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  1. Robb, Thank you for the very in depth report of Tokyo Disney and I for one can not wait to see the amazing-ness that will be part 4. The video are amazing and I know that they take a lot of work to do well, but I very much appreciate it.
  2. Thank you so much for making an awesome thing even more awesome all the time. I was worried when I first became a Club TPR member cause I knew I wouldn't be able to use the discounts at all. It turned out to be more then worth it even without the amazing discounts. Keep up with the great work Robb. Also if you are not a member because you can't make it to the parks this year then shame on you. The magazine, lanyard, pen, random EXCLUSIVE videos, and random TPR Store coupons more then make up for it. In other words, Join Club TPR!
  3. I am so excited! This will be a great fit in SFDK. Hopefully I can ride it next Bay Area Bash!! Hopefully you can get some great views of the animals from it.
  4. It seems to me just by watching the video that all the injuries could have been avoided if people just let it take its course. Who knows though, maybe the guy getting hit by the ride cause he ran into it was the only thing that would have stopped it..
  5. I will say that one of the best places to play pretty much any game is Circus Circus, since they do not cost very much ($.50-$2) and you really do seem to win a vast majority of the time. Where they do get you is the prize levels. Most the lower level prizes are not very exciting but if you when X amount of small prizes you can trade for a slightly larger prize. Then again and again and $20 dollars later have a half decent prize having lost at least a few of those games. Last time I was at the one in Los Vegas Me and my friends split $5 to play a .50 cannon game and ended up winning a pretty decent stuffed bear(after trading up smaller fishes of course). Not to mention we had a ton of fun blasting clowns. I really only play games to have fun and win a stupid small bear but I do try to play at places like Circus Circus that seem very fair to the player because they bank on masses amount of players and trade ins to make money rather then tricking people.
  6. ^ Awesome pictures and I cant wait to see the rest. Also I am pretty sure it was your wife that gave me medicine for my headache and I am forever grateful for that. The bay area bash was AMAZING. Thank you so much Robb, Edgar and the rest of Discovery Kingdom for a great day. Tony hawk ERT was just ridiculous and it was a great way to sum up an awesome day. Also there was a very amazing (kid) balloon ride in the back of the park that was the greatest ride ever. We did meet Captain Lee and not only did we get the chance to ask him questions but he also crashed our lunch. It was great finally being able to meet other TPR members and I met a lot of great people and can't wait to do it again. P.S I got 4 rides on Medusa during ERT and wasn't even trying to get the most possible so don't ever ever whine about the special things Robb and the parks try to do for us. Less Whining=More cool things.
  7. Gimme all your lovin by ZZ top would be my first pick. Second would be Le disko, and then insane in the brain by cypress. Three goods songs I think will work well and on three different lists. Honestly for a list of 30 songs that is supposed to make everyone in the world happy it is pretty decent. I did not know all the songs so I listened to the ones I didn't know... yes yes even the country ones. I strongly encourage you to do the same if you haven't cause it might inspire you. However I do have one small complaint that I am surprised no one else had.. Stronger- Kanye West AND harder, better, faster, stronger by Daft Punk. Both good songs sure, but that's because stronger is harder, better, faster, stronger without the harder better faster. Both those artists have other good songs too so let Kayne keep stronger and give the Daft Punk fans another song since they probably want one anyways.
  8. I will hook you up with oregon, and I wont forget to do the facts
  9. I love lazer tag, and that looks like an awesome place to play. Plus 4 games at 8.00 seems like a really good price for a place with that nice of a set up. I also love the artwork, way above your average roller rink-amusement center. Thank you for the exclusive pics and I will have to check this out if I'm ever in Omaha.
  10. I agree, also I have ten bucks riding that If this is built 85% of us on this site would ride this(and probably like it) if we are in the area its in. Being mean to the guy just for for coming up with a new idea and trying to go through with it is how anything great is born. For example someone already said something about ice cream in coffee and that it tastes good, not only that but there is coffee flavored ice cream and a lot of people like that. I personally want to see this built, sure it might end up being painful and it might flop but I'm sure he is already aware of that and it would be awesome to see. Also for you guys asking why? why not? this is the amusement industry and as such is pretty much run but innovation. Its like an arms race, without new tech its just a race for a larger amount of weapons(or in this case rides). However with new tech, whoever has the coolest toy can win with less, provided it works like its supposed to.
  11. "Smells" used on rides, Disney I am talking about you here. If I wanted to smell something gross I would go smell the garbage. Also I agree about parking prices and over-priced food. If I wanted to pay 25 dollars for food I would go to a nice nice restaurant not a chicken tender stand...
  12. #7 is totally not a duck... It was one of those dumb lamps that park has that look like ducks, he should be happy with his first guess of nine. Its too glowing to be a rubber duck, I could be wrong but I'm sure its not one.
  13. Maybe a wood coaster named The Non head chopper. Or a steel coaster called the mad hatter with a plaque dedicating the ride to all those people who lost their hat and were not stupid enough to go get it. But, I hope he lives, and I hope he still goes to theme parks. However a lesson shall be learned from this, and hopefully spread from generation to generation. I think next years Halloween events should have haunted houses themed to the shear horror of breaking theme park rules. Complete with scare actors who French crunch you in line and scare actors with roller coaster wheels implanted in their head cause they entered a restricted zone.
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