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  1. Maybe there using that money to have the trains actually go high up the tower.
  2. This news made my day! How fun is that? It does feel like 2001 all over again, but for some weird reason and I'm more excited this time around.
  3. Hahaha... That was a fun night! Thanks for making me seem like a child predator BTW And yes, the Front of the Line Pass is so worth the money, but with the TPR Club Discount makes it a lot better. Anyways, I'm glad I spent my b-day weekend with you guys and we need to do this again... Disney for x-mas?!
  4. I had such a great time this weekend. It was so much better than staying in the valley and going to the movies. lol Thank you all for organizing the event. The Party Bus was great, the Avatar Hotel was very nice, the iHop breakfast was yummy and the private Elephant show was the best and that's not even mentioning the ERT! ...now the depression and anticipation starts until the next TPR event. Thanks!
  5. Yeah... i just saw the report on Fox LA (tV). The ride looks so good and fast... Cant wait for tonight!
  6. Awww... This sucks. I sign up twice and even played their game they had yesterday, but nothing so far. I even sign up other friends, but nothing yet. Bummer, I hope i get tickets though... The ride looks so good!
  7. Thank you ALL for organizing the even! It was lots of fun and unique. My friends loved it and are already asking about how to sign up for next year's event. lol The weather was crazy, but it made it more special. I met some great people and even Big-Mike, whom was a really great guy. Thanks again and I hope to be there next year!
  8. Awsome trip report. Wow, I'm so excited about going to CP now. I'll be there in 3 weeks and its my first time. So I cant wait! Any suggestions anyone? lol
  9. Awsome TR... I had like so much fun reading it and i'm soooo bored at work. Now i want to go
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