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Gas Prices where you live

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"I filled up for $1.53 today." (chmilo24)


Your car must have a small tank!


Even though prices are dropping, I'm still sticking to my easy driving. My CR-V is currently getting about 28 mpg overall, which is five mpg higher than the EPA says it's supposed to get---and they're usually on the high side anyway.


I plan to fill up sometime this weekend or early next week, and it looks like I'll be paying less than $1.50/gallon when I do.



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I paid 1.49 today. Here is some interesting things about my gas purchases, drove less, paid more in 2008.



A little over 1700 on gas for 2008.

Averaged 21mpg, mostly in town driving.

73 plus fill ups with close to 550 plus gallons.

Around 13k miles.

AVerage price was 3.22

Highest price paid, 4.30

Lowest price paid, 1.49


For 2007,

I drove close to 15k miles.

Around 1600 in fueld

AVerage price was 2.81 with 97 plus fills ups

And a little over 600 gallons purchased.

Highest price paid, 3.32

lowest price paid, 1.93


I use www.indianagasprices.com to track my gas purchases.

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