bryan's grazing table (the bread was very good).
HalloweenTPR - 063.jpg
I was very impressed with the dinner. I highly recommend it, and will definitely be doing it again.
HalloweenTPR - 064.jpg
Sorry hunny, your on your own.
HalloweenTPR - 065.jpg
Here's my chance to leave him!
HalloweenTPR - 066.jpg
Daniel, Robb, and John get ready to get transformed into In-Laws!
HalloweenTPR - 067.jpg
Please be gentle!
HalloweenTPR - 068.jpg
Must. Not. Sneeze.
HalloweenTPR - 069.jpg
Robb's getting touched by a girl for only the second time of his life!
HalloweenTPR - 070.jpg
Johanna is extremely apprehensive because she's seen the TPR site! She was a great host!
HalloweenTPR - 071.jpg
John had a special button on his forehead that turned him off when pushed.
HalloweenTPR - 072.jpg
Please don't stab my eye. Please don's stab my eye. Please don't stab my eye.
HalloweenTPR - 073.jpg
Am I not supposed to be able to feel my face?
HalloweenTPR - 074.jpg
Hey Dan, how is your chaffing?
HalloweenTPR - 075.jpg
I hope I don't see this picture on the Offender Finder app anytime soon.
HalloweenTPR - 076.jpg
I looked in the mirror and scared myself!
HalloweenTPR - 077.jpg
All ready to terrorize and destroy the GP!
HalloweenTPR - 078.jpg
This is the look I got when I tried to touch Amy.
HalloweenTPR - 079.jpg
Don't be a snitch.
HalloweenTPR - 080.jpg
Robb did a great job. These people jumped a mile high.
HalloweenTPR - 081.jpg
The real reason I went through the maze 4 times, not because of the TPR zombies.
HalloweenTPR - 082.jpg
I saw some great moves to recommend to Guy.
HalloweenTPR - 083.jpg
John had a great stare that really creeped out a ton of people.
HalloweenTPR - 084.jpg
The body blood bank area was pretty cool.
HalloweenTPR - 085.jpg
Amy creeped out a few people with her eyes.
HalloweenTPR - 086.jpg
The theming was very good. I was really impressed how much there was, and how good it was.
HalloweenTPR - 087.jpg
Stopped by to watch/hear the Season Pass Podcast.
HalloweenTPR - 088.jpg
It wasn't too busy for Haunt. We really lucked out.
HalloweenTPR - 089.jpg
Betty White and an Andy Garcia Look-a-like.
HalloweenTPR - 090.jpg
The Sheriff comes in to save the day and kill somebody.
HalloweenTPR - 091.jpg
Hmm, I wonder who they will be killing this year, as there are soooo many choices.
HalloweenTPR - 092.jpg
The World of Color tribute was the best part of the show!
HalloweenTPR - 093.jpg
Hit Girl kicked, well, Kicked A$$!
HalloweenTPR - 094.jpg
There was even a Piers tribute.
HalloweenTPR - 096.jpg
Yay, it's dead!
HalloweenTPR - 097.jpg
The non-advertised sliding show was awesome!
HalloweenTPR - 098.jpg
HalloweenTPR - 099.jpg
HalloweenTPR - 100.jpg
Thanks for an incredible event Knott's!
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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby omnio55 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:37 pm

Awesome TR so far! Can't wait to see the rest.

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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby dino » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:20 am

Great TR. Love the entrances outside of Asylum & Fallout Shelter, were all of the maze entrances as elaborate?

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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby jray21 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:26 pm

Not all of the maze entrances were as themed as Asylum & Fallout Shelter, but the theming inside the mazes were pretty good throughout. We did HHN the night before, and I thought I would be very disappointed by Knott's theming, but I was very impressed. Knott's did a great job!

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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby imawesome1124 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:28 pm

Very nice TR so far. I have always loved these Halloween events, mostly because you get to stay up late at an amusement park. ;) Thank you for sharing this.

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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby larrygator » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:52 pm

Joey/Amy - sorry it doesn't count if you buy a shirt without sleeves.

I agree about being able to pick your own chicken. There used to be a Turkey Farm in New Jersey where you could pick your own dinner.
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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby jray21 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:10 pm

^haha, it is actually a normal t-shirt with just the sleeves tucked in ;)

Too bad that turkey farm isn't around anymore!

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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby PKI Jizzman » Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:46 pm

Wow nice shots, Joey! Great update, Knott's looks like they do a pretty damn good job. Kings Island's has improved since CF came in, so it's nice to see some quality photos of the original place. Being a scare actor is soo much fun.

Hilarious update!

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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby Calicoasters » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:35 pm

Awesome TR! I looks like Knott's has really stepped up Scary Farm! Especially compared to last year.

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Re: Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh

Postby Jhcbiinoc » Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:49 pm

Great TR and great pics, thanks again for taking the pics and for hanging out with me Sunday night. Great job on the captions, too.

I am guessing Amy was wearing contact lenses in those pics-I thought I saw her eyes looking like that when we were going through the mazes and walking around Sunday but thought I was just seeing things, so I didn't say anything. :lmao:

Love that last pic-so far, Corn Stalkers is my favorite maze of the year, thought I cannot say for sure until I see all the others in a few weeks.


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